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Comment 20 Dec 2018
Since when is 5'11 short? Calling him short is asinine. Maybe short for an NBA player, but a reminder that Heisman winner Kyler Murray is 5'11, same height as Martell.
Comment 28 Apr 2018
God, the whole Cincinnati hates Ohio State thing is just so wrong and infuriating, and I really can't stand it when northern Ohioans bash Cincinnati for whatever reason. Yes, we have other local teams, but the Ohio State fan and student/alumni population here is also pretty large. You take loud UC fan twitter comments and try to stick it on the whole town.
Comment 28 Apr 2018
What hate for Ohio State? Yes, here in Cincinnati we have a local D1 football program, and 2 local consistently top 25 basketball programs. There is also a huge Catholic population here that grew up supporting Notre Dame. So yes, there are plenty of people with other loyalties. I graduated from St Xavier here in Cincinnati in 2009, and there were more graduates who went to Ohio State for college than UC. It's honestly tiring when Northern Ohioans trash talk Cincinnati as if we weren't also Ohioans.
Comment 14 Feb 2018

Xavier fan (as well as Ohio State student)

Xavier and Cincinnati would not want to play each other in this, the Crosstown Shootout is almost sacred in Cincinnati, it wouldn't really feel right to play them a second time.

Also, the last time Xavier played Dayton, the Dayton fans acted horribly. Including heavily booing Mack's 6 year old daughter when she was on camera. This caused Xavier to decide to never schedule Dayton again. 

That said, I would love love a 10 game series or something between X and Ohio State. The problem is there are other issues to this 4 team tournament than just saying "let's do it"

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Bengals fan here who couldn't care less about the NFL anymore due to shit like this. Every game against the Steelers turns into a gang fight. It's not OK. It's gotten to the point that one of the Steelers or Bengals needs to be in different divisions so they don't play each other 2 or even 3 times a year anymore. Both teams are a disgrace. The Steelers have been head hunters for decades, it's just a part of the culture of that organization to injure people, and the Bengals are still even now, constantly, signing players with character issues. The fact that Burfict is still employed is a joke. 

Comment 25 Nov 2017
It's even worse for Jabrill Peppers. He is in Ohio territory for 9 games a year, because the Browns are on the road in Cincinnati every year.
Comment 30 Oct 2017
I'm an Ohio State student, but I was born a Xavier fan. I'm not sure anyone can really comprehend how gut wrenching watching the 2009 NCAA tournament game between OSU and X. After a lifelong dream of attending Ohio State for Engineering, I had just officially been accepted right before the NCAA tournament. So I had to watch my favorite team play against my school that I've been equally a lifetime supporter of. Watching that game, I found myself rooting for X around halftime X was a huge underdog against a title favorite with a literal house at Center in Oden, and Xavier is a tiny school, and this was before they really got a national name. X took a lead and was thoroughly winning until that last minute that I'm sure most Buckeyes remember. Your school who was goliath doing such a dirty thing to the small school underdog you grew up with. Ugh, most difficult to watch sporting event for me. It was only made worse by the fact that we marched all the way to the finals and lost. I do hope that Xavier and Ohio State can get a regular season game for all sorts of reasons but please for my heart can it not be in the tournament again?
Comment 01 Sep 2017

Guy from Cincinnati here who ate way too much Pork Barbecue last night while watching the Buckeyes...

All of you guys making comments about Cincinnati like "Just go to KY already" legitimately need to shut up. 

I'll never understand why people from Northern Ohio seem to dislike us. Would anyone like to try to explain why? 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

I'm as much of a Buckeye as anyone but, Xavier is a better program than Ohio State is right now. X is bringing in a top 10 recruiting class, makes a tournament run every single year, and unlike Ohio State where Basketball is a clear second sport by a gigantic margin, Xavier puts all of it's resources into Basketball. Basketball is one of the primary selling points to prospective students. Chris Mack is an X grad, and has said before that money doesn't mean that much to him. His family's happiness is his first priority. Now there is a saying that every person has a number, but I find it difficult to believe Mack would leave his Alma Mater for a worse program. 

Comment 16 May 2017

I spoke to Luke all the time at X. We had gym class together with Coach Rasso. I hate to say this about my friend, but back then he wasn't a BCS conference level prospect. In fact, tons of people in our year doubted him because he was too nice to be an elite linebacker. You think, elite defensive player, they need to be angry. Luke was way too calm. Now I regret doubting him at all haha, but quite frankly his skills hadn't developed enough at that point to be recruited by schools such as Ohio State. 

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I will be playing in this. Ohio State actually has one of the strongest Pokémon teams in the Midwest. SOme of you might be happy to hear that when we had a Friendly against the University of Michigan Pokémon club that we won 11-1 in the Trading Card Game and 10-6 in the Video Game.