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Comment 17 Nov 2019
Overall solid performance, 3 issues in increasing order of concern: Punting- inconsistent. Thankfully, not used a lot, but shanks at a higher rate than I'm used to. Short yardage running: not pounding it in from the 1 was maddening. But biggest concern of all was watching MLB missing tackles due to lack of athleticism. He's a leader, calls the D, but is obviously the least athletic member on D and it gets exposed.
Comment 16 Nov 2019
I'm currently in a hotel about a 10 min ride from their stadium. Hotel has 50 channels, Big 10 Network ain't 1 of them. That's about as much hate as I can muster.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
3 players deserve suspension, the 2 Steelers you named and Og... the Browns DL. But fucking Garrett... that shitbag should be done. Banned. And he should feel blessed he's not behind bars. Fuck that guy forever.
Comment 31 Oct 2019
To each his own, but I much prefer the bars, restaurants, breweries, and distillery found beginning in the Atwood Shenk neighborhood, and heading from there towards downtown on Williamson (Willie St). Old Sugar distillery and Working Draft brewery are best in class.
Comment 27 Oct 2019
Although I really like the Buckeyes chances against LSU, this is the right answer... for now. Anyone with Clemson higher than 6 should lose ballot privileges.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
He's a more than capable play caller and O coordinator. His D coordinator is one of the best in the business. Alvarez elevated Wisconsin and gave them the identity that Chryst embraces and the fans also love. So recruiting is pretty solid and typically underrated since they routinely put 2 stars and walk ons into the league.