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Comment 17 May 2019
Calling your shot for 20016, I like it. Let's circle back to this cyborg to cyborg after the game that year. Early rumors that it might be neutral site on Titan, which I'm not ecstatic about...
Comment 09 May 2019
Your 3rd paragraph I absolutely agree with. As for whether or not the season has been a disaster, there is no shortage of people (me included) who definitely would consider 'disaster' to be an apt description. Others are enjoying though, and so be it. But your first paragraph? I mean, neither said 'I hate it', but I'm not sure how you gathered either response was evenly remotely close to an endorsement. I mean, when asked to describe the ending in 1 word, Kit chose 'disappointing'. Hard for me to draw from that succinct statement that he liked how it turned out. Emelia had the opportunity to praise the show and chose to dodge the question; again, not exactly a vote of confidence.
Comment 09 May 2019
Did you really just hang your hat on the military might of the Dothraki as having been key to the defense of Winterfell? That's pretty rich given you somehow think other ppl are morons and yet we actually saw, on screen, the Dothraki get obliterated in under 2 mins. The real answer is that the northerners could have defended Winterfell for quite a long time with a sound strategy. You know, like perhaps by keeping their forces behind a well fortified wall. Are you keeping up with me so far? And then maybe, actually actively trying to kill the Night King instead of hoping he shows up exactly where they need him to be at exactly the right time for Arya to unleash her newly discovered teleportation abilities. So maybe give your balls a tug and get over yourself, and let the ppl who identify bull shit for what it is have their say.
Comment 08 May 2019
I think both groups only have 1 guy with NFL potential. If I need to win a big game tomorrow, I'd roll with group 2 and Joe B. But for next season, I'd go with 1 with the idea that more of Justin's higher ceiling potential will have been converted to reliable production by the time Penn St. shows up.
Comment 07 May 2019
Lazy is a generous description. They stopped caring about this series once they were greenlit for the prequel. I mean, no one noticed a fucking Starbucks in the scene? The 2 shitheads mainly responsible for this have joined Michael Bay and Rian Johnson on the short list of 'do not watch under any circumstances.' LOL at anyone trying to decipher what will happen based on the characters, because hardly any of the characters are behaving as they have for the majority of the show.
Comment 05 May 2019
So as a rule, I don't comment on threads about which I don't care. For example, I don't give a care about baseball and therefore don't read or comment in those threads. I can't stand ppl who like to pop into soccer threads to say the sport sucks. With that in mind, this is the last GoT thread I'll post in. Man, I loved the first 4 seasons, and still quite enjoyed 5 & 6. I thought 7 was the weakest, but figured it was a bit rushed and might make season 8 all that more amazing by comparison. Well, fuck me... this has turned into mindless tripe and I'm soooo fucking out. As The Throne Turns ain't my bag. Ok, done bitching, and good on you if you're still enjoying it. See you in a football thread.
Comment 01 May 2019
Denton is a great college town with a stellar music scene. Catch a show at Dan's Silverleaf, thank me later. The best sushi in Texas is there too, oddly enough. Check out Keiichi and thank me afterwards for the second time. Plenty of other great spots within a short stroll of the courthouse. Any questions, I'll happily help if I can. I don't live there, but have been several times and as recently as last year.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
Fighting the dead is what made what they did the worst possible plan. There was no chance of any type of success. They were just sending them extra fighters. The Night King could have reanimated them and then attacked with an even larger force. So use range weapons, then strafe with dragons. The whites that get passed that are flanked by Dothraki and then the Unsullied are the final defense before retreating into Winterfell.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
You're missing my point. The war council of smart tacticians, who know very well how the Dothraki operate, had them lined up as a first wave of defense. That's a rubbish plan, one that I cannot believe they agree to. Battle of Blackwater Tyrion doesn't make that mistake. You put the Dothraki away from the action until the enemy engages, then you unleash them from the flanks. At this point, you no longer have any control over what happens, as you indicate. But that is a far superior utilization of that asset, one that doesn't potentially only add to the size of the incoming force.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
Again, bullshit. Shit hadn't even started yet. This wasn't their first rodeo. It was clearly the plan to have them do that, not some hasty decision. The plan was asinine at best. No one with any semblance of strategy would sign off on it, but supposedly Tyrion was ok with that tomfuckery? Nah, lazy writing is what that was, nothing more, nothing less.
Comment 29 Apr 2019
Here's a better question regarding the soul stone: why weren't they informed by Nebula ahead of time what was required in order to obtain it? Seems like that's kinda of a big thing not to account for when they were making plans to retrieve the stones. One of several things that made no sense.