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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field after Ohio State defeated Michigan in 2002
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Comment 12 hours ago

Actually think what is left of the living ends up being driven out to the Iron Islands. Not saying you are wrong...but this show can be unpredictable. I think we all want an epic showdown in front of the tree between the NK and Jon. I just don't think we are going to get it. I think the NK is too smart to be baited to the tree. That is an obvious trap and if he falls for it, that is lazy writing. There is going to be some sort of twist or turn to keep us watching the next 3 weeks. I certainly don't want three weeks of extended episodes where it is just man v man again. Something has to unite the 7 realms. 

And I do think this lasts into at least episode five. The living will fail and have to regroup and try again. But at some point the Golden Company is going to have to come into play. They have spent too much time on that storyline to have them sit idle as the show ends. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Diversion meaning that the NK's true goal is to take King's Landing .Go back to the scene of Dany's dream when she is in the throne room and it is snowing...almost destroyed. Winter had fallen onto King's Landing.

Think the White Walkers can handle Winterfell without him. NK hasn't even engaged other than riding the electric dragon. Also, if he is there and he gets killed most of the White Walkers die with him. Massive risk for the NK. NK can sit back and have his army destroy Winterfell with or without him there. 

There is absolutely no chance that this is wrapped up in one episode and NK is killed in Winterfell. That is too easy.  There has to be more to it or it will be disappointing. 

I will be shocked if there is some epic showdown in Winterfell with the NK and his dies at Winterfell. That would be doing a disservice to the NK to be defeated in the third episode with three to go. This is going to bleed into the next 2 IMO.  

There has to be some mechanism that pulls the folks from Kings Landing into the fight. Having them sit around waiting to fight what's left of the rest of man would be really predictable. Plus who are they going to fight? 

Not saying the NK fights this on two fronts but I can certainly see it happening. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Says the Michigan troll who spends his days trying to make Michigan relevant on an OSU board...

Comment 23 Apr 2019

OL will be much more athletic this season and will be a true strength of the offense. 

QB will be dynamic. Fields is going to be extremely good in the offense. 

KJ Hill might catch 100 balls. But to me Wilson and Olave along with Hill are the best 3 WRs

More Ruckert please. 

Linebackers...hope they give Gant, Mitchell a legit chance. Both are better than Werner and Borland. Time for Browning to put it all together. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

The last 4 episodes are the longest. Cannot see them beating the NK in just one battle. Would sell him short. They went out of their way to bring the Iron Islands back into play. Has to do with be a safe house. 

My guess is Ep. 4 is them licking wounds, coming up with new strategy on the Iron Islands as the Walkers move closer to Kings Landing. Golden Company has to be used at some point and I do not see Cersi vs the rest of the living battle because there will be no other army left. 

Ep 5 would be the battle for Kings landing with Ep 6 being the aftermath. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

My guess for Ep 3...

-Crypts are going to be ground zero for whatever happens. Destroy Winterfell from within

-Secondary characters killed...Jamie. Jorah, Benic, Theon, Grey Worm, etc. 

-Whatever is left of the living regroups to the Iron Islands

-Walkers make their way to King's Landing where the living makes their last stand.