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Comment 01 Jul 2020

Confused how McCord was #1 in the pro day workout yesterday, which got him ranked #3 going into today, then according to Gleitman posts a top 5 score today, then ends up at #7 overall.

Why even have the event if your final results are basically going to junior film evaluation. His performance was deemed “special” by some in attendance and he finished the same he started

Comment 21 Jun 2020

As everyone stated, Mack is a great recruiter. He’s a hall of fame coach with the aura of coaching at Texas, and was on espn for a stint.

His success and recruiting prowess, coupled with the fact that North Carolina just last fall installed brand new turf, built a brand new practice facility that has a massive indoor field, multiple outdoor fields, amazing locker room and other features.

North Carolina also provides a incredible education on a gorgeous campus in a small town feel but you’re 5-10 mins from anything and everything.

The State has also seen an increase in in-State talent. Pretty much their entire class is from the state.

Comment 14 Jun 2020

New Bank Blog:

  • Has Egbuka as IN
  • Believes Henderson is the best RB recruit for OSU since Zeke.
  • No way to underscore it but Latham was a big loss. Just have to keep working him and hope for a visit.
  • Said he would still chase the big dogs out there (Rucci, Spindler, Davidkov, etc) before going after any plan-B Ohio types.
  • Has J.T. as in and if they land him, thinks this is the best DL class in the history of the internet. Said Mike Hall could be a 5 star and he is the lowest rated guy.
  • Says Jaylen Johnson is the next Darron Lee. Loves to hit. Thinks Al Washington can get the spatula out on Raesjon Davis. Thinks he will have a heck of a time when he visits.
  • Really believes Reid Carrico came on late last season as competition got tougher and is a stud.
  • Believes JK Johnson is the next 1st rounder in the DB room.
  • Really likes Jahntzen Dunn and thinks he’s potentially the next Hooker. A more athletic Fuller.
  • Said he is hearing positive things about Jordan Hancock. Only question is if he will break the Clemson no visit policy. Said he’s throwing up the “===“ for Hancock if he makes a official to OSU the moment the plane lands.
Comment 12 Jun 2020

As Milly said above, Javaree Ritzie commits to North Carolina. Heck of a class they got there. Really locked down the state aside from a few.

Think we can all probably agree on rooting for Carolina to give Clemson a little bit of a challenge. They need to get some OL guys tho.

Comment 06 Jun 2020

If I’m osu, and I’m sure they’re doing this, to counter Bama’s pitch, is that simply the best lineman are going to play. Paris Johnson hasn’t even been in a fall camp yet, you never know what will occur with him and Tegra has two years of high school football left. The best player will play, and iron sharpens iron.

You might play RT for a year or 2, but we’ll make sure to get you LT reps in practice and game, have you start a year at RT and if Johnson is indeed in front of you, you play LT for a year when he leaves. You then go into the NFL with experience at both tackle spots, which increases value. And you go against Sawyer, Adeleye, and Hall everyday 

Comment 19 May 2020


Of the 2021 and 2022 kids that you currently have CB’d to OSU, what would be you confidence level in those crystal balls for the guys since you put yours in ahead of the changes?

Comment 17 May 2020

Yeah, I get the love for McCord, he’s a great QB prospect and a heckuva QB already, but Caleb Williams is a different level. He has Mahomes-like play style, a crazy strong arm and probably a 4.6 speed runner. He’s an ELITE talent. McCord is supremely accurate, smart with the ball, has a above average arm and throws a catchable arm. If I’m choosing one of them, it’s Williams though if I was forced.

But Egbuka has the better relationship with us and will be challenged more each day in practice. He really can’t go wrong with either one but relationships definitely favor us

Comment 25 Apr 2020

I know it’s been said that Egbuka might decide later in the process or he could pop at any point with everything going on, but curious to know what everyone else’s gut feelings are for when Egbuka might announce? Just curious to gauge.

I feel like late May.

Comment 17 Apr 2020

I know, my fault. Was just thinking about USC because that’s where the news was from that he might open it up and that USC is talking with him. Brain fart on that one.

Comment 17 Apr 2020

Andrew, or whoever would know actually,

What are the chances, if Foreman opens up on his commitment from USC, that osu reaches out to him?

Ridiculous talent, seemed like he was interested in visiting before, and he probably would think he’s better than anyone we took last year so he probably could believe he can get minutes at the start.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Florida247 Insider Blake Alderman posted in a thread yesterday that both 5 star OLB Terrance Lewis and 4 star DE Tunmise Adeleye are trending away from Florida. The Gators were thought to either be the leader or top contender for both.


Links to Players:



Comment 18 Mar 2020

AE... gun to the head.... when do you think Henderson might pull the trigger if you were a betting man?

Won’t pull out the pitch forks if you’re wrong I’m just greedy, out of work, and you know more than we do.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Stop talking about this please. Every insider has said its not happening. Osu has no interest. Happy with they have.