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Comment 11 Mar 2020

Seems the concern is spreading and warranted.  The NBA cancelled the Jazz-Thunder game tonight.   It was just announced a player reportedly tested positive.  And now the NBA has suspended their season until further notice.   Sounds like a sound decision by OSU and Michigan.  And by the NBA. More schools will follow.  Even if other colleges don’t follow suit,  recruits and their families will begin to reassess unnecessary travel and will begin to impose their own travel restrictions to limit potential exposure.        

Comment 07 Mar 2019
Not sure that he's looking to the NFL as the pinnacle for his career. There are a lot of reasons why a college job becomes superior to the NFL. He's landed at one of the premiere programs, compsensation is/will be on par with NFL, and the ability to recruit and develop the best of the best, all can make coaching in college equal to or even better than the NFL. Plus no salary cap.