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Comment 03 Jul 2017

I cannot imagine a job where I'm writing a letter to a 17 year old's girlfriend's mother to get him to come to play football for me.  That's some crazy crap right there.  I would be like listen..".we're the best frickin school there is.  We have the best frickin football team.  And I'm the best frickin coach.  Would love to have you join our team."  If that kid didn't want to come, then I'd be like, "Cool.  See you in October when we curb stomp the badgers."  And that, among other reasons, is why I'm not a college football coach.  Urban or one of the coaches deserves a pay raise for the crap they do to get these kids.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

DJ- you killed it with the links today.  The California and Bust was just awesome- so important for people to understand what's about to happen.  Urban environments all over the USA are about to turn into Lord of Flies.   Hopefully we can learn from California and hopefully it's not a full on collapse.  Maybe if a couple of the dominoes are removed from the train, then the rest won't fall?  The last paragraph asks an important question that everyone should consider...what are we saying when we take on debt?

And the Tuscaloosa article...WTF.  This is going to make some people mad, but I tell my kids this all the time:  move to a foreign country before you move to the deep south of this country.

Thanks for the thoughtful reading opportunities. 

Comment 14 Jun 2017

I don't mind Jimmy trying to get the ladies to settle sooner rather than later.  The longer they wait they closer they get to dying and there's no guarantee that they will get a whole lot more money.  Waiting would benefit Jimmy more by bringing in a bigger chunk of money.  So, get the old people some money while they can enjoy it and get Jimmy the money he needs now.  My guess is it doesn't work out and that's the final step in the transition to Saul.

I hope they're aiming for a BIG finale, because I don't see a whole lot of surprises coming at this point.  I was hoping for more from this season.  Seems like they're just going to do the obvious stuff this year.  Hector finally gets poisoned.  Jimmy finally goes bad.  Mike finally teams up with Gus.  I thought they wasted some good opportunities with this episode, and now they're going to cram everything into next week's episode.  

The scene with Mike and Lydia at Madrigal was excellent.  Really liked the conversation, and the filming through the table was good.  The visuals with all the glass in the scene was very well constructed.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

You've definitely been busy.  Hope you get a relaxing weekend.  Appreciate the site and your work to keep it great.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Not sure if I would call it filler episode, because a lot actually happened.  Kim's story is about to go nuts.  I think the groundwork has been laid to put her in danger.  I have this terrible feeling that she ends up getting murdered with this oil gig- prob next season though.  Nacho and Mike are both ready for big changes.  Not sure how the whole Hamlin/Mcgill stuff matters yet- or if it does.  That could be your "filler".  I thought it was a good episode.  Excellent show, but hard to watch because I know there's heartache rolling in with all the characters.  Also watching Fargo- only 2 shows I'm watching right  now- and that's turning out to be amazing.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Wait...we're enthused?  I thought "enthused" would be an overstatement.  I haven't got the, "Wow! Good hire if he takes it" vibe from anyone-  anyone.  And now we're trying to boost enthusiasm because the dude can dunk?  

Comment 27 May 2017

Pretty sure the fix is pretty easy- replacing the seal and the fasteners.  If they're telling you there's no fix yet, then they're stringing you along.  I would call them first thing Monday and ask them when they're going to fix it.  If they give you a song and dance then call Toyota customer service.  Dealers do not like to get phone calls from Toyota- I know from experience.

Here's a link to the official doc.  http://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/toyota+recalls+certain+tacoma+vehicles.htm

Comment 23 May 2017

1 gram of vitamin c twice a day.  You should be good.  I take 500mg of the chewable and then one of the 500mg standard caplets.  I'm a teacher and overtime my students got sick I pounded the vitamin c.  Had a bunch sick week before spring break...crushed the vitamin c and I was good.

Also don't under any circumstance pick your nose at work, bite your nails, etc unless your hands are clean.  

Comment 04 May 2017

Lol.  No, I don't think they teach that. That group of wrestlers and the coach at that time at Lexington sort of fits the Duke mentality- they believe themselves to be elite. He wasn't a bad kid.  I interacted with him a little bit outside of athletics and he was always nice and respectful. On one hand, I admire that he wants another round with the champ.  But on the other...dude you got rolled.  Calm down and stop running your mouth. 

Comment 04 May 2017

For those of you that are time strapped and willing to push yourself super hard, then grab a stationary bike for a round of tabata.  I try to hit it twice a week and there's nothing more powerful for me in the area of speed and endurance.  It's a four minute workout- 8 reps of 20 secs max effort followed by 10 secs rest.  When I'm done I'm just as tired as I am after a seven mile trail run.  It's not for the faint of heart, because done properly you will be at the edge of seeing stars But it's absolutely amazing and, as far as I know, the only exercise that can improve speed and endurance.  You can ease yourself into it by adjusting the resistance of the bike.  Here's a link.  People try it with push ups and setups, but that's trash.  The original research was done using stationary bikes.  It will change your body and energy levels pretty quickly.  Here's a link.  http://www.tabataprotocol.com  

During the other three days I try to get in trail running and olympic style lifts where the weight is moving from the ground to over my head.  I'm a little older- 42- but this seems to keep me pretty healthy and quick.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Good read.  Thanks for posting.  One of my friends was on that plane and I was freaking out a little bit when I saw his pics.  I think they have a good coaching staff.  Enjoyed the part about him working on his project. I like to read about someone living an event in life that I've always wondered about- in this case a  plane crash and D1 ball. 

Comment 20 Feb 2017

The objective is to win.  The player with the best ability to help achieve the objective should play, regardless of whether he's a freshman or a senior.  To do otherwise is the beginning of a coach's demise.  The other players will quickly recognize that what really matters is how much the coach likes you rather than your ability to contribute on the field.  Urban needs to communicate very clearly- through actions- that the best players will see the field at Ohio State, because the objective of the team is to win.  He knows this.  He's said this.  I don't know if he'll do it though.  If he doesn't, then I expect full locker room meltdown by the 6th game.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Great show.  Really enjoyed it.  Complete dysfunction at nearly every level, but I really felt for the athletes.  Wish they would do another season or follow up.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

The complaint discusses the previous events to establish a culture at Baylor.  Then it goes into the specifics of the case.  Baylor won't let this go to trial.  They will settle for millions.  If it goes to court, then Baylor will have to challenge the witnesses, and then the investigator, and then put people on the stand to testify why they didn't tell the victim about the results of the internal investigation, and why they didn't tell police, and why they didn't inform the school the kid transferred to.  If it goes to court and the jury is allowed to determine amount of damages, then Baylor will rue the day they hired Briles.  A few more of these and Baylor better start hoping they have an endowment the size of Penn State's or their won't be anymore Baylor, which might not be a bad thing.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

I initially thought as you do.  I think the article isn't written real well.  Read the complaint.  There were witnesses.  The school hired their own investigator who in turn found that the girl was telling the truth and the athlete was guilty.  The school let him transfer.