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Comment 30 Nov 2016

I lived in Tampa in 2002.  I listened to one particular sports radio blowhard talk for a month about the blowout that was about to happen in the desert by the Canes.  

After the game, he was a typical Cane crybaby with one exception.  He ranted and ranted about how dirty a player Will Allen was for his tackle on McGahee.  Not one caller regardless of team loyalty agreed with him.  He just dismissed all calls with a "you saw what you saw, I saw what I saw".

The next year, Allen is drafted by the Bucs and the radio ass has pander for interviews.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Will anyone else be surprised when Sparty does a Northwestern and doesn't show up at Maryland next week?

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I am loving the national media dismissing this team without Miller.

Meyer loves coaching teams with shoulder chips and I can hear him, "They think you guys suck without Braxton."

But really, when has a team ever had success on the national level with a redshirt freshman at quarterback? ... checking archives .... oh you have to go all the way back to last year.

Comment 13 Sep 2013

I think Braxton should start no matter what.

Have him come in, take a snap, take a knee, and come out and relax.  Let Kenny play the rest of the game.

Coach Guiton coming in as a relief pitcher has had too much success to mess with.  And certainly do not tell Kenny this is the plan, he obviously thrives on the surprise.


Comment 23 Aug 2013

Buckeye fans bristle when Michigan head coach Brady Hoke refers to Ohio State as Ohio

Had to look that up: Stand upright away from the skin, esp. in anger or fear.

I can't agree with that. It does not make me "bristle", it amuses me more than anything because I think it just makes him sound silly.  Kind of like trying to insult a clown by calling him Red Nose or Big Shoes.  

Comment 13 Aug 2013

I once heard a radio caller state that a coach "literally didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground."

I'm not the carnival side show gawking type, but I really did want to meet that coach.  

Comment 06 Aug 2013

I'm afraid that you mistook my comment to mean that I condone the behavior and since it is human nature it is a justifiable reaction.  I don't believe that at all.

My point was that not every person who has ever used a racial slur is a racist and explained why I believe this.

Riley Cooper?  I never acknowledged the name until this past week.  I would speculate that he feels more remorse about his comments being captured than actually making them, but again, that is just my speculation.  There is a chance, even if it is small, that he does feel remorse for making them.  Even if he does not, that still does not mean that every person who has or will find themselves in a similar situation will not feel remorse for making their mistake. 

Who has never said something hurtful to a spouse, friend, etc that they regretted and didn't really mean?  I think everyone has and everyone would recognize that.  So why when race gets added, is it suddenly unforgivable and only hate motivated and a reflection of the individual's heart.

Rome's comment which you claim to agree with is an absolute, no exceptions stand point.  I personally think this gets in the way of mending relations.

What is really the harm in giving someone who had a single incident the benefit of the doubt?

Comment 06 Aug 2013

A little off topic but I recall hearing Jim Rome (and others) once state that anyone who uses a racial slur is a racist.  

I totally disagree.  

I am of the opinion that when put in confrontational situation and emotions come up, all bets are off.  One person looks for any open wound they can find in order to inflict pain.  

If two men engage in an argument and one is 6' 0" and the other is 5' 2", you can almost bet that the former will remark about the height of the latter.  Is that because the "average" size guy hates short people, or is he just taking the easiest jab available?

Race is often an easy target, but height, weight, religion, hair style, clothing, etc could latched onto if there is reason to believe that an adversary may be sensitive to a comment about it.

Comment 08 Mar 2013

I know the cost of living in Iowa City is probably pretty good, but I'm rather surprised that a guy looking to take care of the guy taking care of his daughter wouldn't have done better than a 1 year deal at $32K.

Comment 27 Feb 2013

If you're going to introduce a tracking device into the game, why not the ball?  

It seems like 10+ years since they made a puck turn blue on my tv screen, surely these devices  are small enough not to impact ball specs.

Even if they were not used in an official capacity, it would be an addition toy for the broadcast on whether the plane was actually broke.  Seems more interesting than tracking a pursuit angle.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

Not defending Boise St at all, but how is their Blue camo any different than Michigan State in all green.  The rule should not single out Boise St. alone and should be worded to incorporate any color, including green.

Edit:  Just read article again and that is addressed.  Oops.  Should have more than skimmed the first time.

Comment 10 Oct 2012

Didn't all BTN viewers witness Braxton, Denard, etc. sign a big bus when the BTN traveling road show visited each fall camp in August?

That almost seems "organized".


Comment 04 Oct 2012

I don't think you understand how the game picking thing works.  Let me help.

  1. Regardless of how you did, you claim 4-1 and 23-2.
  2. Instead of taking your amazing game picking skills to a legal sports book and getting rich, you actually pay for radio airtime offering your picks on a "free" recorded message.
  3. Repeat.

This system of offering your picks publicly and accurately displaying your results is just silly.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

Nothing But Trouble one of the worst?  I thought it took home the prize.