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Comment 21 Dec 2016

Bucknuts subscribes to buckeye grove for their "inside" info as well. Would be a good hire I think though?

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Got it, wont happened again. It would really be unreal if Urban can somehow bring him in this class.  I would be more excited that our rival wont have him.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

ok, but the subject and tweet explain everything.  Seemed like worthwhile info.  But ill give it a shot.  Oh cool... DPJ is visiting, wouldn't it be great if we landed him.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

He is frustrated because OSU hasn't made room yet for him to enrol early. They are working through that since OSU already has some early enrollees committed. I am sure OSU will make it happen but this is what I heard he is frustrated about. 

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I was surprised to see Steve Wiltfong say he has us as Hamlin's leader as of today. I want Hamlin even more than Fuller but never believed we could pull him from Pitt. Sounds like we have a legitimate chance. Hopefully his official with Pitt this weekend goes awful lol. 

Comment 26 Jan 2016

Just read he set all his visits for Wednesday in this order Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State.  Will be crazy with all the coaches there on one day.  Maybe it bodes well for us going last?

Comment 25 Jan 2016

You all are a sensitive bunch. I clearly stated after my original post it was only my opinion not fact and I still get down votes. 

Comment 25 Jan 2016

I should have mentioned that it's just my opinion and I would love to be wrong. Here is the timeline the last couple of days. Rivals people say he is 100% in, takes visit to UM and is stuck for extra time with NJ friends, cancels PSU visit and sets commitment date. I just have that feeling it's not going our way. I might be completely off base.