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Comment 06 Oct 2019

On Zach Smith's podcast (and I believe corroborated by Hill himself), it was revealed that Bert Bielema called Urban right before Hill was supposed to be in Columbus. I believe Hill was currently committed to Arkansas. Bielema told Urban that Hill was canceling his visit. Hill was furious when he found this out, because it was a flat out lie. Smith said he has never heard of a coach calling another coach about recruit visits.

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I disagree. I don't think he is playing harder, I just think he is playing better. Last year, he was playing so hard he was jumping offsides every other play. He is more disciplined this year. That doesn't come from playing harder, that comes from playing smarter.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

It still is very similar with HS sports. I coach basketball and we coordinate summer dates to work with each other and would not require time during another sport's season from those athletes. While I do not do the 5:30 lifting, afternoon open gym, then evening acme, I honestly do not think that is part of the problem. (For comparison, we have open gym for a little over an hour, then lift with football team for 45 mins-hour MWF 9-11am.) Why I don't think that is a problem is because these are HS kid athletes. I was in the best shape of my life as a HS senior. I could do 5:30am to 10pm if I needed to. I would eat a ton when I could, but I could do it. Not so much anymore. I think the ones who say it is club sports/AAU teams that require so much out of season are the problem with sport specialization. Most HS coaches of any sport will recommend kids play as many different sports as possible. 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

How about the thought that sport specialization is beneficial. Parents think that their kid's best way of getting those scholarships is for a kid to train for/play a sport year round and not do other sports.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

Did we though? While he did have 2 Natty's at Florida, he never once had an undefeated season and had an overall .8125 record. At OSU he had 1 Natty, 1 undefeated regular season and an overall record of .9022. He never had more than 2 losses at OSU while he had 2 seasons of more than 2 losses.

Comment 11 Oct 2018

If we had been using that benchmark, we wouldn't have Parris Campbell, Johnie Dixon, KJ Hill, or Terry McLaurin. That's our top 3 TD guys.

Comment 29 Apr 2018

I did come across a photo of 2 Buckeye receivers giving each other 5 during a mesh route in a game against Tulsa & that distracted me - because that’s amusing.  Apparently they are taught to do this in practice to assure they are crossing at the correct distance from each other.

I teach this in basketball when I have two players sprinting to switch positions (usually cross court). When they do this, they are focused on slapping hands and they will not run into each other from not paying attention. 

Comment 23 Mar 2018

This could also explain why there are so many piggy backers. If you are just getting into the game of putting in crystal balls, it would be smart to make sure you get picks right in the beginning to have a high percentage of picking correct to ensure you get more points later on. If you start off getting 1 correct out of the first five, you are hurting yourself much more than getting the first 80 correct and missing the next 20.

Comment 04 Mar 2018

Paris Johnson is a must get... 5 star Left Tackles from Ohio and bordering states don't grow on trees. 

Didn't we realize from the last class that this just isn't true?

Comment 10 Feb 2018

It wasn't because he was gay (which I have no idea if he is or not), it's because the guy was a convicted sex offender.