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Comment 13 Feb 2017

I get people's concerns over the death penalty. Especially in cases where the alleged perpetrator is convicted on circumstantial evidence and there is a shred of doubt in folks' minds about guilt. In cases where there is direct evidence conferring guilt, the death penalty should be swift. Forcible rape itself should warrant castration and a life sentence, if not a death sentence. It's not about deterrence, it's about justice. There is nothing just about a scumbag like this or others who commit similar crimes either spending life in prison or decades on death row while their attorneys file meaningless appeals.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Wow. Didn't read the article yet on why people don't move out of places with no opportunities but I was thinking about that this morning! You look at periods in history that saw large movements of people and you wonder, why doesn't that happen today? Internal migration in the US occurs, but probably not in the way it should. IOW, moving from CA to TX isn't as impactful as someone moving from Huntington, WV to Denver, or Columbus even. If you look at the past, either in periods of migration from Europe to the US or in more recent history, the movement of free blacks from the southern US to northern states and farmers from the Great Plains to California you see a common thread - very little government safety net. Folks left areas of little to no opportunity (the Dust Bowl, backwoods Mississippi, areas of rigid social structures in 19th century Europe) for areas with greater opportunity. Today it is much easier to remain in areas of limited opportunity when you can still eke out an existence with an ok quality of life. If that suits you, various programs exist that will make that happen. If you want more, you gotta leave. I've hopped around, living in STL, Marion (yikes!) and other places because opportunities were elsewhere. This isn't a bromide against government safety nets, but their existence has had an effect on people's behavior and migration patterns.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Nice surprises of sucky teams in 2015 being good in 2016. What about sucky teams in 2016 who were supposed to not suck? Golden Domers is the first that comes to mind. Any others?

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Just finishing up Unbroken. Amazing resiliency. I saw Zamperini speak when I was in college and marveled at how sharp he was for having fought in a war 70 years prior. I have a theory that his longevity is due in part to the hellish conditions he was subjected to for 2 years. There's interesting medical theory on what physical stressors like hunger and exposure do to the body.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I've solved the equation. Pick a stud from your defense, give him a few meaningless snaps on offense every game, hope he finds the end zone a handful of times a season and voila! Heisman candidate!

Hooker lining up in the slot a few times would have leapfrogged him over V.D. Peppers.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Tell me about it! I bought 3 tix during halftime of the MSU PSU game when it looked like Sparty had a shot. They proceeded to get dumped and I was left with 3 lousy tickets. Bought for 145 with fees and finally was able to unload for $50 per. In some ways I can't blame these cheap bastards for not wanting to see a game with limited implications but I would have liked them to bail me out! Probably some $5 seats by game day.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I'm glad we have DJ and crew to scan the depths of despair that is Mgoblog to deliver us nuggets of sadness and depression so we readers can be spared from such a nasty and arduous task. In fact, it's been a favorite part of my regular post "The Game" celebrations.