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Comment 09 Dec 2019

With regards to squeaky wheels and grease, does anyone feel like we are too understanding when it comes to judgments going against us? Relatively speaking, I think it's both an OSU and a B1G thing. Just look at how Dabo's been making a fool of himself in front of any camera he can find and don't get me started on the moronic grumblings consuming the internet and TV debate shows for the last two weeks about how LSU had to be #1.

BTW, 100 years from now, will Florida and Auburn be inexplicably hovering around #10 with great athletes that are bad at scoring points and artificially propping up the perception and rankings of any reasonably good SEC teams that all lined up to beat them week after week? If you want to locate the "SEC Bias" that's where it comes from. They are usually bad teams, but for whatever reason, they consistently get far too much respect that will ultimately result in the top SEC teams being overly praised for beating teams that they all beat.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

To be clear, this is all about hunch-tuning, right? Like that time when your employee is cleared of wrongdoing and knowing when to follow a hunch and launch a full counter-investigation to disprove police findings. I mean -- that's what bosses are for. Who will protect our women if prominent football coaches can't activate spidey-sense, despite never being asked for help, inject themselves into employee's relationships and wipe out the scourge of Domestic Violence that our Justice System has no prayer of doing?

Comment 15 Sep 2018


He can't be the first coach mentioned everytime anyone lists underrated coaches, unanimously mentioned as a great coach, and also unable to get respect. My God! There are less than 5 people that I care about hearing from in the media. It's such an echo chamber these days... SMH

Comment 21 Aug 2018

Let's assume that he's completely honest... Take this, the Smiths, Rueban Foster, Gareon, and Zeke -- these young ladies have no idea how much damage they are doing to actual victims of abuse. It's a disgrace! The number of actual victims that come forward is so low because of what can come with it, and now the actions of a handful of selfish women will make it exponentially harder with those to come forward in the future. It was hard enough for them to get something near justice when there was an assumption that people don't lie about being abused (which is backed by stats ~ 3% are proven false). Instead of starting with an assumption that the victim was probably abused, from now on, anytime there's a lot to gain or lose from either side we'll all cynically assume that they are trying to profit or punish. With Zeke, she said that she got the idea after seeing what happened with Brionte Dunn (a legit charge). If she saw the opportunity in a real charge, don't you think others will want to duplicate the false charges?

This is so bad!

Comment 18 Aug 2018

That's a tier-1 walk back.

Here's the line of thought:

"If I, media gasbag, was once convinced he should be fired after clinging to a narrative that felt good, then I couldn't have been wrong. So, despite the evidence and facts, it can't be that the complete opposite is what's deserved because I'm done gathering information. My mind is already made and I'm not willing to be further informed. So, I'll begin to soften my stance a bit, to blend in, and so that I can show parting mild outrage before slinking away to focus my rage on Maryland because I don't really believe any of these things nor do I care who it effects. My simulated outrage is a product manufactured to be compared to that of others."

Comment 18 Aug 2018



Someone has to do this!

If they're delivered to him at work, then he must have had them sent there. Ol' McMurphy must be living by a different set of rules than everyone else over at Stadium... :) I really think his superior should be suspended while independent investigators get to the bottom of things. In the meantime, until we get the info, I'll come strong that he should be canned -- this unknown boss of McMurphy :)

Comment 18 Aug 2018

If you wanna speculate, receiving a package doesn't mean you ordered it. I suspect that if you can access purchase history, then you can also submit an order...

I'm not ready to die on that hill, but I don't care.

On Finebaum, McMurphy was insinuating that Meyer was facilitating this stuff (which, again, I wouldn't care if he was) because Zach "played by a different set of rules", before "making it very clear" at the end that he has no idea who knew about anything? There's no reason to suspect anyone knew this.

Comment 05 Aug 2018

I believe #1 is the crux of everything.

Meyer didn't admit to lying, just that he can see why what he said was misleading. Take the emotions and what you think you know now out of it and try to put yourself in his shoes back then.

In 2015, he's contacted by the police (possibly via Gene Smith) about an accusation and finds that Zach's been accused, questioned and cleared. He reports that as he should.

3 years pass...

While already in Chicago, away from the office, a Facebook post emerges mentioning a "felony arrest" from 2015. He's texted about it and asks the office to check on it with the police. The police have nothing on file because it wasn't an arrest, and the actual inquiry had been sealed. It was only unsealed later as interest grew.

This scenario would absolutely explain why his response to questions about "the 2015 incident" were some variation of, "What are you talking about?!"

Comment 03 Aug 2018

Same. "There was nothing" implies that a phone call occurred and nothing was found because they were sealed. They were unsealed sometime over the next 24 hours. And, poof! Now, there's something.

Comment 03 Aug 2018

This one's a little different, he independently posted to Facebook without the army of editors and lawyers that vet things for ESPN or whomever... I don't know if there's anything there, but I know that the normal precautions weren't taken.