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Comment 21 Aug 2018

If I recall correctly, there were a few throws that felt a lot like that one during that 4th quarter. Seemed like JT and the Buckeyes had fate on their side that night for sure. Crazy too, is that even though we were down multiple scores for the vast majority of that game, I remember never feeling like we were out of it, or that we wouldn't pull it off somehow. Just a magical Buckeye game all around.

Comment 31 Oct 2017

It's unreal to me how many other fan bases seem to spend a large portion of the game complaining about commentator bias towards their team during a game. Idk if it's just because of the social media era, but I feel like I've seen this and (usually Michigan) fans complaining nonstop about officiating during their games a lot lately, and it just screams insecurity to me. What a pitiful way to watch a game. 

I know our fan base is far from perfect, but it just seems like these two things are out of control with some fan bases. Learn to enjoy the games - you're only guaranteed 12 a year - and stop acting like everyone is out to get you. Now get off my lawn.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Couldn't upvote fast enough. It's gotten to the point where every year the SEC seems to benefit from bullshit preseason rankings that serve as the rankings catalyst for the entire conference the entire year. It's essentially a domino effect of an average team beating an overrated team, and then in turn becoming the overrated team and losing to the next average team. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

At least the CFP Committee cuts down on this a bit. They're not perfect, but they seem to be able to see through the pre-season bullshit for the most part. 

Comment 06 Sep 2017

Maybe we'll finally get the diamond formation we've been waiting for since the beginning of the Urban era!

In all seriousness, yes I think we'll see both Weber and Dobbins on the field together for more than a few plays. We ran plenty of plays that setup Mike as the lead blocker for Curtis last year; I would imagine we'll see some similar plays with Mike leading for JK, now that the coaching staff knows we need JK on the field.

Comment 05 Sep 2017

I'd say the circumstances were similar last year. We all remember how that turned out!

I feel cautiously optimistic about the game. We can talk about the passing game until the cows come in, but bottom line is that Urban has a pretty stellar track record in big games (other than one recent game I've erased from memory), and I think that's the tipping point. I won't be surprised if we get a similar outcome to last year's matchup.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

I think you're right about the fine line between redemption and proving one's self. I'm currently on my first read through the books, so I might be blending book Jaime and show Jaime together unfairly, since I know the books and show are essentially two different shows at this point, but I do get the sense that Jaime has an inner desire to redeem/prove himself, because all he's ever known as is the kingslayer, and it definitely eats him up.

He's obviously come a long way, but I think he wants to leave behind a heroic memory/legacy that he'll be remembered fondly for (think back to the book of the kings guard members and all their accomplishments), and I don't think he's done anything to deserve that... yet. Which is why I'm hopeful for a heroic/epic ending to his story, whether it classifies as redemption or not. 

Comment 28 Aug 2017

You mention that he doesn't need redemption, and that he's likely headed to winterfell. You don't think he'll have to prove himself to all of the prideful, stubborn northern lords that view him as a kingslayer who also had a hand (pun intended) in the murder of numerous Stark soldiers, bannerman, lords, and their king? I agree that he will have useful information to share with these people, but can they trust him? They haven't seen his journey and true moral goodness that we as viewers have seen. He will have to truly prove himself in a way that is meaningful to them. Hence the whole redemption comment. 

Not to mention Daenerys will be there too. He killed her father. She knows he was mad, and that Jaime likely had justifications for doing it, but do you think she will trust him because he's supposedly here to help?

Jaime is one of my favorite characters, and I know he's got a good heart and good intentions. But he's got a lot of ground to make up with some crucial characters.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

I mean there is the whole "pushing an innocent child out of a window" thing.

We as the viewers know that Jaime isn't truly bad, and that his actions had good moral justification. But to the common folk of this world, he is still widely viewed as the Kingslayer, with no other context. So yeah, I'd say from a character standpoint he still has a redemption arc to finish.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

The Jon scene might've been my favorite from the entire show. Started watching when season 4 was airing, and once I got into all the theories and backstory about Jon, I was hooked. It was so satisfying to finally see true, on-screen confirmation of who he is. Very excited/nervous to see where things go from here, especially with him and Dany. 

Legit thought Jaime was a goner for a second there. Super glad that he's finally ditched Cersei, really looking forward to how his redemption arc closes.

Thankful that Sansa/Arya were playing Littlefinger, and not the other way around. LF's been a great villain throughout the story, but his politics and scheming had no place in the story anymore once the focus shifted to the Grear War.

All in all, very pleased with this season. Don't know how I'm gonna survive another year+ of waiting. Hopefully the Winds of Winter comes out in the meantime. Also, buckeye football will help ;)

Comment 08 Aug 2017

That's a fair point. I guess at this point it seems like she has abandoned her previous goal of assassinating her enemies for the chance to reunite with her family. But all of her development can't have been for nothing, right? So unless she leaves Winterfell to resume her prior mission, going north seems like a reasonable path for her arc to take, in my opinion at least.

And agreed, I'm very interested to see how Jon reacts if/when he sees what Arya has become.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Does anyone else think it's possible that Arya might be one of the 12 to go north of the wall with Jon? It feels a little bit off in regards to her faceless assassin story, but I couldn't help but wonder after this episode. She more than held her own against Brienne, who is regarded as one of the best fighters in the country, and I doubt they showed us that for nothing. Not to mention she's now in possession of a valyrian steel dagger. 

Just sounds like they could be laying the groundwork to put Arya by Jon's side fighting the walkers up north. Which would be awesome.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Yeah, gold is safe as far as I know. Ranyll Tarly made a comment about it being inside the gates of KL before shit hit the fan. 

So, all the wagons Drogon was torching were carrying food/provisions from The Reach I believe. Which presents an entirely new conundrum, I suppose, as that was the most fertile (and possibly last reliable) source of food in the country.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Holy shit, what an episode.

-Jon and Dany making huge strides towards a true alliance. That tension in the cave, tho... 

-All these Stark reunions are almost too much for my heart to handle. Love seeing Sansa and Arya together, and each of them seeing how the other has grown/changed over their time apart. 

-Arya v Brienne was great

-Bran/3ER has Littlefinger shook af with the "chaos is a laddah" bomb. That combined with the valyrian dagger has me thoroughly convinced Baelish is toast soon.

-That battle. Holy shit. Never been more conflicted rooting for and against characters like that before. Almost feels wrong that we made it out of the episode with no major deaths (at least as far as we know for now). But all in all, was amazing to finally see Daenerys use Drogon for full out battle like that.

Cant believe we only have 3 episodes left, but these episodes have all been fire emoji, so I can't wait to see where the rest of the season goes.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Agreed. I'm currently reading through the books right now, so I can't speak with as much experience, but you do definitely get a deeper experience with the characters in the books. I'd say the biggest reason (and challenge from the show's perspective) is how much more we learn from/about them from their dreams. And that's a tricky element to add to a TV show without making it too cheesy/over the top, so I understand/respect how they've handled the show so far.

Bran's flashbacks have been a huge help for the show in this regard though. Really hoping we get at least one more big one sometime this season.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I know, it was a joke. Kid is dealing with some massive mental overload right now, and I think he's so cryptic/detached because he's seen the bigger picture now, and individual events don't register the same way with him anymore. Hence the "creepy" conversation with Sansa.

In all honesty, Bran's role is possibly the most fascinating element of the entire story to me. I'm very excited to see how it all plays out.

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Top-notch episode. This episode had some of the best dialogue in the entire series imo. Some observations:

Realistic first meeting for Jon and Dany. Not allies (yet), but giving Jon the Dragonglass was a step in the right direction. And now that Dany is losing allies left and right, maybe her tune will change towards Jon?

Things are going way too well for the Lannisters so far. Have to think that changes eventually. Dany will use the dragons if she has to. 

Sam saving Jorah might prove to be a huge plot point moving forward. Jorah will make it back to Dany eventually and his respect for sam might be what finally brings Jon/Daenerys together.

Tyrion narrating the sack of Casterly Rock was epic.

Another Stark reunion! Although Bran could maybe tone down the creep level a notch or two.

Lady Olenna. What a badass woman. Even in her own death scene, she finds a way to win. Absolutely savage.