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Comment 04 Jan 2019
This is pure comedy. I dont know how it happens but the camera always catches the best reactions from franklin. I remember after the amazing comback in 2017 the camera focused in on franklin for a good 3 to 5 seconds. He looked like a guy who gambled his retirement away. I want him to stay at PSU to see moments like these
Comment 11 Nov 2018
You are right but i think the comment is trying to compare us to M based on a common opponent. On the same field at the same time of the season. The common opponent arguement can be misleading but here it feels appropriate. Both teams had defensive scores. Rockey didnt play against M, who was their only real spark against us. Lewerky was hurt and shouldnt have been on the field against M. Over all we should feel like this is a good conparison. Unlike the PSU comparison, different fields, different points in the season McSorly knocked out of the game against M.
Comment 06 Nov 2018
I dont know if you are being serious or not but i dont exactly agree. M is peaking at the right time and this is a retooling year for us. The 19 class is lower than expected because of the off-field stuff at the begining of the season i suspect. The 20 class is starting out strong. M may beat us this year but they have a long way to go to get where we are. That does not change over night. Remember when Auburn beat Bama a couple times? They didnt exaclty surpass Bama's program with those wins. And they even won a couple titles. We all need to relax, the ship will right itself.
Comment 30 Oct 2018
This is comical. He is an amature athlete presently and should be treated accordingly. The best part is he was actually hurt! He tore his core muscle in an amature athletic event. Rashad Garry is quietly doing the same thing at Michigan if i am not mistaken. You want these guys to act like professional athletes but you dont want to compensate them like professional athletes.
Comment 29 Oct 2018
I see your point but honestly man Urban has always been awkward at the podium. Even before the smith big 10 presser debacle. He might have some anxiety when it comes to press conferences. I know i would when everybody twists your words to look like a villian. I really think he is staying and we will all be mich happier next season.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
I agree with you but one thing that is stuck in my head is how vastly different the defense looks after half time. It seems like all of the yards, points and big plays are happening in the first half. I would love to see someone break the defense down statistically by half. Nationally where would this defense rank if you take its first half stats projected for a whole game and where would it rank if you took its second half stats projected over an entire game