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Comment 02 Jan 2017

EVERYONE scored a lot of points on OKLAHOMA.

Last years FIX at Michigan and Notre Dame? Just the same JT read option throughout those games opened up a little passing. Not really a fix.

So many weapons under trained and under-used. Last year Michael Thomas should have been consistently targeted but wasn't. Now he is a star in the NFL. Plus his uncle was a star NFL receiver. That is where his training came from.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I say yes unfortunately. I think anyone who watches a lot of the top programs can spot a problem when they see one. This offense lacks misdirection, flow, tempo, and JT has regressed, which is a job of the o coordinator.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

I got a big problem with our coaches right now, play-calling and QB development and I can assure YOU I'm not a fair weather fan. Stop with the A-hole stuff unless you can handle being called the same. Been a fan a lot longer than you I bet. JT  has struggled mightily against good defenses and his development at QB has been awful as well as the play calling packages for him and lack of in game adjustments to give him time. Fire Urban? Absolutely not. Clean house in the offensive coaches room? Maybe.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Uhm... No...Im not going to calm down and our offensive coaching staff isn't getting it done against good defenses... So there you have it.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

In his first press conference, Urban promised us the best coaching staff in America. This isn't the case these  past 2 years under Beck and Warriner. This is a repeating cycle of poor game plan against plodding teams. No plays to counter an over aggressive defense. No Screens, slants, and again few touches for Samuel, a future 1st rounder.  Want further proof? Has JT gotten better in 2 yrs or regressed? I LOVE Urban but he needs some fresh young minds  on his staff. Too many head scratching calls today. IMHO

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Maybe coaching? There are inferior teams all over America winging it around and their receivers wouldn't make the practice squad at OSU. There are minimum 4 recruiting classes of receivers  on the team this year and no receivers can make a play??? Maybe the play calling and scheme sucks? Read option, hand off up the middle, dangerous pitch out or option, lateral pass down the line of scrimmage...Coaching is really lacking lately imho.

Comment 30 Oct 2016

I'm sorry but that was no championship Defense  I saw today. Gashed up the middle consistently and burned on crossing routes all day. This poster is 100% correct about our LB's sucked up into an easy block at the line and leaving the middle wide open for 20 yards. Over and freakin over again. No goal line stops today either. 

I certainly agree with you about a few more first downs though. That sure would help. Which opens another can of worms. Like why is JT regressing to the point where unless a receiver is standing open he can't hit them? Or he just doesn't release it to hit the timing pattern.

Man o man it's getting worrisome...

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Come on... Northwestern's recruiting is not close to us...We are a hot mess on both sides of the ball and we keep boosting up our opponents like Penn State and Northwestern.   My two questions are why is the middle of the field open for our opponents every single game? Where is the MLB? And why does the offense take so much time to get a play off and then just run up the middle? Jeez

sorry for the rant but this buckeye is really frustrated at the lack of adjustments on defense and the lack of development (even regression) of our QB and receivers. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

It just seems like there is too much fooling around in between plays. Jt looks to the line, to the sideline, back to the line and they run a handoff up the middle...It creates more time for the O-line to get a false start.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I don't know that Ed and Tim have what Tom Herman had. He put innovation and speed into our offense and after he left, the O has been fairly inept. Ed is a premier O-line coach but hasn't proven himself as an O-coordinator or head coach (Kansas). If I recall correctly, Nebraska fans and media blamed Beck for Martinez's lack of development at QB.  I sure hope I am wrong because I love Ed Warriner and would like to see Beck succeed. The results aren't good as JT has regressed a bit since his frosh year.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

We miss Tom Herman. This staff ruined Cardale Jones and JT last year after Herman made both into stars. No QB development, no misdirection to help the line, a vanilla game plan. The last two games last year were won by JT just keeping it on the read or Eze running it down their throats.

How is it that OSU can have the biggest budget, best HC, and still not develop a QB for the NFL?  JT is regressing and we all know it. This young inexperienced team played a lot better when they were inexperienced. That does not bode well for the coaches.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

This is just my opinion. Let's keep penn state in perspective here.  This is a team that didn't belong on the field with TTUN and got whipped 49-10. I think we tend to give a little too much credit to teams and talk them up to Alabama status and then our kids play tight. This was apparent last week in Madison .  Whisky couldn't put up 200 yds of offense in 5 games but ran roughshod over us until we settled down.

I'm  not saying we should ever take an opponent lightly but the hype surrounding Wisky last week and PSU this week is a bit hard to comprehend.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

No - prob not a bar because the league doesn't have a substance abuse policy for that like it does for weed. Let's not confuse dave and busters with a weed shop shall we. Give me a break "TMZ my moral compass" . My moral compass comes from 50 years on this planet and good upbringing.  

Comment 26 Aug 2016

I'm no prude but this is not ok in my book. There are kids who look up to Zeke as a role model and he is a representative for OSU, The Cowboys and an NFL already plagued with questionable people.  Not the message to send. Alchohol is legal and I would feel the same way about that. Kids see and absorb everything.