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Comment 06 Jan 2019
Choosing the right coach for the o-line, wether it is retaining coach "Stud" or hiring someone else will be critical to the sucess of Ryan Days teanor. As coach Meyer liked to reiterate The oline is the life blood of the program. We have all seen what it has done for the program to have coach Johnson on the other side of the ball.
Comment 01 Oct 2018
I agree on that one. With one caveat, it seems to me that Ohio State does have a diverse set of blocking techniques especially for a college program. That is why our o-lineman are preferred in the draft. However your point on having to practice another blocking technique is still valid whether or not we already practice few or many techniques. In fact it is more valid if we already have a diverse set of blocking techniques. And would make more sense.
Comment 07 Aug 2018
Integrity- which I will define as doing,the right thing when others are not watching. I beleive is what ultimately will determine the success of this season. Or more specifically the degree of sucess of this season. Both individualy and as a team. Some things most certainly are not going our way as a program. But that is part of life. There is still work to be done, responsibility to be achieved. Yes it is a difficulty. But also an opportunity. An opportunity for people to lead. Coaches as well as players. In practice and off it. Verbally and in action. When the pressure hits you find out what you are made of. The World is watching. The pressure is on. What are you made of Buckeyes?
Comment 31 Jul 2018
I dont mean to egg you guys on but these puns are great. If anybody thinks Bob Evans is not delicious, well I bagel to differ. Hopefully the defense hangs alot of dounuts on the scoreboard this year. With Bosa on the field these big ten qbs are toast. Hoepfully a go to wr steps up this year to get us out of a jam.