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Comment 06 Jul 2012

This doesn't make me feel any better, doesn't look like any of the players listed above will end up at OSU except for Mickey. It is fine if he misses on some players but he has to get at least 2-3 top talent guys in this class.

Comment 29 May 2012

Buckeye Black I assume you go to MSU, My brother just graduated from there a couple years ago, I got to go down their for the graduation, was freaking insanly hot! he lives down their now I don't know how you deal with the heat! or anyone for that matter.

Comment 04 May 2012

While most people believe Neal was a top talent I think he was kind of an unexpected commit at the time so his loss didn't hurt me as much. But with Anzalone being such a highly recruited kid and everyone was so big on him. And he seemd to be all bucks and commited after the spring game this is pretty sad he decomitted.

Comment 14 Apr 2012

AHH Saturday said it perfectly. Yes michigan is getting better talent, but OSU has limited scholarships and we need to get the best, meyer can really take a chance on to many recruits in this class, he does have a lot of the top players from Ohio still as well. Meyer is just being more selective this year becuase of scholarships. This helps Michigan because they have a lot of scholarships to give out those kids have to go somewhere, if you can't go to the #1 school in the big10 you go to the second best Michigan.

Comment 02 Apr 2012

Well if we get this kid, and with eze e! I think we are set at RB for 4-5 years with Dunn,Hyde,smith. I know you can miss on guys but these guys look very good. I am pretty excited for next season and beyond.

Comment 26 Mar 2012

Having said all that OSU has a tough game against Kansas but I think OSU can win this, we played them very well without sully before. They did win by 8 or so but it was close all game till the end so I have no worries that OSU can and should win this game.

Comment 26 Mar 2012

I like Matt's idea of putting Amir in with sully at times, I think that would be really good because Amir can score a little and who would guard him? If davis matches up with im Sully can take who ever guards him, the only problem with that is either sully's or amir's defense they don't match up good against anyone on Kentucky's team, But if they did that I would have Thomas, craft with them and either buford and smith Jr. I don't know if Matta plays a Zone but with Amir and sully in the game that woudln't be a bad time to play a zone against them. I know they can hit the 3 but I don't believe they are that great at it.

Comment 24 Mar 2012

lol I like how 3 people posted at the same time about sully leaving

Comment 24 Mar 2012

ya did you hear sullly also say watch out for amir williams next year, pretty sure sully is gone, but I am sure most people thought he was going. But I thought williams played pretty well for not playing all year really. He is going to be a beast next year and beyond.

Comment 10 Mar 2012

Why are people hating on Aaron craft, I think he has impoved his offense a lot this year, he still needs to improve on it into next year and if he does he will be one of the best PG in college. What I want to know is where is Shannon scott going to get his playing time. Overall I like the way they played last night, we need help from all those people, we can't rely on just a few players. If they play like that it will be tough for anyone to beat them.

Comment 07 Mar 2012

Looks really good, a few times it looked like he just wanted to destory the guy blocking him and not go after that ball! Would be a really good get for OSU, what are the chances we land him tho? I know he has OSU ties we have a lot of young D-linemen also.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

I missed the game, I know who said Ross was the 9th or 10th guy off the bench but he was 2/3 with 5 points, maybe that was a glimpse of something. Maybe Matta should give him a few more minutes to give us a little off the bench. I don't expect him to score a bunch but if he could get 5-7 points off the bench that would be nice.