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Comment 01 Oct 2019

There are 2-3 teams that can line up with Ohio State athlete for athlete on both sides of the ball. Michigan State is not one of them. The one of many things this coaching staff does so well is finding that mismatch and exploiting it, both on offense and defense. The good guys big, 41-10

Comment 15 Sep 2017

100% agree. We were just told the entire off season how we are going to have a downfield passing game. The fact of the matter remains, we were blown out by the last elite teams we have played. We were blown out because of the same issues. Do we expect things to be that much different moving forward when many of the same pieces are still in place. Time will tell but I for one do not. I am expecting 2-3 more losses this year. Urban's scheme has been figured out and gets tremendously exposed against teams that we simply can't out execute. For me the Oklahoma loss stings worse than the Clemson loss because in sense a bag was put over my head and then I was punched in the face. I have no faith things will be better until I am proven other wise by the performance on the field. Go Bucks! Beat Army!

Comment 14 Sep 2017

So what is exactly is spring camp, the off-season and fall camp for. How does a proven offensive coordinator not know how to best put the team in a position to win. How do the wide receivers, some of them being 4 and 5 year guys, not know how to break a route off or find soft spots in zones.

Comment 13 Sep 2017

I for one am cautiously optimistic. 2014 seems like ages ago and I agree that it is easy to forget some of the games early in that year because of the way we finished. Until I see it on the field I remain confident that we will beat the inferior teams, struggle against the mediocre teams and loose to the elite teams. I will be more than happy to eat my crow when we start steam rolling people and I will be gracious in accepting the "told you so." But i remember the quote after the Clemson game, "We will become a better passing team." That is what the off season is for, and it did not happen. Tired of the talk and it's time to deliver. Go Bucks! Beat Army!

Comment 12 Sep 2017

3 yards and a cloud of dust. Pound, pound, pound and let the big guys eat. This team is lacking an identity and the coaches haven't provided an environment to develop that identity. Run the ball early and often, control the game and then sprinkle in the short passes or screens.

Comment 12 Sep 2017

24-13 Buckeyes. Nothing significant changes. Staff continues to fix the same things they have been trying to fix since the 2015 ichigan State loss. I am just getting tired of the talk. "Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda

Comment 16 Oct 2015

I am more interested in our defense against their offense. If we aren't able to stop their run game, which is not that good, then we are in for a long night. If we can shut the run down and force Hack to throw the ball to beat us I think we win walking away. But if they are able to gash us like other teams have then watch out. I am not too worried about our offense being able to move the ball. Yes they are going to stop us and we are going to have the painful 3 and outs but we will get in the end zone multiple times. I'm going to change my prediction from earlier and say 35-17 OSU.

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Excuse me, can you tell me the shortest route to shrug city. Oh wait I just took it through your O-line.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

I have been predicting big games all year only to be proven wrong. I did see an improvement on offense last week and no way does Hack provide a threat running the ball. But as noted their defense is good and they create turnovers. I think if we don't win the turn over battle it is going to be a loooooong game. Something like 24-10. But with the atmosphere and a night game the Shoe is going to be crazy. The players will be more amped for this game than the Va Tech game. All units will play well and Buckeyes win 52-14.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Do you know who I am, I am kind of a big deal. I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Coach seriously, if I have to take another snap under center someone is getting slapped.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Ok, so I may or may not of just crapped my pants because our next game is against Ohio State.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

I do sense a lot of frustration coming from the offense and I would hate to be the team on the other side of that frustration when they do put it all together. It just isn't going to happen this week. We still win and  win easily. We need to be playing our best ball the last two games of the season and the conf. championship game. Luckily we have games like these that we can work the bugs out. I will admit I was in panic mode up until last weekend when I saw 4 top ten teams loose. Win and advance. 42-13

Comment 05 Oct 2015

The only reason Urban would be holding anything back is because there is a lack of execution on the plays being called. Missed/poor quarterback reads, wrong routes, missed/poor blocking, bad throws, dropped balls, etc. etc. Once we start executing on the plays being called then the offense that we have all been waiting for will be there, along with the play calling.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

The good guys continue to improve. This will be somewhat of a statement game for them. They may not blow Indy out of Horseshoe west but they will dominate and control the game.

OSU - 45

Indy - 17

Comment 29 Sep 2015

What concerns me is that other teams in the top 10 don't seem to be having these growing pains. They are beating their inferior opponents by 50 and even more in some cases. TTUN was up on BYU 21 in the second quarter. I understand we are breaking in new players and understanding where they fit in the schemes, but other teams are dealing with the same issues. We also have a new OC that is also trying to be a OL coach as well. Oh and we went to a more of a pro-style offense. I honestly believe that this is how Urban is dealing with the complacency and entitlement that he was so concerned about in the off season. This is creating a challenge for this talented and deep team. From what I have seen and from what I have picked up on from Urban's attitude is that he fully expects this. This train hasn't even left station yet.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

As we all learned last year, it isn't about how you start the season but about how you finish the season. I too believe that this is our Kent State gam from last year. If we put up less than 40 and Zeke doesn't go over 150, before getting pulled, then I will be concerned about the rest of the season. But I don't see that happening. From the player and coaches comments I think we are a very angry team right now and Western Michigan is rowing their boat into a perfect storm. I am predicting a very strong performance in all areas. Tomorrow we prove why we are the undisputed national champs. OSU 65-WMU10.

Comment 15 Sep 2015

The reason I went with 21 is if we have a vanilla offense again then they might gain some confidence and hit one or two big plays that other wise they might not have. That is why I want to see some smash mouth football first and then let the skill players do what they do best, make highlight reels.

Comment 15 Sep 2015

If we open the playbook back up and start running our bread and butter offense then I predict 49-17. If, like the Hawaii game, we try to tweak and see what works and what doesn't work then I predict 35-21. I would like to see us come out and be run heavy in the first quarter and get the short to intermediate passing game going. Run some high percentage plays and stop trying to be so cute. With the playmakers that we have the big plays will come. Knock their teeth out first with Zeke and then the big plays will come.