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Comment 27 Mar 2019

Exactly the points I wanted to make when I saw the headline.  UW is now 0-4 in CCG since re-alignment in 2014 and the BIG West is 0-5. 2012 is an asterisk.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

For the spoiled younger fan base (This is tongue-n-cheek, somewhat) this may seem trivial, but this win is up there for me in top 5 of all time.  To be undefeated and lose to a 3 loss TTUN team AT HOME that year was one of the top 5 worst losses.  This eased the pain. 

When germaine hit boston my friends and I ran out of the house screaming our heads off!!

I have probably watched this one the most.  If you get a chance watch the final drive.  The best part is Dick Vermeil losing it on the officiating not calling PI on ASU...."...Jesus..."

Comment 03 Jan 2019

 I knew one that died a month later, life long fan and alum.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

I was in Tempe that night.  Easily the most exuberant I have ever been when it comes to sports.  Still have my ticket and lanyard.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

A win is a win in the Rose Bowl so these comments are probably over the top for some.  Ryan Day is now our coach.  The 4th Q was very poorly handled from a play calling/time management perspective.  I understand the psychology of keeping the 50/50 run pass balance, but the 3, 3 and outs where literally seconds came off the clock, not minutes, made this game closer than it should have been.  The situation called for Tressel ball.  3 runs and a punt, while running 3 min off the clock is better than 2 incompletions and punt and 47 seconds off the clock.  The game is 28-17 at worst, and I say webber or dobbins probably would have broken one.

Just saying.  good luck coach day and thank you urban, go bucks!!

Comment 02 Jan 2019

As much as I would love to have him back he would be stupid not to go.  Being the 1st qb taken is pretty much assured a high $ rookie contract.  Getting payed millions to play a game is small window in your life and you have to strike while the iron is hot.  I believe the professors at Stanford business school tell their students that if they have a sure fire business idea to drop out and start it.  Good luck Dwayne and thanks for a super 2018!

Comment 26 Dec 2018

The strongest argument I make to SEC fans and particularly auburn or alabama fans about the better rivalry, THE GAME or the Iron Bowl is focused on the points here.  There is no WAY OSU fans root for UofM in a national championship game by and overwhelming majority, probably at least 90%, conservatively.  You would probably be split down the middle on this for Auburn/Alabama fans due to some stupid allegiance to the SEC.  Another point here is that is still a deep sense of inferiority in the south due to the ass kicking they got in the civil war.  This is a huge part of this SEC SEC SEC stuff whether they will admit it or not.

Comment 24 Dec 2018

I wish I could agree with this sentiment that the B1G can help itself with bowl wins.  However, this is really not the case and all you have to do is point to last year.  SEC fans and the national media, particularly ESecPN will emphasize the 'meaningless' bowl games when the B1G does well and/or SEC does poorly.  Last year we were 7-1 and this is what we heard along with 'favorable match-ups" garbage.  However, when the tables are turned and the B1G does poorly and SEC does well, it just shows 'how great the SEC is and bad the B1G is'...typical media (especially ESecPN) and SEC fan double talk.

BTW, teams I would pull for TTUN to win over in essentially a meaningless bowl game - Alabama, Auburn, LSU, FLORIDA, Georgia, Tennessee, Clemson, USC, Miami, Texas

Comment 20 Dec 2018

My brother went to Miss state and they played TTUN in bowl game that I went to, ended up being Rich Rod last game.  Did not wear OSU gear, but me and bro (and our fellow bulldog traveling parters, after I taught them) repeatedly sang "We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State..." much to the chagrin of TTUN fans who had no idea how we knew that song and were also getting clobbered.

Several beers and cocktails were also involved as you might imagine which probably made it more obnoxious!!

Comment 18 Dec 2018

This is now officially Kinnick Katastrophe and Purdue Harbor alert.  NW has a bye the week before and we have Sparty at home the week before and Wisci at home the week after.  Its almost as if the Delany does not want OSU in playoff?!?!?

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Over the next 2-3 years this is how I see it.

Teams on the rise in B1G - Maryland, Nebraska, NW, Purdue

Teams that will remain in status quo - TTUN, Iowa, Rutgers, PSU, Minn,

Teams on the decline - MSU, Indiana, Illinois, Wisci

Only one team in our division on the rise, and two on the decline.  This is a good sign for us.

I think expectations are that we remain competitive for B1G championship, with maybe a little better than average chance to get into CFP.

3-4 years is pretty standard and it should be that a minimum as you cannot start a turnstyle.

If Day goes 8-4, 7-5, 8-4 he probably is gone.  But I do not see that happening.