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Comment 11 Jul 2019

The 30-for-30 certainly makes Geiger to be the villain.  I know Mo had his issues, but I believe the contention with Geiger, right or wrong, was a catalyst for Mo's downward spiral.  Had he been able to complete his college career, or win his NFL appeal, he likely wouldn't have ended up in prison.  He would have been in the right football shape and state of mind through college, setting records and establishing a legacy, and probably drafted with an opportunity to make a name for himself as a professional.

Regardless of who the finger is pointed to, it's a tragic situation.  The fact that somebody with such talent and promise that was never truly realized is difficult to imagine.  You only get one shot, and his was lost as soon as it started.

Comment 25 Feb 2019
My complexion is extremely pale, so I've always had some sort of nickname related to that. This particular one came from a Nirvana song, if you hadn't already figured that out.
Comment 11 Dec 2018
Without regular cross-conference play, it's impossible to accurately judge a team based on quality of conference wins.. are you winning because you're that good or because everybody else is that bad? The "eye test" is BS and based solely on the assumed strength of your opponent.. I like the conference championship requirement. Take the 4 best champions.
Comment 26 Nov 2018
Hypothetical.. if Bama were to lose on Sat (and I don't think they will) would the committee put in a 1-loss non conference champ over an undefeated non conference champ (ND)? Would they both get in over 1 loss conference champs? Committee has already shown the last two years that conference championships aren't that important..