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1994 OSU Graduate. Navy Vet. Love the Buckeyes.


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Comment 13 Jan 2018
Why are you looking to spoil a surprise. I want no part of this.
Comment 21 Dec 2017
Haverfield my freshman year 1990. Lots of memories. I dont believe it was coed back then, but next door were the ladies.
Comment 13 Sep 2017
Yes, Please let's be real here, "Dude". It's a college football game and we lost and It sucks. Think about every other team in the country, less a handful, who do not have the year in and year out success that we enjoy. Entertaining, I would bet most of the country was entertained watching the Buckeyes get beat handily, just as I would enjoy watching Bama or TTUN get whooped on primetime.
Comment 31 May 2017
I have been wondering for some time... Do coaches and recruits sit on announcing commitments as a strategy to get other recruits or keep other coaches/teams guessing? Example: Coach 1 wants high profile recruit A, who is being recruited by many high profile schools. Said recruits wants to play for coach 1. Does coach 1 ask recruit A to delay commitment announcement in order not to scare away recruit B and/or keep other coaches' hopes up that recruit A may commit to his team? Ethical? Good strategy? Trust between the 2 parties? At same time, getting a huge commitment early helps further recruiting. A lot of scenarios to strategize where and how to recruit I assume. Just curious...thanks.
Comment 24 Jan 2017
Kickoff returns are pretty rare for OSU for 2 reasons... 1. Opportunity- not a lot of scorings on or defense. 2. Touchback- opponent's coach knows our talent. Now the punt... there are lots of opportunity but we have struggled just catching the ball cleanly to make a return. Bright side - Pick 6 a plenty.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
According to reports he was already hired. That being said however, he was making some serious $ from OSU which in my book would be an obligation to work my tail off till the job is done.