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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching the entire M*chigan defense chase Pittman, then Wells in 2006.
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Comment 01 Oct 2012

A true class act, I've always been a big fan of Roy. Probably not as much as Urban is though... Nonetheless he's an excellent guy and a very solid part of the 2006 winning streak. 

Comment 28 Sep 2012

Must be a bad screencap or at least touched up to enhance, because the pixel count looks way higher on the sign as opposed to the others. The edge blurring is typically indicative of PS also...I'll take your word for it though. 

Comment 30 Jul 2012

ESPN's College Football Live earlier today reported that Dunn had been dismissed. Did anyone else see this? I've looked everywhere online and haven't found any corraborating reports so perhaps it was premature...

Comment 24 Jan 2012

Eh I was mostly joking...what with the ridiculous (imo) TP tweet as my insult. Although I readily admit that just about the only thing I'd get into a bar fight over is Jim Tressel. I was lucky enough to meet the man several times during his ten year tenure and he solidly won me over with his actions. And I'm not talking about the shows that every coach puts on (charities, hopsital visits, etc), I'm talking the little things...How many D-1 coaches do you think hold the door for grad assistants and visitors?

Comment 24 Jan 2012


Tress will be a fantastic coach wherever he goes. Dude could coach the frickin Crew to an MLS cup. Danny = fake buckeye


Comment 19 Apr 2011

Great, great article Ramzy. Hilarious stuff. Although you did ruin my lunch- I was eating a sald with ranch and chedder cheese when I read that last bit about Wisconsin. Needless to say, the salad was no longer appealing.