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Comment 20 Dec 2017

Its like a lot of people, including this article are  OK with the fact that Dabo told Carmen this because Dabo has beaten Meyer. But me, im like WTF, so in order to get your recruit, you stoop this low and say something that is not true? That pisses me off and it should others as well. I can stand DABO's punk ass even more now. 

Just because Dabo is 2-0 vs Meyer doesnt make it OK to say this dumb shit. 

Comment 18 Dec 2017

Huh? Seeing the field for freshman DE's for OSU next year will not be tough lol. You see how many DE's we will have on the roster next year? and you see how many of those guys rotate every game. Seeing the field will be VERY easy for a stud freshman DE wanting to play here. 

That's why it would make sense for  Smith and Oweh to sign to osu. They both could be on the 2 deep their freshmen year. 

Comment 14 Dec 2017

I didn't know there was 'better' housing for "upper class" students, thats, odd. Didnt know ones economic class mattered in college as far as the dorms are concerned.