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Born and raised in the Cleveland area. Joined the Army on my 18th birthday. Spent the next 22 years being "from" Ohio but never actually living there. Retired from the Army, met the love of my life and settled in NC.


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Comment 09 Jan 2019

Oh cool!

I found a way to tap into Barf's upvotes.

600k here I come!

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Apologies Navy, it was not my intention to drag you into a defensive position of your viewpoint. I was using your comment to illustrate that I thought there were some serious perception differences in what people think they are defending or supporting as the term "domestic violence" was concerned.

I was just trying to set an accepted definition of what we are all talking about.  Over the last week I've come to the conclusion there are a vast number interpretations of what we expected Urban to know about and act on.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Actually I don't find this a bad move at all. Urban expressed an apology to Courtney and the kids which I took to mean that they were in the limelight at all. (even though that is Courtney's fault-sword fallen on again and no "victim" shaming)

He was also able to clearly and unequivocally state his personal standards and the standards he holds his program to as it pertains to as he termed "relationship abuse". I believe the way he separated this from the apology is that he does not believe it applies in her case but is nonetheless something he has high regard for.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

I'm curious. Is there a clinical or legal definition of "domestic violence"?

If my previous annual sexual harassment training is any indicator it's likely something along the lines of using bad language and throwing your best brandy snifter into the fireplace. I think most of us envision it as a much nastier version of bruises, black eyes and bloody lips. I don't think anyone would question the latter as DV but there are probably those among us who would question the former. 

We may be looking at this through different lenses...