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Comment 09 Aug 2019

Gattis is a really strong recruiter.  Great guy to have on staff.  

He is total unknown as a play caller.  I suspect Harbaugh isn't giving up control despite what he says publicly.  

I honestly think Flemming had something to do with the hire and TSUN thought they could get back in with him.  

Comment 31 Jan 2019

I go with tiers in no order:

Texas, OSU, Bama, UF

UGA, PSU, ND, USC, AM, LSU, Michigan

Clemson, Auburn, Washington, UCLA

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Take Moeller kid as preferred walk on.  Go get linemen instead.  

Fields - Baldy - Chug - Moeller.  if we're down to QB 4, we got serious problems.  

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Would be really surprised on Grinch and it would mean something has gone really wrong or maybe he just really doesn't get along with Day.  This was absolutely a destination for him.  

Washington and Day are somewhat chummy -- and I really like Al -- but it's confusing as to how this is all coming together.  My guess is he is looking for serious bump in pay. 

Comment 13 Dec 2018

The schedule is tougher and roster is leaner than anyone cares to admit next year.  9-3 is realistic and boy oh boy that would make the ice thin.  

So I hope I'm super wrong on this, but his window is really, really, really small.  Imagine a week 2 loss next year?  

And Urban's shadow looms large.  If you honestly asked my gut reaction for how I would expect next two years to work out?  9-3, 9-3, Urban coaching again in 2021.

Comment 21 Aug 2018

This was always the problem and I didn't think OSU had an answer for it.  

And yes - everyone around the program (including media types who are there on daily basis) knew about it.  And it's why you wanted media digging on Urban Meyer and not ZS.  If you asked me Friday night after it broke I would have said 10% chance Urban remained coach because there was no satisfactory explanation of why ZS didn't get fired then.  Keep in mind the moron was brazen enough to show off photos at a NW Columbus Country Club so it extended beyond walls of WHAC.  McMurphy I think rushed the story out so OSU couldn't play the "Urban didn't know card."

With the way things have played out though there must be a response - maybe ZS got sent to rehab ?  Regardless, the stroke of luck for OSU is that the secretary doesn't want to play -- if that is because she was paid to go away or whether she doesn't want to rehash event that sent her into tailspin - I don't know.  

Comment 20 Aug 2018

I'm going to bury this here  - even tho I've posted it at other points in the past 3 years.  And let me preface all of this,  by saying as a fan, I hope Urban keeps his job.  

The scope of the investigation allowed this to extend beyond DV and that's trouble for OSU.  If you were employed by a company - and got caught having sex on company property with a subordinate and documented it and showed it to other co-workers and your boss didn't see it but knew about it and it was documented internally - would you keep your job? 100 out of 100 times - no you would not.  

So the damning part isn't that Urban was supposed to know - it was that he did know and reported it ...and nothing happened. 

Comment 17 Aug 2018

This is a problem for OSU and everyone involved.

ZS had a very bad 2015 -- and literally everyone knew.  The confusion is over what is fireable/legal vs what is moral/ethical.

Comment 13 Aug 2018

2015 is going to get WAY more embarrassing for everyone.  But realize this is two camps waging war before court for a settlement -- and limited involvement for OSU/Urban.  Bruce family uses Snook/105.7.  CS uses McMurphy who she is tied to now.  Minor players involved elsewhere trying to make name for themselves. 

Now could we get to a point where OSU has to cut ties because it becomes too much that Urban kept such trash around the program?  Possibly.  

Comment 13 Aug 2018

Same as I felt before. 

He's a great communicator to kids and coach. He will never coach here again. 

But his flaws are almost identical to Urban at UF.  Ultra-competitive alpha that has trouble turning it off and that gets you into trouble sometimes.