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Comment 01 Apr 2017

So I just came across a video on Twitter and guess who was telling Watson he had to go? former Alabama player and current Bengal Wallace Gilberry and another guy named Ryan Anderson. They made Watson leave smh

Comment 28 Feb 2017

You guys know the REAL reason the word "urban" was used, dont pretend you dont by saying "if they were dressed correctly" etc. I've gotten DENIED entry for the SAME reason here in Columbus in the Arena District at those clubs, being "too urban" is a cover up for the real reason. Not gonna get into that anymore here but some of you need to stop being too political and call it what it is. 

Comment 25 Feb 2017

I still dont like the way Meyer and his staff slowly recruits Ohio players. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise that I am wrong. Case in point, Tavion Thomas got offered by everybody else first before OSU offered, Malik Vann got offered and is still getting offered by every one else big, watch OSU get its hand forced again because of that and offered Van. Van got offered by Bama today. Tyreke Smith was offered by OSU after a few big schools as well. 

People get mad the bball program doesnt offer or didnt in the past a lot of Ohio kids, to me, its the same with the football program. we need the top players out of our state, period.