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  • SPORTS MOMENT: In the park grand slam HR in the 7th inning to advance to the championship of the Dublin, Ohio Tuesday night Co-Rec Softball League (2004).

    Oh, you mean best "actual" sports moment? Storming the field after Will Allen's interception on the end line with 0:01 remaining on the clock to beat Michigan and advance to the National Championship (November 23, 2002). Best moment ever.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 1a.) Troy Smith, 1b.) Cardale Jones
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets

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Comment 03 Nov 2017

The only reason necessary to hate Iowa: Drew Tate and his fucking windmilling ass. 

A reason to love Iowa: Vodka Samm.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

So if we get Franklin County, or the City of Columbus, to make Precourt an offer he can't refuse and buy the team to keep it here forever, then will we get folks to be OK with building say an $80-million stadium for the team down in the Arena District? Columbus Crew SC could truly be the "Green Bay Packers of MLS" in that scenario.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

My understanding is Nationwide built the Arena (and then not coincidentally well over $1-billion more in commercial, residential development around it, which later was followed by other development such as Huntington Park, etc.) and in recent years have agreed to sell it to Columbus for less than it cost to construct. They have provided incredibly favorable financing - basically allowing the loan to be repaid with revenue collected from casino taxes. (Casino revenue has been less than expected, and Nationwide’s loan terms are flexible enough that this has not become a problem.)

Nationwide in turn made a large capital investment in the Blue Jackets to shore up the team’s finances and keep them in Columbus. They further made a long term commitment to pay to have naming rights on the arena.

Yet people are still bitching that 20 years ago they “voted down” financing the arena and now they “are paying for one with their tax dollars” - completely closing their eyes to the massive investment in the City of Columbus made by Nationwide and all the tax dollars generated over all these years. The “Arena District” is called that for a reason, and the city is massively better off because it is there. It is so far from being a failure it’s laughable anyone would label it as such.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

General comment to the detractors of "publicly financed" stadiums... Many Columbusites are fond of complaining about Nationwide Arena (declaring it as some kind of failure - which I challenge anyone with actual knowledge of commercial real estate to prove). Where are the complaints about Huntington Park - which is owned, operated, and built with "taxpayer dollars" by Franklin County?

Why is it such a leap to assume that an investment by our city (or Franklin County) might actually be good for the city, and over many years might actually generate tax revenue, operational revenue, and quality of life in our city that far exceeds the initial investment? We are not talking about building a billion dollar NFL stadium here - it's a soccer stadium that would seat 20,000-25,000.

Huntington Park was built for $70-million ($78-million in 2017 dollars adjusted for inflation). It has continually been rated one of the best facilities in the nation of it's type since opening. Why was this public investment embraced by Columbus yet the idea of a new soccer facility is met with derision at every mention - even amongst the community of soccer fans for the most part!

Comment 17 Oct 2017


The capacity of the stadium is not the issue - it's the lack of revenue generating amenities, a total lack of surrounding entertainment and dining venues, terrible parking and overall poor access to getting in and out of the area before and after games. I suspect if there was commitment from the City of Columbus, Franklin County, and local business leaders to invest in the area surrounding Mapfre Stadium this situation might be different. (Or, maybe Precourt is just a douchebag and intended all along to move the team to Austin.)