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Comment 11 Mar 2020

But this is preferred over what the Ivy League’s did. I read yesterday that they straight up cancelled the conference championships. Players were pissed because they thought they had one game left to play for their school/team but their careers just ended. They said they’d be willing to play pickup in someone’s backyard with a hoop that didn’t have a net if it meant one more game. Really strange that the admins cancelled rather than banned spectators.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

Couldn’t change it to Italics. Was referencing that he’s worried about or defense since the offense is doing well against them. Just because one is doing better than the other doesn’t mean they both can’t be good. Hence the reference to the super bowl. Just because KC lost that didn’t make them bad. I guess that didn’t quite come across. It all made sense in my head.

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Whoa, you completely misread my tone and intent. I can see how you came to that conclusion though. I was also trying to speak more in generalities, as in, I knew this wrestler in high school that was quite pudgy and totally unassuming but just mailed everyone because he had suck good technique. Also, my last 2 sentences were trying to point out, without outright saying it , that you’re right, there aren’t many who could beat JJ. He’s great but we were lucky enough to have one of those few who could on our team in CY. 

Comment 27 Jan 2020

In high school, anywhere we went in OH this was assumed. I remember there were a couple of times that someone on the team was upset and skipped the shake and the coaches were livid. Needless to say, they paid the price in practices that week for being unsportsmanlike. I think in that aspect, it comes down to the coach. I bet Ryan asks them to do this. Pretty cool in my book.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I don’t believe their line of reasoning. College students live on campus and have no one to think about but themselves so of course cost isn’t their driving factor. For those of us with families that would have to travel, $200-$300 tickets (of which we would need multiple) plus travel costs and/or hotel fees are DEFINITELY the number one factor. Now maybe you don’t all agree with me if you live close, but the ticket prices sure as hell are still a huge turnoff.