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Proud graduate of tOSU in Engineering. MBA from UD. I have lived all over the country and love being back in the mountains.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I have two:

    1) Being on A Deck, 45 yard line, when Eddie George ran all over Notre Dame and the crowd started chanting "Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die!"

    2) Being in the Louisiana Superdome and mockingly chanting "S-E-C, S-E-C, S-EC!" when Ohio State beat Arkansas. It DID happen. I was THERE! You can wipe the record books, but not my memories.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George. He belongs on Mt. Olympus.
  • NFL TEAM: Denver Broncos
  • NHL TEAM: What's the NHL?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Manchester City

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Comment 14 Aug 2019

Just not how you respect the rivalry. When you start saying those things, you start believing those things, you start preparing that way, and you start losing. 

Its not like the last few games haven’t been competitive. The difference has been what makes Ohio State and that rivalry what it is. It is what motivates Ohio State to victory. 

He needs to fix that mindset. I chalk that up to simple ignorance and perspective. He’ll get there. 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

It appears like a strong case of misplaced priorities, but it's not. 

Issues of tuition cost and debt, healthcare, etc are driven by completely different factors. It not that lots of $ spent on athletics takes away from other things. In fact, programs like tOSU's actually fund other campus priorities. 

The athletic department is run like a well organized business. Most institutions of higher education are not. The spend recklessly on adminstrative endeavours, count on an endless supply of "free money" in the form of government student loans, and in many cases don't deliver a product in line with costs. The return on investment is not there. 

Same with healthcare, which has a whole set of issues re: health insurance, administration, etc. 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

At my age, I wish I was 25 again!  But I know what you mean, Kevin. Turning 25 hit me harder than turning 30 or even 40. Once you hit 25 you stop thinking of yourself as a young dude that can relate to the college crowd and start thinking about marriage and kids and mortgages.  By the time I hit my 30’s and 40’s I was a firmly entrenched adult and had gotten over the psychology of it all. Don’t worry man. Life goes on and it’s even fun!

Comment 14 May 2019

I also don't want to sound like a fuddy duddy, but I kind of agree with EB. And yes, I'm a small hypocrite because when I got my first job out of college the first thing I did was buy a new car. Except mine was much cheaper. And my college care was about to literally fall apart. 

So Haskins has a big paycheck, and he could have bought a lot of nice cars... something just under 100k no one would have batted an eye at. Lots of sweet Mercedes and BMW's and Audi's. But you only buy a Bentley or Maclaren, etc because you want to make sure people know you are a big deal.  If you drive one it's because you ARE a big deal OR a shallow fake. 

So while I don't think less of Haskins (who's to say I wouldn't have done the same thing) this is one of those things that wisdom tells you is a bad move out of the gate.

Comment 09 May 2019

Saban would recruit white walkers?  Did anyone ever doubt this?

So I just wasted a part of my life reading the overly histrionic story about the dude who was surprised his cousin tried to kill him.  I mean, clearly his cousin was a d-bag his whole life.  The kind of relative you try and avoid (we all have them).  The author is an overly dramatic numb-skull and I feel bad I will never get the precious minutes I spent reading his stupid story back.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

That story about sneaking into the national Championship game brought back memories for me when my roommate and I were able to do the same thing at Ohio Stadium in the 90's for a Buckeye game.

Here's how we did it:  My roommates hobby was photography.  He spent plenty on gear.  He decides that he wants to get on the field for the game to take pictures.  Now because of my roommate had a thinning hairline in his early 20's, he looked older than your average college kid, which might have worked in our favor.  Regardless, off we go to the stadium wearing "old-guy" wind-breakers, polo's and random arm-bands (we noticed that some of the press folks had arm-bands on at games).  We were trying to NOT look like our normal game-day college students.  He was holding an absolutely massive pro camera with a huge lens, and I was carrying his camera bag filled with lots of extras, a tripod, etc.

We used our student tickets to get into the stadium well before kick-off, while the teams were warming up.  Once inside, We then proceeded straight down to the field.  The security stopped us briefly and we just dead-panned him, showed him all the gear and let him know we were there for pictures.  I forget exactly what we said.  Something like "Yea, we're here to get photos for [some obscure but real newspaper in the state of opponent] and acted like we were pissed to be working on a Saturday.  He waved us right in!

We cruised around the field, taking pictures, before finally settling in the corner of the end-zone with the gaggle  of other photographers there, taking a knee and even making a bit of small-talk.  Whatever they did and acted like, we did.

We stayed there the majority of the game, just acting and taking pics.  After halftime, we started getting a bit bored and more adventurous, so we started walking down the sidelines closer to the teams, acting like we belong.  Finally a security guard stopped us and asked for our press passes.  My buddy  turns to me and asks me to get them out of the bag.  I rummage through the bag and then exasperatedly tell him, I don't know were they are, I thought I put them in the bag.  Of course my roommate starts acting pissed and berating me for being so stupid, and we really thought that this might get the guard to  let us stay, feeling bad for the stupid dolt that forgot the passes in the car.  No such luck, he said "sorry, no passes on display, you have to get off the field".  So we left the field still putting on the show, but as soon as we got off the field we started laughing at how easy it was to get on the field!

Not sure if that would work today, but it's true that if you dress the part, act confident, and don't attract too much attention, you can get into a lot of places!

Comment 26 Mar 2019

I’m not sure why, but I sat laughing at the word of the day for five minutes before being able to continue reading the skully. That was just, brilliant. 

Comment 23 Feb 2019

Jack Tatum certainly did have a brand. He was and will always be "The Assassin". That's more than a nickname. He wrote a book that played off that name. That's a brand. 

We all have a "brand" regardless if we like it out not. BrandU teaches to protect that brand and invest in personal equity. If you're not a team player, that's a brand too. So I see nothing wrong with teaching these kids to "maximize" their brand. It's a 21st century skill required to survive. And most definitely a great recruiting tool.