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Comment 04 May 2019

The "back in the day" players also did not have the protective equipment that is worn today.  We don't need people or organizations or governments to be baby-sitters who decide what is good and safe for us.  God gave all of us a nickel to handle a pennies worth of problems.  We need manage our own situations and live with the consequences and learn from our mistakes.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I have no idea how Coach Day is taking any kind of "risk" not naming a starter.  To do so at this point would be completely stupid.

Based on the performances of both QB(s) in the Spring game, neither QB is anywhere near-ready to be proclaimed the starter.  Each had a few good throws but mostly not-so-good.  I am not near ready to buy into all the hype associated with Fields until he proves it on the field.  He should eventually be a great QB, but he sure as hell isn't at this point in time.  I think everyone need to take another look at his completion % in the Spring game - - - not exactly great #(s) - - - no matter how you look at it.

I am hoping that Baldwin makes it absolutely painfully difficult for Day and his staff to make a clear cut decision until 2 weeks before the 1st game.  That my friends is THE BEST SCENARIO for the Buckeyes football team, as well as the for future for both QB(s).

Comment 26 Dec 2018

Completely agree.  Their secondary has not come close to playing against an above average to great passing offense and QB.  And, their offense, just like most PAC 12 teams, is simply not too good.

Comment 26 Aug 2018

There is only one unanswered question:  When are the so-called journalists from 11W going to publically condemn Brett McMurphy for the disgusting and unprofessional manner in which he went about his business?

In terms of Meyer and OSU, it is very simple.  This is the USA and a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, NOT in the court of public opinion and fake news.  Unless the police and law enforcement arrest, charge, and convict Zach Smith of DV, there is no DV.  For god's sake, the police and the 2 mothers involved state that Zach was not guilty of physical abuse of his wife.