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Comment 09 Jul 2019
I'm going to provide another viewpoint, though I definitely understand this take. Living near friends isn't a concern because there are people you can be friends with whatever you go. So that leaves family... As for me, I like having a bit of separation from family and the drama. I visit regularly, but am not interested in taking sides in stupid disputes or even having to deal with the noise. Whenever I visit, I'm agnostic to the nonsense and enjoy always being the 'good guy' without the stress of the bickering.
Comment 01 Jul 2019
Alexander Keith's from Nova Scotia is Canada's best mass produced beer. It's a pounder much like Shiner, Fat Tire, and Spotted Cow.
Comment 19 Jun 2019
Yes, minus the unlikelihood of multiple undefeated teams AND assuming that hypothetical loss isn't a colossal tank job. There is some debate regarding Urban having a knack of losing a game he shouldn't every year. But it's very difficult to run the table and he seems to coach better as an underdog / with a chip on the shoulder. So to me, it was the magnitude of the losses the last couple of years that made me question if something was a little bit off.
Comment 15 Jun 2019
I'm fairly confident you are referring to 'Busy Bee', which is pretty great. Not a pizza joint though.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Best pizza - loads of places in Naples Best in US - Roberta's (Brooklyn) Best in Ohio - Paulie Gee's (Columbus)... their original location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is #2 for me in the US Best memories with ok pizza - Death Metal Pizza (Austin, TX)
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Go to the 11W charity bash and the game afterwards. Don't think it's been announced yet which game it will be, but typically there's plenty of advance notice. And I have a strong suspicion based on precedent that it will either be Sparty or the Badgers.
Comment 08 Jun 2019
Yeah, but theoretically one should have 2 hands at the ready should shit go down while using bluetooth. And how does it compare to having a passenger, which I suspect is at least equally distracting.
Comment 29 May 2019
The design was inherently unstable in that an increase in temperature resulted in an increase in reactivity addition, which caused an increase in temperature... a viscous cycle. Compare that to a reactor with water as the moderator. As temperature increases, fewer neutrons are thermalized resulting in less reactivity... inherent stability. Engineering Controls are the best line of defense against failures and subsequent safety violations.