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Comment 50 minutes ago
I see it the same exact way except for your last prediction. I dont think 4 losses (including a loss to OSU) will cost him his job. I live in Michigan and most of my good friends are M fans. There is a real sense of realism that OSU is on a different level and that losing the game is not a reason to fire him. They will point to the schedule and say we can live with 4 losses. Just my prediction tho
Comment 20 hours ago
I could not agree more. Being an unbelievable athlete cant replace a sound fundamental base. Athletic ability can get you flashes but that fundamental base produces consistancy. Insert the Michael Thomas stats here.
Comment 02 Jun 2020
This seems logical (minus the Gill reference) i think Day will maximize the tallent on the offensive side of the ball the same way he has to this point. I really think the d line will be fine. It all boils down to the secondary for me. If they can hold water watch out
Comment 25 May 2020
The funny thing is, not kidding here, i really dont think John would hire Jim. John has publically illuded to some of Jim's short comings. Jimmy reminds me of a professor of (insert topic here) where i think they have a solid understanding in theory but cant make that theory work in the real world. Also this is no stab at professors i know plenty of professors that have been successful in the classroom and the real world, but there are some that struggle to apply theory to pratice.
Comment 16 May 2020
I hate Clemson as much as the next guy. This is Dabos brand and it works for him. I think Day's approach is better but Dabos thing does work. Its like dad shoes they are so off key they are trendy in their own way. I think OSU has or will eclipse Clemson in recruiting and on the field with Day but you cant argue with what Clemson has done at Clemson.
Comment 06 May 2020
I agree that Ginn would have been a factor in that game but in my heart of hearts i think Florida had the trap set from the jump. Just a bad matchup. I dont want to take anything away from them, just like i wont accept Mcgahee getting hurt in the 4th should diminish our NC. Chalk it up to the game.
Comment 04 May 2020
I agree with this concept however i think its a paradox. Don Brown is a very good coach but what makes him very good prevents him from being great in my opinion. Like most all of is his greatest strength is also his ultimate weakness. I live in Michigan. The majority of my friends are M fans. And in the countless conversations with them i realized this - Don Brown is really good because he is unapologeticly true to his defensive philosophy and that will win you 8-10 games a year. He is going to live and die with his philosophies. Day on the other hand seems to enjoy sussing out weaknesses and exploiting them so he is ever changing until he cracks the code. To me a good similie to Brown is Deontey Wilder. Wilder is a knockoit artist through and through and when he cant knock someone out he gets out boxed.
Comment 29 Apr 2020
I love that people hate that 2002 team. I take pure joy in unapologeticly refering to them as champs, dynasty killers and so on. Worst national champ in 20 years great lol still the champ.