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Comment 17 Aug 2019

Harbaugh's one true enemy is himself. If he can- don't worry, because he can't- stay out of the way of his coaches and quarterbacks then they can get by with another 2-loss season. He'll melt down after Army gives them a run. It's got to be killing them trying to install a new offense and get used to new defensive coaches when their first game is Army. If Army beats them it will be glorious. They'll lose at least two of at Wiscy, ND, MSU, at PSU, tOSU.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

It's not an age thing. It's not that simple. Sometimes people who are depressed don't fully understand the reasons for their depression. That's part of the whole counseling process.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

Typical UofM BS. The moral high ground and the right thing to do would have been to help the kid get the waiver. You people up there are so blinded that you can't possibly imagine a scenario where UM wouldn't take the highroad. Harbaugh is off his rocker crazy and you're going to  see it full frontal this year as he continues to come unglued. And while you'll see it more and more in increasing proportions you'll continue to deny it. Because you're blind.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

This is just the next step in decline of the Harbaugh era. Everyone sees through this and knows that he's full of crap and that he was just being a jerk. Everyone knows that he could have helped this kid but he didn't. Everyone sees him digging in and looking like garbage. They know he's trying to cover up his true intentions which were to screw this kid for leaving. It's the MO up there. News will get around. He'll lose recruits. He'll continue to lose games. He'll lose the locker room. The guy is a stooge and everyone sees it.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Sanitarian, what you've said is true and relevant. People have no idea what they're getting into when they move to a rural place. I love it, but it's a "cultural adjustment" to say the least. Culture matters and if you move into a place with 60 years of culture that you can't mesh with, well then it's going to be tough. I live in a place that most people would expect to be quite progressive, but it's the most conservative place I've ever lived. Jacked up 4x4s and gun toters and I'm only 2 hours out of San Francisco. Always pay attention to the culture and make sure you can work with it.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Did the move a few years ago. Mine was a little extreme. But here's what I learned. Most important thing is your driveway. Make sure it's flat and in good shape. If you fall in love with a great house event though it has a crappy driveway, then you will regret it two years down the road. You won't think anything of it until it snows a foot or ices up and you're trying to get the kids to school or the wife to work. Trust me. Driveway is key. I can tell you all sorts of hell stories about people who moved to the country and hated it because of their driveway. 

Also, Krogers is awesome. When you don't have a good grocery store close, then you get hungry or pay a cool million bucks for food from the local store. Gas costs more.

If your kids are in school, then prepare to drive forever all the time to get them to practice, events, etc. Get a 4x4 truck. Don't get some little crossover unless the roads are always going to be great. If you get an SUV then get something that you feel comfortable letting your wife and kids drive in the middle of a crap storm. Depending on how far out or up you go, then get used to the power going out and bad cell phone reception. Weather issues are a bigger deal the farther away from civilization you go. I just finished splitting a cord of oak with an axe, because my yard is too extreme to get a log splitter into it. Good times. Best thing I ever did, but it's a lot more work than living in the city.

Comment 11 Aug 2019

Definitely worth watching. It was on my local- Sacramento- PBS a couple of months ago. It was disturbing. I can't believe the way that community acted. I'm still disgusted. They all want(ed) to bury it and just keep playing football. The two girls they show clips of throughout the show are disturbing as well. I thought that was a nice touch of the producer to keep going back to them to show how even the religious do gooders were blaming the girl. Seeing the videos and texts and the parents and cops- it was all so sad to see people acting like that.


Comment 10 Aug 2019

Hey! Give me my own show and I'll outdo Cowherd complaining about Harbaugh any day! 

I don't really have a feeling on Mattison and Washington. Seems like Coach Day is happy with them. I'm reserving judgment until I watch the linebackers. But regardless, they're established quantities. The O coordinator at UM has called one play in his life. Seriously. Let that sink in. Harbaugh thought that would be good hire. Harbaugh will be second guessing through the first three games. They'll get into a squabble in a meeting after the second game. Then, after the third game, he'll decide to let Warriner have input. Then your season goes up in flames.

You should care about locker room. There's going to QB controversy. Do you really think Harbaugh is going to navigate that successfully?

Comment 08 Aug 2019

They're all world every September with 85 potential Heisman winners. Then they play a team with a pulse. Then Harbaugh starts harbaughing all over the place. This year is going to be hilarious while Harbaugh and other coaches try to not interfere with a O coordinator who has only called one play in his life. Think about that. Your vaunted O coordinator has called only one play at the college.  I imagine the blast radius when Harbaugh wants McCaffery to take snaps and the other coaches want Shea and so they agree to play both, but really only McCaffery plays and you lose in Madison. The pieces are in place for epic meltdowns this year. UM is so far behind the gun in coaching and locker room health this year. It's going to be more beautiful than the fireworks over Grand Traverse Bay.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

I'm cool with Bama being a lock. But Clemson plays no one. If they lose one, then they should no longer be a lock. If they lose to Syracuse or Miami, then they should bump out of top 4 and have to hope for one of the other 4 to lose.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

I do not believe UM has a top O line. They have an experienced O line with a decent coach. Outside of great receivers I just don't see UM being better than the teams they play. Army is going to screw with your defense. You're breaking in a new scheme without a RB. Harbaugh is going to totally screw with your new OC and create a QB controversy. This will probably be the year where you guys start to see the personality issues of your head coach come to bear on the new staff. If he does what he says he's going to do with the QB situation then there will be a melt down.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

If they beat LSU at home in early Sept. they will have the start they need to have a great year. Here's to LSU curb stomping them. Probably just ranking them high to get some hype for the early "Top 10 Matchup".

Comment 06 Aug 2019

We tried a Honda Pilot. Complete POS for where we live. If you're driving it on flat land, don't require basic comfort, and don't care about basic engineering, then it will be great. If you're fussy like me, then don't get one. We live in the mountains and require a solid transmission, which the Honda Pilot does not provide. The stereo is garbage. The suspension is literally the loudest thing I've ever heard- it's their new advanced tuned suspension. It works, but it's loud. The seats are subpar compared to every other vehicle we've owned. I drive a 23 year old Toyota that is ten times the vehicle the pilot is.