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Comment 19 Mar 2019

Maryland stinks and loses a ton

Penn State only lost 4 starters on defense. McSorley stunk last year and PSU couldn't throw the ball.

If MSU can stay healthy their offense should be better. They are a sleeper team with 17 starters back. Their big issue last year was injuries.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Gattis has never done anything as an OC. That is just a fact. He is a career position coach who has never made a play call in his life. 

Does that mean this is a bad hire? No, it doesn't, time will tell. But the fact that this is being widely regarded as a "home run hire" is absurd. And Michigan fans saying he needs total control of the offense is also comical.

What is Gattis' offense? How do you know what his offense will look like? He has literally never run an offense. Is this offense going to look like Moorhead's? Locksley's? Michigan fans don't even know what his offense is yet they are demanding that he takes total control of the offense.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Charbonnet is also hurt right now. Their O-Line is far from settled and they have as many as 3 positions (RT, LT, RG) up for grabs. The O-Line is what is preventing them from opening up their offense and throw the ball more because they can't protect the QB against elite D's. 

Comment 24 Sep 2018

LOL, you know, if I was actually wrong you would have a real rebuttal, but you don't, so you resort to the dumb shit you posted above. PSU has been terrible running the football every year Franklin has been there. Right now, they are 10th in the country. Sorry you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Comment 24 Sep 2018

Saying "oh we shut down Saquon and Sanders isn't as good as Saquon" is perhaps the laziest take ever. Everyone shut down Saquon last year. Rutgers shut down Saquon. Georgia State shut down Saquon. Saquon only ran for over 100 yards 4 times in 12 regular season games last year. PSU's O-Line is way better this year and running the ball has become the biggest strength of their team. 

Also, how many running backs are seriously as good as Saquon? That's hardly a knock on Sanders.

Sanders is a very good player. He's not as explosive as Saquon but he can do everything else. He actually plays way more physical than Saquon, breaks way more tackles and fights for those extra yards more consistently.

Comment 21 Aug 2018

PSU's defense really isn't "young." Just because they lose starters doesn't mean they are young. They have some guys who lack starting experience but it is actually a veteran unit. They have 9 of their 11 starters are 4th/5th year players. Then they have a junior and a sophomore to round it out.

Comment 18 Jun 2018

To not have MSU/PSU as even honorable mentions at the WR position is absurd. Those are arguably 2 best units in the conference. Felton Davis and Cody White were excellent last year, Darrell Stewart was good as well. 

PSU has Juwan Johnson back who was 2nd on the team in receiving yards last year and has a chance to be a high draft pick next year. DeAndre Thompkins is also a proven veteran player that will have easily 40+ catches this year. KJ Hamler had a huge spring for them and Justin Shorter (#1 WR prospect in the country) is enrolling in June and has a chance to play right away.

Comment 23 May 2018

I don't expect PSU to win, given the location of the game and Michigan's bye week to prepare. I strongly believe it is a tougher game than Wisconsin though. Wisconsin is a team Michigan actually could've beaten last year, that now has to come to the big house after losing a huge chunk of their defense. If they don't give up a punt return TD and the DPJ play is ruled a TD they could've won. The PSU game was not quite as close...

PSU loses some of the weapons that hurt Michigan last year, but I would not overlook some of the guys they have returning. I also think their DE's will be the strength of their defense and could give your OT's some problems. However, I do think UM's interior OL could potentially give PSU's interior DL some issues (as the game wears on) since they are thinner there this year. They should be better at CB as well. 

Comment 22 May 2018

I don't have a problem with deep jump balls either but I just don't think he threw those nearly as much as Michigan fans think. 

I don't think one game means that either, but it means something. He outcoached an elite defensive team for 60 straight minutes, and the adjustments he made to the offense could help them next season. And watching the OL control the LOS against an elite front is significant as well. I just think the Moorhead stuff is blown out of proportion in general. People say he saved their program, but really he got there when the team was in much better position to be competitive than it was in 2014 (when Franklin arrived). He also had McSorley and not Hackenberg as his QB. 

Comment 22 May 2018

I'm pretty sure Michigan is the only fan base left at this point spewing the McSorley jump ball non-sense. They also already played a game without Moorhead against an elite defense and didn't miss a beat.

Barkley was great but only ran for over 100 yards in 3 B1G games last year. It's not like he was taking over every game. The offense really revolved around throwing the ball. I would also argue Moorhead hurt their rushing offense and it's not a coincidence they ran all over Washington (nations #1 rush defense) after not being able to run the ball most of the season. Rahne made a lot of adjustments to the offense to help them run the ball better (more pace, quicker handoffs, getting the RB's to the edge etc.). The offensive line was also completely healthy for the first time since the Michigan game. If they can actually run the ball consistently this year it actually wouldn't surprise me if the offense is better. They weren't balanced last year and if the O-Line can be more consistent (aka actually stay healthy) they have the tools to be more balanced. They still have an elite QB, a couple of 5-star RB's, 2 very good WR's and 4 starters back on the O-Line.

Comment 21 May 2018

Why is Wisconsin going to be just as good but PSU is going to suck when they both return roughly the same amount of players? Plus PSU recruits significantly better and has a far better QB (please compare both of their numbers vs. Iowa/NW/OSU/UM from last year). 

Comment 19 May 2018

Michigan State is definitely a team that you cannot underestimate, despite the results of last years game. 19 starters back and they thrive in the underdog role. Lewerke and his WR's are very good IMO. 

Penn State will be good again. People write them off in large part because of loss of star power, and say things like "they lose everybody" but then prop up teams like Wisconsin (who essentially has just as much back as PSU) because they return most of their well known players (particularly on offense). People also will prop up teams like Michigan, just because of the addition of a "star" player, and ignore the fact that the rest of their offense was a joke last year.

Defensively, PSU will be better in some areas and worse in others. The defensive line, particularly at DE will be better. Last year, they were rebuilding at DE coming into the year and then lost 2 starters by the time they came to Columbus. That gave Barrett all day to throw against them where as in 2016 he was sacked 6 times. They'll also be better at corner, with John Reid back from injury who was probably their best player in 2016, and Oruwariye who was 2nd team All-B1G last year. They'll be worse at LB and probably a bit of a step back at safety.

Offensively, if they run the ball better their offense actually could be better. They lose Barkley but really he wasn't that productive in B1G play. With 4 starters back on the O-Line if they run the ball better that would give their offense more balance. We'll see what happens.

Comment 30 Apr 2018

I actually like Patterson's film. I think he is a good player. However, there are other issues though. First of all, just completely different styles of offense that will be a big adjustment for him. One is a spread offense, check with me system. UM's is a pro style attack where he makes all the checks at the LOS. New teammates, new coaches. Michigan is making changes to their offense and has brought in some new coaches which creates uncertainty. Also, their OT's are not good. Their RB's cannot pass protect. And their WR's didn't produce a TD reception in conference play last year (yet they act like they have the WR corps in the country for some reason). I could see DPJ and Tarik Black taking a step forward but there is a lot of uncertainty there as well.  I think Patterson could have a good year but I think they are in trouble when they face teams with quality DE's/CB's.

Comment 10 Apr 2018
After watching it, I came away liking Pep Hamilton, Don Brown, Mo Hurst, Karan Higdon, and Mike McCray My thoughts on Harbaugh didn't change at all, he's a weird dude. The stories he tells are just so bizarre. Came away not liking O'Korn and Speight at all. Speight I kind of figured I wouldn't like after watching interviews with him, he doesn't come off well at all. He's also far too concerned with what the outside world thinks. O'Korn I had nothing against until I watched this. I thought he came off well in the beginning of the season when he was a supportive back up. Once he became the starter I started to dislike him. Too much blaming others. Both of these guys think they are a million times better than they really are. O'Korn bitching out Gentry on the sideline after throwing the worst INT ever was just unbelievable. He literally underthrew him by a mile. Also, O'Korn thinking PSU "fears" Michigan is some hilarious delusion.
Comment 16 Feb 2018

They've being playing well the last month, not just against us. They've won 6 out of their last 7 I believe. Ever since they got Reaves back they have been a completely different team. They controlled the first 30 minutes against Michigan State in East Lansing. Had a double digit lead most of the second half, MSU got red hot shooting a pulled away but it was a really competitive game. PSU honestly is talented. 4 of their 5 starters were 4 star recruits. I believe all 4 were top 100 players, Carr was a top 50 player. Shep Garner wasn't highly touted but he is a really dangerous 3 point shooter. 

Comment 02 Feb 2018

Former Sportscenter Anchor Brian Kenny's Twitter is just days worth of rants about this subject. He is the reason Max Kellerman brought up Notre Dame on the air. He is legitimately outraged over the leprechaun mascot. He is even outraged over St. Patrick's day. It is literally the craziest thing I have ever seen. Who is outraged over a mythical midget thing that lives on rainbows with pots of gold? 

I'm Irish and I'm pretty sure most Irish people would be offended if they got rid of their mascot or changed the name "Fighting Irish"

Comment 29 Jan 2018

I mean, just in terms of talent they are very good. Reaves, Carr, Stevens, Watkins were all top 100 recruits I believe. Carr may have even been a top 50 recruit. They have talent. Just no chemistry and they are really poorly coached. They pull off upsets every single year though. Losing to them on a night where they shot 80% from three isn't that big of a deal. Upsets happen and there are far worse teams out there.