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Comment 22 Sep 2019

In my mind, Browning needs the reps so that he is ready for the tough games.  Borland's ceiling has been realized, Browning's hasn't.

Since the topic of LB play has been brought up, I have been a little disappointed in Whites' play.  A couple times this year he has taken a bad angle to the ball carrier and let them get to the corner.  That's not supposed to happen to a bullet.

Still I am ecstatic on the play of the defense vs last year.  So far it is like night and day.

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Mr. Talent I would like you to meet Mr. Coaching.  Mr. Coaching, Mr. Talent.  I hope you two gentlemen will have long and prosperous careers.

Comment 09 Aug 2019

look at some of the below the trend line teams:  UCLA, USC, Nebraska, and FSU all with new coaches.

Auburn looks like an under-achiever till you look at the talent of the teams they lost to.

It would be useful to see what the last three years avg wins were agint the last 5 years recruiting.

Comment 27 Jul 2019

If we were to look at the final four teams in the playoff the last five years, what would it tell us?  Bama could run the ball.  We could run it in 2014.  Oklahoma ran it some, however with Mayfield and Murray able to scramble on their own.  Clemson doesn't ask Lawrence to run any.  I don't have all the numbers, but it seems to me to be elite we need to be able to run the ball.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

French Poodle could be named Paris.

Chihuahua could be named Yippler.

St Bernard could be named Phlegming,

Mookie would be an awesome name for a dog.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

remember what happened when Ginn went down in NC game?  he was the only guy Florida feared.

look at the rosters of teams that have won NC last few years.   There was a reason Urban talked about "Alabama speed".

We need a couple guys on the roster that bring the extra dimension that the defense has to plan around.

Comment 01 Jun 2019

To me Cooper seems to be a better fit at H... like Campbell or Samuel.  He looks like a player whose speed and cutting ability would work on end-arounds, and stuff in the flat. 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

agree with your Kaleb comment, but that puts the team in a huge bind... they have no other big on the roster. and so far aren't bringing one in the next class.

Comment 02 Mar 2019

The roster is not B10 quality.  Woods was brought in from a marginal Wake Forest team because the roster sucked.  Hookfin is a walk-on to get practice depth because the roster sucks..  CJ Jackson is a minor JUCO transfer because the roster sucked.  Andre Wesson is a MAC level player.  Ahrens, LeDee, and Muhammed are playing as true freshmen because the there is no quality upperclassmen.  Matta's last classes should be the foundation of this team... Funderburk, Lyle, Giddens, Harris, Mitchell, Grandstaff, etal. gone and most of them not contributing much at the schools they transferred to.  The exception to this is Bates-Diop who was a Matta recruit that panned out well.

I know it's frustrating now, but we need to give Holtman time to get his team together.  It's not on him.