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Comment 28 Mar 2020

What a great time for a recruit to look at OSU.  The combination of the Central Ohio growing as it is and the long-term opportunities that will be available, the academic program and offerings, Real-Life Wednesdays, the chance to play and be developed at a historically successful program like OSU, and the number of young men who will be drafted in the NFL has to make recruiting these young men fun for this staff full of rock-star recruiters.  

Who's got it better than us?  Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Mar 2020

We are so fortunate to have a tremendous product for our staff to sell in The Ohio State University and a rock-star cast of coaches on the recruiting train putting in the work.  The result continues to be not only high-caliber student-athletes but also young men of high character. 

The most encouraging news is that there's more to come.  Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Coach Schiano's work on the recruiting trail will really heat up their 'rivalry' with those rotten rat bastards to the north.  Go Silver Knights!  Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Mar 2020

KMP10...Like you, the events that took place while the staff recruited running backs last year are still fresh in my mind too.  Edwards is a terrific back and seems to be an outstanding young man.  I don't know nearly as much about Henderson (don't need to) but he is an immense talent who has yet to get on-campus.  Though JK did that 3 years ago when he committed to OSU, that was and continues to be the rarest of approaches taken by recruits.  

My hunch is that people are getting caught up in the emotion of all the recruiting news and can't seem to get enough.  It will play out as it's supposed to and at some point the true facts of where this sits will come out.  Until then, the recruitment of both will most likely continue and the first one who publicly commits is the one we take in this class.  Go Bucks! 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

BOOM!  Evan Pryor is the 9th top-100 recruit in this class and it's half full?!  Good grief!  These coaches are putting in some major work on the recruiting trail and earning their pay. 

The addition of Evan Pryor is yet another huge win on the recruiting trail.  Go Bucks!