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Comment 8 hours ago

Congratulations to Illinois and in particular Lovie Smith.  The Fighting Illini have been getting better and showed a tremendous amount of grit and toughness today.  Go Bucks!

Comment 16 hours ago

Much respect to Damon Arnette for his leadership, mental toughness, and for being such a great student of the game!  Arnette's play has continued to improve over the course of his career and has been stellar this season.

Teams that are great always have young men like Arnette who don't get as much recognition yet embody everything that makes a team special.  Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Oct 2019

If I'm not mistaken, Coach Chryst's father was a long-time successful high school coach who moved into the college ranks, all in Wisconsin.  He grew up around football and comes off as a very good man who just loves Wisconsin/Wisconsin football and completely embraces their culture.

Coach Belichick doesn't have the greatest personality either.  While I'm not comparing the two, I'm just saying that being flamboyant isn't a necessity in coaching.  Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Oct 2019

If you remember, Joe was slightly ahead of Haskins early in fall camp 2 years ago but broke his hand.  Joe was out for about 6 weeks and Haskins passed him on the depth chart.  It was unfortunate for Joe but Haskins certainly proved worthy of the playing time.  Joe graduated in 3 years including a RS so had 2 years left to play as a graduate transfer.

Joe has done everything right.  I'm very happy for Joe and hope LSU wins out.  Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Oct 2019

Last week's game was very physical for both our Buckeyes and Sparty.  Sparty had some of their players get banged up just as some of our young men did and probably are struggling under another physical assault like they are getting today.  Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Oct 2019

SoulPatrol22...Thank you for acknowledging Cornell, Hamilton, and Landers.  These three Buckeyes are doing fabulous work in the trenches but are often overlooked.  Great seasons are almost always great because the unsung heroes like Jason, Davon, and Robert provide so much leadership, maturity, and mental toughness.  Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Oct 2019

You might want to go back through and re-read what was said.  Not once did I mention anyone 'attacking his character.'  My point is that Tuf is one of our own, was good enough in some aspect(s) to be named captain by his teammates, and has done nothing wrong to disparage or embarrass the program.  He was also good enough to be offered a 'committable' offer to OSU and other P5 programs so Tuf has been doing far more right than wrong on the field.

The very title of this forum post implies there is something wrong with Tuf.  "The Tuf Borland situation" leads one to believe that Tuf did something to draw negative attention to the program.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Tuf, by all accounts, is a terrific young man.

If Baron Browning was playing so much better than Tuf he'd be playing more than Tuf.  The mere fact that he isn't should tell anyone with some reasoning ability that Baron is making too many mistakes himself in practice or games to supplant Tuf.  

Personally, I do not care who the coaches play each Saturday.  I was and continue to be a big fan of Baron Browning and hope the light eventually turns all the way on for him.  His physical ability is immense and his ceiling high, but players earn trust from teammates and coaches in advance of game day.  I will always support our own.  That was and is my point.  Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Oct 2019

OSU56.  Thanks for the support.  I'm all for people having different opinions but hate when comments target our own.  By all accounts, Tuf Borland is a terrific young man who has the confidence of his teammates, who voted him as a captain, and coaches.  To take cheap shots at him, or any player, is an embarrassment to the entire Buckeye fan base.  Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Oct 2019

I HATE to ever see any young man, who is an outstanding young man like Tuf Borland, get bashed on a public board like 11W.  It's classless, uncalled for and a very poor reflection on our fan base.  Is a missed tackle or even a game so important that we eat our own?!  

Why not simply praise Baron Browning for his continued improvement and growth under new leadership?  Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Oct 2019

It's way too early to say that Coach Day is even a great long-term solution.  We'll know that answer only after he has served as a head coach for a few years.  College coaches have often 'fallen' into a golden situations like Coach Day has at OSU only to be 'very average' after the honeymoon is over or they have moved on.     

I love what I have seen this far with Coach Day.  He has assembled a terrific staff that seems to really be in sync with each other, the players, recruits, and our fan base. 

I'm also a fan of a more aggressive offense.  While things starter trending that way last season, the return to the 'Silver Bullets' on defense has been a most welcome sight for me.  Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Oct 2019

AwlinBrutus...I agree.  The subtle difference you speak of is the untold story of this season by far in my opinion.  This staff, on both sides of the ball and especially on offense, is turning these athletes loose.  The results thus far are testament to that.  Go Bucks!  

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I think our Buckeyes are going to take Sparty to the woodshed tonight.  I was a good win for Coach Fickell last evening so hats off to the Bearcats. 

While I agree that Iowa tends to be Michigan with less talent, I also believe that Iowa has a better coaching staff.  Go Bucks!  Go Hawkeyes!  Screw Blue!

Comment 04 Oct 2019

The rotten-ass state up north is and will always be number one for me, followed by 1998, 2013, 2015, and Draymond Green in that order.  Go Bucks!

Comment 03 Oct 2019

Zack made an interesting point near the end of tonight's HU when he said the OSU staff "might take a little while for them to find the right type of guy they want to fill that role (bullet)."  In other words, the Buckeye staff wanted to make sure they had the right personnel before making a philosophical change.  

Those rotten-rat bastards up north sure don't operate like that.  Hell, just talk over the phone to a man for 20 minutes, with little experience to boot, and offer him the keys to your offense, without hesitation, for a total philosophical re-boot.  hahaha

I'm grateful for the staff Coach Day has put together and certainly appreciate the work Zack/11W does for our fanbase.  It's shaping up to be an interesting week/weekend for the next couple of recruiting classes.  Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Oct 2019

I am very impressed by Josh Alabi after listening to him speak.  It's no wonder he not only played but played so well this past Saturday against Nebraska.  Nothing is more valuable to a team than a veteran who is mature.  Alabi has paid his dues and is certainly deserving of a moment in the spotlight.  Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Sep 2019

It's too bad things didn't work out differently for Isaiah Pryor at OSU.  It's admirable that Isaiah is so close to earning his degree in such a short time though his character/commitment have never been in question.  

Best wishes to Isaiah Pryor!  Go Bucks!