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Comment 08 Aug 2017

That's a fair point. I guess at this point it seems like she has abandoned her previous goal of assassinating her enemies for the chance to reunite with her family. But all of her development can't have been for nothing, right? So unless she leaves Winterfell to resume her prior mission, going north seems like a reasonable path for her arc to take, in my opinion at least.

And agreed, I'm very interested to see how Jon reacts if/when he sees what Arya has become.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Does anyone else think it's possible that Arya might be one of the 12 to go north of the wall with Jon? It feels a little bit off in regards to her faceless assassin story, but I couldn't help but wonder after this episode. She more than held her own against Brienne, who is regarded as one of the best fighters in the country, and I doubt they showed us that for nothing. Not to mention she's now in possession of a valyrian steel dagger. 

Just sounds like they could be laying the groundwork to put Arya by Jon's side fighting the walkers up north. Which would be awesome.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Yeah, gold is safe as far as I know. Ranyll Tarly made a comment about it being inside the gates of KL before shit hit the fan. 

So, all the wagons Drogon was torching were carrying food/provisions from The Reach I believe. Which presents an entirely new conundrum, I suppose, as that was the most fertile (and possibly last reliable) source of food in the country.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Holy shit, what an episode.

-Jon and Dany making huge strides towards a true alliance. That tension in the cave, tho... 

-All these Stark reunions are almost too much for my heart to handle. Love seeing Sansa and Arya together, and each of them seeing how the other has grown/changed over their time apart. 

-Arya v Brienne was great

-Bran/3ER has Littlefinger shook af with the "chaos is a laddah" bomb. That combined with the valyrian dagger has me thoroughly convinced Baelish is toast soon.

-That battle. Holy shit. Never been more conflicted rooting for and against characters like that before. Almost feels wrong that we made it out of the episode with no major deaths (at least as far as we know for now). But all in all, was amazing to finally see Daenerys use Drogon for full out battle like that.

Cant believe we only have 3 episodes left, but these episodes have all been fire emoji, so I can't wait to see where the rest of the season goes.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Agreed. I'm currently reading through the books right now, so I can't speak with as much experience, but you do definitely get a deeper experience with the characters in the books. I'd say the biggest reason (and challenge from the show's perspective) is how much more we learn from/about them from their dreams. And that's a tricky element to add to a TV show without making it too cheesy/over the top, so I understand/respect how they've handled the show so far.

Bran's flashbacks have been a huge help for the show in this regard though. Really hoping we get at least one more big one sometime this season.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I know, it was a joke. Kid is dealing with some massive mental overload right now, and I think he's so cryptic/detached because he's seen the bigger picture now, and individual events don't register the same way with him anymore. Hence the "creepy" conversation with Sansa.

In all honesty, Bran's role is possibly the most fascinating element of the entire story to me. I'm very excited to see how it all plays out.

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Top-notch episode. This episode had some of the best dialogue in the entire series imo. Some observations:

Realistic first meeting for Jon and Dany. Not allies (yet), but giving Jon the Dragonglass was a step in the right direction. And now that Dany is losing allies left and right, maybe her tune will change towards Jon?

Things are going way too well for the Lannisters so far. Have to think that changes eventually. Dany will use the dragons if she has to. 

Sam saving Jorah might prove to be a huge plot point moving forward. Jorah will make it back to Dany eventually and his respect for sam might be what finally brings Jon/Daenerys together.

Tyrion narrating the sack of Casterly Rock was epic.

Another Stark reunion! Although Bran could maybe tone down the creep level a notch or two.

Lady Olenna. What a badass woman. Even in her own death scene, she finds a way to win. Absolutely savage. 

Comment 27 Jul 2017

The rest of the scenario calls for wins against all B1G East teams that would have a chance to win the division though, so we would hold all possible tie breakers, meaning we go to the B1G CG. If we do that (and win), we're in. 

I know people worry about us getting left out in a close call scenario this year because of the Clemson loss, but our strength of schedule combined with being (hypothetical) conference champs would be too much to ignore, even with one loss, IMO.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Yeah, in all seriousness, I doubt that is how gendry will be re-introduced. I think it's possible though since the trailers have shown Theon getting back to shore with a rowboat and someone nearby as he falls to his knees.

But I definitely agree that Gendry will be brought back with a purpose of smithing all that Dragonglass. I am very interested to see what other roles he will play moving forward though, since he has much more relevance to the story other than simply being a highly skilled smith. Some people think that he was one of the twelve in that circle north of the wall shown in the season trailers. Which I would be a huge fan of.

Theres also the fact that Melissandre knows he has kings blood. Which would make his potential arrival to dragonstone, where her, Jon, and Dany will be, very very interesting. 

So many possibilities!

Comment 26 Jul 2017

People complaining about Theon need to remember three very important things:

1) Dude has some serious PTSD he's dealing with. He's clearly been doing everything in his power to redeem himself and bring honor back to his sister/house. But as someone mentioned above, the scene with Yara/Elaria right before the battle couldn't have helped with his PTSD being #triggered.

2) He was in a lose-lose situation anyway. It was very unlikely, even if he did the "heroic" thing, that he would've gotten through that situation without getting himself AND Yara killed. I'd argue he did the smart thing, as we know he is still alive, and there's a chance Yara is too (for now).

3) Most importantly, Theon lost at sea sets up for him to be rescued by the one true king and ruler of the seven kingdoms, Gendry Baratheon. Time for all that rowing to pay off, baby!

Comment 19 Jul 2017

If you have some time (which I'm assuming you will if you get here at noon), I'd consider venturing just south of campus to the Short North area. There are tons of good bars and restaurants to choose from in that area, and you'll still feel the gameday atmosphere there too.

Once game time gets closer, head back up high street and hit whatever campus bars look good for a couple beers. Catch some tailgate/skull session action depending on time, but get to the shoe in time for script Ohio. Watch Buckeyes win. Enjoy! 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

There's just something about experiencing the lowest of lows, that makes the highest of the highs that much better. The 2014 natty was just pure, unadaultered happiness for me. Not sure it would've been as great if 2011 didn't happen.

Which ironically is why I think so many people (myself included) weren't too negatively impacted by the Clemson loss. To me, it almost felt like we were getting dangerously close to the "Alabama treatment," where the CFB world was too forgiving of our faults and ranking us/bowl placing us more off of perception than reality. I'm glad we got our asses kicked, because I think it puts us back in a position where we have to earn respect.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Yep. 3:30 games all the way. Just wanted to illustrate how much I'm beginning to dislike 8pm games by mentioning my noon game preference. 

Im an early riser, so 8pm games are a nightmare. 3:30 games give me the perfect amount of time to get up, do some cleaning/cooking/pregaming (if I'm having people over to watch), and settle in to watch the 2nd half of whatever noon game is most exciting. 

The only chance of me not going crazy during the wait for an 8pm game is if there happens to be a bunch of good games on earlier in the day. Which is rare. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I look back on the 2011 season fondly because it taught me how to lose graciously. 

I echo Vico's sentiment about caring less and less each year. I still care a lot, but it just doesn't seem as special to me as it did as a kid and younger adult.

Also echo Kyle's sentiment about 3:30 games. My college days were during the end of the Tressel era, and I yearned for night games that we never got. Now I feel like we have gone completely overboard on night games, and they're more inconvenient than special to me at this point. I'd take a noon banger over sitting around all day waiting for an 8pm game ten times out of ten.

Nothing makes me cringe/embarrasses me as a buckeye as much as OH-IO.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I could see that happening in the books, but taking one of the show's most popular characters/actors off-screen during what little time they have left wouldn't make much sense from a show-running/ratings perspective. 

I like the idea though. Would be a very smart way for Arya to travel undetected.

Comment 17 Jul 2017

That'd be an ultimate death trio if I've ever seen one. Sign me up!

When Arya was first coming up on the Lannisters and we heard someone singing, I was sure it was the hound and co, as Thoros was singing in the woods the first time Arya crosses paths with them in season 3. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed when it turned out to be Ed Sheeran.. 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Yeah, the hound hasn't been explicitly shown in any of the north of the wall teasers (as far as I know), but I agree that it's pretty obvious he will be present for that whole part of the story. 

Looks like Jon is going to be up there with a pretty epic crew of warriors. Probably the best ones left in Westeros. Hoping for Brienne to be part of that crew, and possibly Gendry as well.