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Born and raised in the Cleveland area. Joined the Army on my 18th birthday. Spent the next 22 years being "from" Ohio but never actually living there. Retired from the Army, met the love of my life and settled in NC.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 Football season
  • NFL TEAM: Browns dammit
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians (or whatever we're allowed to call them)

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Comment 08 Jul 2020

"was never technically in the military...but I was a crossing guard in elementary school".

Close enough. Somebody's got to be in charge and there's always some asshat trying to cross against traffic.

Comment 08 Jul 2020

OMG, my wife HATES to watch a movie or TV show with me when they have military portrayals. I'm criticizing salutes, uniforms, medal placement, personal grooming standards, physical fitness and don't even get me started on the nuclear hand grenades.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

I guess I think of the Mods as sort of the police here. Sometimes they get praised for their work and sometimes they step all over sensitive toes and make us behave like decent human beings to each other. The real question is where would we be without them.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

"She's also smarter than me, kinder than me, significantly more clever than I am, astoundingly considerate and thoughtful, and completely out of my league in the looks department"

Don't feel bad, I hit WAY outta my league with Mrs. AB as well. The best strategy is to never let her forget it, every day, for the rest of your life.

Comment 27 May 2020

I don't know Hove--tried looking this up on "the internet" and let's just say after the first two words the things that were showing up on my screen...well...I can't really talk about it.

Comment 06 May 2020

Saw this question and wondered myself- which one is he?

I followed the tweet and there is one where someone tweeted a picture of him kicking. If the jersey stays the same at prokick the tweet shows a guy wearing #5. I'm gonna assume until told differently that he is the 5 above.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

You don't know how many times I read this to only to find out weed wouldn't make me much for highlighting the "important" words.

Comment 29 Oct 2019

Well, in any case it's an accurate sentiment.

I lean towards an old military one I ran across in my day that I think would suit our boys quite well for the remainder of the season.

An old Air Defense motto:  "Deeds Above Words".