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Comment 16 Dec 2019

For Kyle, Dan, and Colin: 

Give me your X Factor in the game against Clemson? could be multiple answers. Mine is the 2nd half Offensive line.. when this team has need them the most, they've done their very best. They have leaned on the PSU, Wisky (x2) and TTUN D Lines and LB's like it was almost out to prove something, If those same slobs can do the same with a 7-10 point lead in the 2nd half, that could very well be what sets us aside from Clemson in winning this game. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

I keep thinking how our offensive line has yet to let us down in the 3rd and 4th quarters of all the games that mattered this year. First half we might struggle, okay.. Clemson has legit talent.. but if the Slobs can lean on Clemson's D Line and LB's and open up running lanes for JK and maybe Justin.. That may end up being the key to victory in a tight matchup. Can't wait for kickoff. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

It's hard to be mad at a guy like Jeff Halfley. He gave everything he could to this university and team this season, and look at the results. He crushed it on and off the field (and when a microphone was in his face). I wish him nothing but the best and I truly believe he will give everything he can to win this National Championship for Ohio State. Plenty of coaches move on and complete their jobs. It's not uncommon ground. I'll be rooting for him like I do Fickell and the Bearcats. Even if we don't win it all this year, I'll root for him. Best of luck to Coach Halfley. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

The 2018 Class can really take on a big role next year much like the 2017 top prospects are the top performers this season (Young, Okudah, Wade, Dobbins etc..) I expect this to happen to the top recruits in the 2018 class as well.. No reason to think other wise. 

Also... It is insane to me KJ Hill only caught 18 passes his freshman year and is now the all time receptions leader in program history.. 

Comment 10 Dec 2019

I think about Coach J's future retirement just about every monday after the B1G Champ game.. and i wonder if Coach J will go to Day and say.. "you do not want to lose this guy, make him a staffer officially" and then in 3-5 years should Coach J retire, we have Coach Kenny. I've heard nothing but High Praise about Coach Kenny

Comment 13 Nov 2019

I have no problem with LSU being #1 this week, they absolutely have earned and deserve it this week, coming off that game against Bama.

The committee still loves Ohio state, and if we curb stomp two top-15 teams in PSU and *Ichigan back to back weeks, we very likely could be #1 going into Champ game weekend. It's all good. 

Attack and Dominate, and if we end up having to play Clemson, so be it, you have to BEAT the best to BE the best

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Noon Games are fine - for the most part. 

Ohio State vs. a top 4 (hopefully) Penn St? I believe this should be a 3:30/ or 7:30/8pm.. because guess what Fox.. You put Ohio State/ Penn State vs. just about any other matchup (excluding LSU/ Bama) and the Ohio State game will get the ratings. 

come next year - you know when we play AT Penn State.. I would hope it is a noon game.. but it wont be, because it is scheduled at the end of October (as it should be) and it will be under the lights so PSU can have their "White Out". I would LOL so hard if it ends up as a Fox Big Noon game next year.. 

Ohio State vs. Michigan - Noon, always

Ohio State vs. Wisconsion - hell, put it at noon

Ohio State vs. Penn State - should ALWAYS be 1. at the end of October, and 2. at Night

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Question: Who is your biggest surprise as a player so far.. whether it be a negative or positive? Did you think Baron Browning would play with his hair on fire like he has, or did you expect more from Josh Proctor/ Garrett Wilson/ Brendan White?