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Comment 12 Jan 2020

This team reminds me of the later Matta teams... a roster full of one-dimensional players several of who are offensively limited.  Walker, Muhammed, Young, Ahrens are all one trick ponies.  Jallow, if he were healthy, could be thrown into that mix as well.  Diallo might be ready in two years, but not now.  Andre Wesson is contributing about as should be expected.  If Washington and K Wesson are both scoring, then the other guys can fill in around them.

I think Holtman needs some time to put together a balanced and talented roster.  Give it a year or two until Liddel, Carton, Gaffney, and Suing are experienced B10 battle hardened players.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Craft has this urban-legend around him. He was a great defender, millstone on offense... he was the prototypical one-dimensional player.  Since you brought it up, Conley is not one-dimensional.  Ask the NBA.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Right now OSU isn't recruiting against the B10, but rather the south, and specifically the SEC.  We are setting our sites on National Championships and nine of the last 15 NC have come from the SEC.  Throw in Clemson and FSU (SEClite) and it becomes twelve of fifteen.  If you put together an SEC version on the defensive side of the football it would look like this:

DE Braswell Alabama #17

DT Rogers Kentucky #45

DT Dexter Florida #45

DE Burch S. Carolina #5

LB Sherman Georgia #18

LB Kennedy Alabama #34

LB Robinson Alabama #46

LB Waldo LSU #42

CB Ricks LSU #12

CB Rogers Florida #120 *

S Jones A&M #30

S Branch Alabama #58

* if Ringo signs with Georgia, then he slides in at #8.

So while we are dominating the B10 in recruiting, the B10 isn't much of a measuring stick nationally.  So what is the point of this?  The point is that OSU cannot compete for the NC by recruiting the midwest exclusively , our classes need to have the best from wherever we can get them... the south, the west coast, Texas,and the east coast.  This is what Urban did and Day needs to continue to do.

Comment 24 Dec 2019

I really don't think, or should I say hope, that Gaffney's future is playing the 5, here or at the next level.  IMO, once he gets stronger, he is the ideal 4 that could play alongside a true big.... good shooting stroke, great length and can rebound some.

If K. Wesson next year leaves then Diallo is the man at 5 spot almost by default, with K Young coming in when Diallo inevitably gets into foul trouble.  Don't know where Zed Key fits in. 

We will have good depth and competition at the 3 spot next year with Liddel, Ahrens, and Jallow returning, and Sooing becoming eligible.  Freshman Brown makes it even deeper.

1 and 2 spots are in decent shape next year with Carton, Washington and Muhammed returning.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

based on 2020 class aren't two RBs in this class a must? three CB and three interior DL as well?  I'm not disagreeing with lists, just looking at need.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

wouldn't want real data to get in the way of the discussion.  Hooker was three star, Ward a four, Conley a four.  Others of note in the Buckeye secondary in that time period:  Bell (5), Lattimore (4), Apple (4), Powell (3).  Don't make it sound like Coombs took pigs ears and turned them into silk purses.

All said, I would be happy if Coombs returned to OSU, as would, lots of others maybe including a coach or two. :<)