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Comment 11 Mar 2020

Virginia's top minutes in NC game:

Diakite 6'-9" 25 minutes

Guy 6'-2" 45 minutes

Hunter 6'-7" 44 minutes

Jerome 6'-5"  42 minutes

Clark 5'-9"  33 minutes

Key 6'-8" 29 minutes

In addition Jack Salt, who didn't play much in the game against Texas Tech, but helped get UVA to the Championship game, was 6'-10".  He played 34 minutes against Purdue, of the B10, in the Elite 8.

OSU will not be successful playing Liddell at the 5 spot in the B10.  I understand how small-ball is popular now, but going through the B10 wars with 6-6 or 6-7 guys in the post is going to be a problem.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

Holtman is going to need to earn his salary next year.  Going to war in the B10 with a 6-8, 6-6, 6-6 front court will be a huge challenge. Hoping Gaffney does his work in the off-season.  He has the height and length, but needs to be much stronger.  Diallo needs another two years of learning the game to be a factor.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

How about "what coach Holtman needs to do"?

This team is short on talent, and there is nothing that can be done about that now.  However, going forward, if coach can't construct an effective offense that can shoot, run some sets, and not turn the ball over, maybe he needs to go the Matta route and get some D'Angelos on the roster.

Comment 09 Feb 2020

Kaleb picked up his second foul at the 7:30 mark.  Score was 15-15.  (I don't even want to talk about what CBB has become).  Anyhow we get outscored 23-5 with Kaleb on the bench.  We have no size right now.  Young is not a 5, and Diallo and Gaffney aren't ready.  Maybe they will be next year.  Diallo probably needs another two years.  If Holtman wants to play small... 3 guards, he better get some quality size to go with them.  Real questions about his roster construction.

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I'm guessing NBA isn't in the cards because Kaleb doesn't have what it takes.  He's a good college player, but not NBA material.  He goes to play in Europe, or somewhere else.