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Comment 19 Jun 2020

A national Juneteenth holiday would be a fitting commemoration to honor the thousands of white and black soldiers that died to save the Union, and advance the cause of Emancipation. I am so proud of this university, its leadership, and our student athletes for respecting the legacy established long ago when the area around which TOSU now stands held 5 Underground Railroad stations. Go Bucks !!!

Comment 12 Jun 2020

Just don't get it !!! A year ago, eh.  Six months ago, well, ok.  But given all that has happened recently, I must admit I am very, very surprised. Somebody needs to give this poor kid a history lesson, no, forget that, a current event's lesson, heck, yesterday's newspaper will will do. Bless this kid's heart !! SMH  !!! I love this university, what it has stood for, and what it stands for now !! Surely can't say that about UA. Go Bucks !!!!!

Comment 09 Jun 2020

It is about time that some Clemson players finally awoke from their "Dabo kool aid" induced stupor. There is such a stark contrast between the TOSU, and Clemson, when it comes to bondage and freedom. How many are aware that there were multiple underground railroad stops on what is now the campus of TOSU? "The Freedom Train ran right through campus in the mid-1800s, and there are five markers on campus showing the route. Escapees followed Neil Run (near the Olentangy River) past the Neil Farm (near the RPAC) and through a swampy bog that is now Mirror Lake. The water forked in two directions that they would follow – either toward Hale Hall or toward the Ohio Union.The last stop was the home of Robert Neil, at the corner of Indianola and 15th avenues, which is the home of Kappa Sigma today. There, escapees were directed toward Lake Erie – and freedom." Compare that to Clemson, and its direct ties to Calhoun, and slavery. While our first black football player, Frederick Patterson, was on the 1891 team, Clemson did not have an African American football player until nearly 80 years later. A very interesting note about Patterson is that his father was the founder of "C.R. Patterson & Sons of Greenfield, Ohio, makers of the Patterson-Greenfield automobile from 1915 to 1918. Though its name is little recognized today, there is in fact a very important reason to ensure that it is not lost to history: it was, and remains to this day, the only African American owned and operated automobile company."

BTW- US Grant should be added to Eleven Warrior's Undefeated Out of Conference t-shirt. After all, he was the commander and mastermind behind the southern strategy so brilliantly executed by his fellow Ohioan, and West Point classmate, WT Sherman. Give the man his props !!! O H

Comment 03 Jun 2020

Our "favorite sports network" has already discussed the story this morning, and yes, it is true. Dabo is taking incoming for not addressing it when it happened.  All he needed to do was have both the player and coach apologize to the team, and declare that use of the slur was inappropriate  for both coaches and players.  Problem solved, over, done with. Instead, he ignored it, and as a result, his inaction has come back to bite him. I can't imagine Tress, Urban, or Ryan not properly handling this issue in real time. He simply can't make generational wealth off the talent of black athletes and ignore any hint of racial impropriety in his program. Prior to this problem coming to light, the issue of Dabo's authenticity on social issues has been brewing for several days, as he has been called out on twitter feeds by several sports analysts both white and black. It is not rocket science. Our coaches get it ! As always, it is great to be a OSU Buckeye fan !! Go Bucks !!!

Comment 02 Jun 2020

Supporting the movement and supporting the police are not mutually exclusive, as the predominate issue is equitable treatment. I see it from both sides. My son is a police officer, and he has been stopped unnecessarily on several occasions and harassed by officers from other jurisdictions. Thankfully, his training etc enabled him to safely extricate himself. I appreciate CJ's sacrifice and support. I pray for his safety, the safety of our officers, and the safety of protesters worldwide.

Comment 01 Jun 2020

Many Power Five football coaches have been lambasted for their silence or tepid responses to the current crisis, but TOSU football Buckeyes have stepped up in a very positive manner, to support the movement for equality and justice for all. I am so proud to have Ohio roots, and just as proud to be a Buckeye !! O H

Comment 29 May 2020

For the first time in years, last evening, I closely watched the replay of the 2003 BCS  Championship game, and actually found it to be cathartic. TOSU Buckeyes won that game fair and square !! Regardless of one's opinion on the Porter PI call, on their last drive, the Hurricanes also received the benefit of a PI call, and had 4 chances to punch it in from the 1 yard line, but failed to do so. Quite simply, the Buckeyes took advantage of their opportunity, and Miami didn't.  Congrats again to the 2003 Buckeyes for a gritty victory !!

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Actually, as starting qb, JT was 3-0 vs TTUN. When he left the game due to injury in 2017, OSU was trailing 20-14. It was Haskins that came in and saved the day by leading three scoring drives. I credit Haskins for the win in 2017. 

Michigan 20, Ohio State 14, 5:53. The biggest news from this drive: OSU QB J.T. Barrett suffered some sort of knee injury while running. He was able to walk off under his own power, gingerly, but has currently been replaced by redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins.

Comment 24 Feb 2020

Although he has retired, Delaney, in the short term, will still subtlety exert influence on the direction of the conference. There is no way Warren is going to come in and rock the boat by changing what Delaney had previously put in place. Hence, it is understandable that for the time being, the 9 game conference schedule will remain in place.