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I have been a Buckeye fan since I was a child, and that has been a long time . My clothes closet is full of Buckeye gear and I have a man cave that is the Buckeye Room. I have many pictures and Buckeye items hanging on the walls and sitting at other places including helmets, banners, and odd Buckeye items from different states. I had my pool table re-done in Scarlet and Gray to match the room. The thing that really stands out is the hand painted figures on the wall which include a QB passing the ball to a receiver as well as part of the field. My family has learned to always know the Buckeye Football Schedule so as to not plan any family events for that day. They once learned the hard way that neither Dad or Mom would be in attendance if the Buckeyes were playing. I love our Buckeyes and we do presently have season tickets.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My wife and I have attended many bowl games, including the National Championship game in Arizona and New Orleans, winning most except the two mentioned. So I would have to say one of the best moments was being in Texas to see our Buckeyes win the National Championship. And, needless to say, it is always a best sports moment when we beat TTUN.

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Comment 17 hours ago

For those of you who are unaware of the fact that there were three other schools besides Ohio State who were looking to pursue games and play football, the information is in paragraph two.  So undoubtedly if these four were to go ahead with their plans, the BiG leadership would have a decision to make; go along with their decision or boot them from the conference.  Of course if they boot them, they also lose a big chunk of their revenue.  And no one should doubt the fact that tv monies would follow them.

But this last week has also laid unmistakably bare that not every program in the league is on level footing. There was also absolutely not unanimous agreement about pulling the plug on Tuesday — or, as multiple sources confirmed to Lettermen Row, Sunday night before allowing teams to practice for two more days. Ohio State and Nebraska made that unmistakably clear on Monday when both Ryan Day and Scott Frost were making public statements about pursuing games anywhere they could find them, and Michigan and Penn State followed suit with letters of their own.

[Ryan Day-Ohio State-Buckeyes-Ohio State football]

Ohio State coach Ryan Day has vowed to fight for his team. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

All four of those programs and some less-vocal schools like Iowa believe in the testing, medical support and protocols that were put in place at great expense over the last two months to give their student-athletes a shot at playing the game they love. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable to at least have given them a shot to test them out. And it’s at that point where the conversation got heated and the debate seemed to shift away from COVID-19 and straight to television contracts, conference membership — and money.

Comment 23 hours ago

They are bottom feeders as their athletic programs benefit hugely from the dollars that us, Michigan, Penn State and a some of the other monies they bring from football alone.  Ohio State would drop the BiG before it would drop football.  There are other universities in different conferences that we would fit in academically.

Comment 23 hours ago

You seem to have knowledge of a contract, by chance do you the know the signing date and length of it.  Every contract has a clause for canceling or opting out for just cause.  

And Ohio State could survive, just as Norte Dame does even though their football program does not belong to a conference.  And if any of the four mentioned, who had indicated they want to play, follows Ohio States lead and plays, the BiG will take notice and I doubt the conference would kick any of them out of the conference.  If so it will severely impact the BiG and make them irrelevant in the Power 5.

Comment 14 Aug 2020

Yes you are missing something.  He has received  a lot of recognition for having a role in bringing Coach Meyer to us.  But he can’t hang his hat on that forever. That is water over the damn and future is where one must prove themselves.  And at this point he must show more assertiveness with the conference

Four schools in the conference want to play this fall.  Those schools are Ohio State, Michigan, penn State and Nebraska.  So if those four stick together and tell the conference we are going to play this fall  and the others in the conference can sit out, that is their choice.  But we aren’t going to be dictated to by the the other eight who have no skin in the season.  The likes of Indiana, Illinois, Maryland and Rutgers alone having a vote in a decision that cost any one of the four powers of the league the opportunity to play in a bowl game is absurd.  

So if they play does the BiG kick them out of the league and lose all that money they bring in?  I bet not, then again the BiG leadership has proven they can do some stupid things.  And do we think the bottom feeders of the league would just stand by and let the league kick the four out; no way!  Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska are the other schools paycheck that helps them find their athletics.

Comment 13 Aug 2020

Not only that, but Warren fails to take note of the many medical professionals who say it would be safer for them to play football than not.  They state that with all the medical and safe practice protocols in pace, they are safest amongst their fellow teammates and coaches as opposed to being out and about in the public.  And we all know these athletes aren’t going to sit around in their rooms or homes doing nothing, they will be typical young people who need socialization, and many of those they socialize with will not be adhering to the safe practices medical protocol as the players would had they been involved with University Athletics.  I hope the new OSU President has the fortitude to  let Kevin Warren and the BiG know that The Ohio State University is not one of their subjects to be dictated to and will do what is best for our students and athlete’s.  

Apparently there are up to four schools in our league that  don’t agree and want to play.  Then they should play. Does one really believe the BiG will kick them given the amount of money they bring in through tv contracts!  No way. And even if they did kick us and the other schools out, do you really think those schools couldn’t earn just as much money through tv contracts just because of who they and their tv ratings.  

The future of Ohio State Football will be impacted, long term, If any of the schools or leagues play football, even if it is a shortened one.  The potential to lose current players and recruits does exist as does the future of our ability to get highly rated ones going forward.

Lastly, our chance for a National Championship was eliminated by a referees bad call, and at this point a chance for a National Championship is being eliminated by a person from our own league.


Comment 12 Aug 2020

A rumor I just read elsewhere is that some are wondering if since a majority of the BiG schools voted not to play football, and most of them being average or below average in football, might have voted as they did because they know Ohio State is going to win the BiG this year and a number of years after this.  And that they have no way of competing with us in recruiting and on the field, so what better way to level the field in both areas and bring us more closely to their level knowing we might lose some of our present recruits and make it difficult for future recruiting.  

It is an interesting thought and might be worth consideration.  The refs screwed us last year for a chance at the Championship and now a majority of the members of our own league are screwing us. It would be a safe bet to say that some of those who voted to cancel the season would have voted differently if their school had a chance at the BiG title and Championship.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

If other schools play, it doesn’t matter if they are normal games or not (though I am not sure what defines a normal game). The fact is some of the highly rated recruits will play so they can showcase themselves for the next draft.  They will also not want to play in the spring and chance getting an injury that would affect their draft tryouts.  They will chance it in fall sports as they probably feel they would have time to recuperate prior to the draft.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I am with you.  I might not be a millionaire but the amount I give each year to the Buckeyeclub is significant.  This decision by those pathetic people who voted for this will be the downfall for Ohio State football.  Not in the sense of being horrible, but by putting us  in line with above average teams.  Hell I bet a lot of the people who voted in favor of this had in mind bringing OSU football down  to their level.  They had nothing to lose.  I hope the new school President has the guts to say screw the BiiG, we are going to play some football this fall.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Do you really believe that!  Do you think these young athletes will sit home and not get out of the house and socialize in less safe environments than they would have by staying involved in the program with top rated safeguards in place.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I have to agree with you Dstacify despite what Charo, or whatever his name is.  Being the powerhouse it is, OSU could easily get big bucks from tv contracts whatever conference it is in.  And maybe even without a conf.  No one can argue that Note Dame makes big bucks in football despite the fact it is independent and has no conference affiliation.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I have to agree with you.  I am not sure I can move forward with all this crap.  The guys want to play, the parents want them to play and some freaking bunch of pussies don’t want to take a chance on COVID-19.  Are the decision makers stupid enough to think these young athletes will sit at home and do nothing!  No they won’t, they will be out mixing and mingling therefore having a greater chance of coming not contact with COVID-19 than if they stayed with sports and have all sorts of safe measures and practices in place, along with top notch medical experts.  Kevin Warren will go down in history as the worst BiG commissioner in history and cause irreparable harm to the league.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Hiring Kevin Warren was the worst mistake ever by the BiG, and they have had their share of mistakes.

We should drop out of the BiG and become Independent.  Ohio State would still draw big bucks, including tv contracts.  Note Dame hadn’t suffered that much be being as such with their football program.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I am so disgusted with the leadership of the B1G dictating as if they were Gods.  If they cancel the season I would like to see thousands of college football supporters from all of the conference rally in front of the B1G headquarters in Indianapolis and basically shut the place down.  All the football players, and their parents, want to play.  And as pointed out by others, the players  are much safer doing so as the universities have strict safe practices in place and the best medical departments available.  If they don’t play they will be out amongst the general population without all the aforementioned benefits.  PLAY BALL!

Comment 18 Jun 2020

He is a complete liar and and so full of sh- - that even a good enema couldn’t make him better. I  hope all his dreams of being a big star on the professional level don’t come to fruition.  I am sure all of us would have wished him well had he been man enough to say the true reason as to why he is leaving.  And the NCAA granting a waiver, and many of the recent ones, is a joke.  Not sayin all of them should be denied, but ones like this where he claims some kind of mental issue and suddenly he is better and ready to go.