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Comment 05 Dec 2018

Helluva write-up, Crumb. What a way to encapsulate the feelings a lot of us are having, but most of us don't have the eloquence to state.

God bless, Go Bucks, and Beat TTUN.

Comment 05 Dec 2018

With the amount of joy that Ohio State has brought me over my lifetime, and especially over the past 7 years, UFM has earned the right to retire and unretire as many times as he sees fit. Waking up on Saturday mornings, getting the gang together, pregaming/tailgating, going to the game, postgaming and inevitably falling asleep on the floor would have happened regardless of who was coaching at tOSU, but for myself and my friends, with Urban on the sideline every game felt like THE Game to me. 

Hats off to you, Coach. Thank you for everything.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

The Conjuring (and its sequel), along with Insidious, are some of the best ghost movies this Millennia. Cabin in the Woods is a satirical masterpiece. I haven't seen Hereditary yet, but I will soon! Good suggestions all around!

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Scream is a classic and revitalized the Genre in the 90s. I just watched The Witch within the past couple months, and I think it's highly underrated; not your typical, run-of-the-mill scary movie.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I've been meaning to get to It Follows; might have to do that this week!

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Alien is a masterpiece, and easily on my top-10 list. Godzilla is also my favorite monster, and I would have included him, but I don't really consider Godzilla movies "horror movies" per se. Good call-out, regardless!

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Hard to beat the Exorcist (especially with all of the stories of supernatural/unfortunate occurrences on-set. Halloween obviously has the iconic score, and Michael Myers is one of the most iconic movie villains of all time.

I haven't seen either Wicker Man, but I have seen some hilarious clips from the remake: "NOT THE BEES!"

Comment 05 Oct 2018

Benny and I went to high school together (might have had a 1 year overlap on the football team, I don't remember), and I have a lot of respect for what the kid can do on the field, but I don't think his antics would've transitioned well to a JT-led OSU team. Even if Meyer had recruited him, I don't think he would've let him go run his mouth like he does down at UK.

That being said, the kid was an absolute stud at WCHS, and I honestly think he could've made a big contribution at OSU.

Comment 24 Sep 2018

Yeah there had been three within a school year, which was crazy. I definitely agree with the viewpoint that make students use resources, and can't monitor students, 24/7. However, I also believe that there is always an opportunity to do more; whether that means hiring additional staff for a mental-health clinic, doing something out on the Oval a couple times a semester, even just sending out emails periodically with links.

Comment 24 Sep 2018

It's a common topic of discussion, but the play of the linebackers this week is going to be huge. The Lions will throw a lot of different looks with a lot of RPO plays (as mentioned above) but if linebackers can't get into position and make plays within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, Penn State is going to add quite a bit to their TD total for the year.

Offensively, let PSU load the box, and then challenge their weak secondary. OSU has at least 4 receivers that can go off at any time, and I like our O-line in Pass Pro against PSU's rush.

Comment 24 Sep 2018

I think it'd be cool to see a show that addresses what the everyday population is thinking, interview people on the street and before/after games, and then have analysts breakdown the masses. Sure, all the in-depth stuff is nice, but half the time I don't care about all the stats

Comment 24 Sep 2018

I didn't realize that construction had begun back in the Spring/Winter (thanks for that info!) I guess having graduated within the past 2 years and being around all of this, and having Psych Major friends (one of whom is now pursuing her Masters at tOSU), this was a pretty regular topic of conversation amongst us, and the common thought was that the University wasn't doing enough to raise awareness/provide more support for its students.

In the University's defense, it's hard to really "do enough" in these situations, but the perception was that there was a lack of meaningful action being taken (other than offering to go pet dogs in the Union).

Comment 24 Sep 2018

Not to start a discussion on any hot-button issues, simply commenting on what you have above, Navy, but I agree that the mental health situation (and many other situations) are much bigger than OSU football. That being said, at least in regards to the mental health situation on Campus, Drake and his administration waited way too long to try and make improvements - that should have been done after the first instance, not the third/fourth.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I think where a lot of the arguments are coming from are the people that lump everything that's happened together (the DV, the not-firing of Zach Smith, the media mismanagement) vs. the people that have separated those things out from each other. I'm not saying that looking at things holistically is a bad idea, but I think separating the issues out on their own is where people are getting the "he did nothing wrong" mentality.

Personally, I believe he did what he was supposed do in regards to the 2015 DV situation, but he didn't do nearly enough to mitigate ZS's poor behavior (which he has said himself), and that's what he deserves some heat for.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

I might be mistaken, but I thought he recently said that Fickell reached out to him about joining UC's staff, and he turne dit down because he wasn't sure if he was ready/wanted to coach. Hopefully he does want to eventually though, because he's a freaking monster and extremely intelligent!