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MEMBER SINCE   June 06, 2012

Been attending Buckeye games since 1954. College football is the greatest game ever invented. The NFL merely capitalized on the fame of the great college players it recruited to Play-for-Pay. Not anti-NFL really, just know that college teams are way more fun to watch and its players, way easier to cheer for.

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Comment 23 Aug 2020

They need to put the pressure on Big10 university Presidents.  They're the only ones who hold the power to change this.  They'll never get Warren to admit his own stupidity and cluelessness..  The Presidents should reopen the process and, at the end of it, dismiss Commissioner Warren -- give him free time to watch his son's SEC games.

Comment 12 May 2020

I was at that game and kinda POed my Oklahoma hosts when I screamed "They can't stop that" after his first TD catch.  Oklahoma had no one who could cover him -- even illegally -- and he was open all night.  The catch where he caught the ball while hugging the Sooner defender should be memorialized in the Hall of Fame.  It was an epic dagger into the hearts of Oklahoma football.  Great memories.

Comment 09 Sep 2018

When Haskins hits those long balls, the whole offense runs easier.  Johnny Dixon reminds us how great it was when Devin Smith ran his deep routes to perfection.  Really hard to believe there are three teams nationally who should be ranked ahead of the Buckeyes.