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Comment 07 Apr 2020

Kind of bummed I didn't pay more attention to this earlier.  I'm ready to help.  Just sent my request to join the reddit group.  I'm not familiar with reddit at all, so I apologize in advance.. :D

Comment 03 Mar 2020

The key to savings is to not sign up for another live TV service..  You can get most OSU football games OTA, with the occasional B1G game requiring some type of service.  I did Hulu Live during the football season and cancelled as soon as it was over.  There's plenty of programming on the free services (OTA, Pluto, etc) plus Netflix that we don't miss cable at all.  It all depends on what you're willing to live without!

Comment 29 Dec 2019
Too many mistakes. OSU was the better team without a doubt.. I think that's what makes it so frustrating.. Good season. Not happy but not gonna complain.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Pretty sure 11W posted an article about teams regularly getting housed in the semi's.. this is not an outlier..
Comment 28 Dec 2019
I want to see TTUN absolutely manhandle Bama, but with a bunch of mistakes and still manage to piss the game away and lose by a point. Best of both worlds.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
It's not even his own son's eagle project. To hell with that. Tell Billy you'll give him a hand on Sunday if it's that important. My kids get me 351 days a year.. if they want to watch the game with me, they are more than welcome, but those Saturdays are mine.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
Been there. Politely explain that you will be staying home to watch the game. She might be mad, but she'll get over it. You're right, it's once a year and you have a right to enjoy it. What's important to you doesn't have to be important to everybody else, but they should respect your boundaries. I miss my family's "breakfast with santa" every year because it conflicts with this game. We have other traditions we enjoy as a family and in not sorry. I drew a hard line years ago and she understands. It's not even a question anymore.. Good luck!
Comment 10 Nov 2019
I hope he's able to find second life as a defensive coordinator. He really is a great defensive mind, but some of his decisions as HC are puzzling.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
Most of the penalties were f on guys that don't see a lot of playing time, especially not together. I'll chalk it up to growing pains. The starters were pretty clean if I recall correctly.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
Bama is garbage. I'm a little disappointed that this means we won't get to nuke them.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
My 4yo son is getting his first full Buckeye Saturday experience. Girls are away for the day. Nothing else matters but the game. No talking during the game. High fives required after every touchdown. It's a good day so far.