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Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am a former OSU student who will be moving from Ohio to North Carolina. NC is a place I have always dreamed of living and I am making the life changing decision to quit my job and move and hope for the best. The last place I remember feeling at home was attending school at OSU. I was thinking about dropping 100 dollars on a ticket because the game would be on my way to my new location but can't justify it because I am already going to be in a tough spot financially if i don't find a job in a couple months. Getting the chance to spend some of this life changing day with people I feel are like family would really go along way.  That's all I've got. It would be a giant boost and bonus if I got to attend this game as I start a new journey in life.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I like Dj and the skull sessions but that's only because I am young and straight gangster. I read it every day and cringe at the thought of the wider than mid-late 20's fan base reading it. Knowing they have no idea what he is referencing and sometimes even talking about. 

The content is as fresh as it can be every weekday morning. 

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I have beef with the fans. Specifically the student fans attending home football games. 

It's 3rd down and you have three fingers in the air when you should be making as much noise as you can humanly muster. You need to be clapping and yelling the entire time the defense is on the field. But you're just standing there with three fingers in the air and I can't even hear you. 

My example of an OSU crowd affecting a game is USC in '09. Barkley was a freshman and we had something to prove with TP at the helm. The warm weather and late kickoff definitely helped fuel that fire though. 


Due to the amount of NCAA Football I've played on Xbox over the years, I have to admit I've hummed victors countless times. It's damn catchy.