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I hate Desmond Howard.


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Comment 09 Jun 2017

Just my personal wish - but I'm hoping he is a "system" guy who recruits quality kids who can be developed over 3-4 seasons for a consistently competitive and experienced squad. It's the state of the game, but I'm not a fan of the one & done factories - and we are seeing that more and more over at the Shoe. Thad proved that Bball can be a winner (and hot ticket) at tOSU and I hope Holtman is the answer.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

ZERO POINTS. I didn't see a team that was over-matched from a talent perspective - I saw a team that maybe wasn't completely prepared with a plan to give them a fighting chance. Plenty of blame to go around and at a school that expects to COMPETE for National Championships - a 31-0 domination proves the current pieces are not fitting. Obviously the line has had its well-documented issues, the play-calling has been suspect, the QB has regressed - but lets not forget the WR crew. Nothing even resembling a deep threat is a direct result of recruiting and player development. The threat of a deep ball opens up a lot of other options and takes some of the pressure off of the line, QB and running game.

Sure, its easy for us to have all the answers on the 11W forum - I'm not saying it was all on Tim Beck because the ultimate responsibility falls to Urban. Is he not responsible for what his coaches are doing & not doing?  That being said, I still have faith in Urban to learn from the mistakes and get the right people in place to recruit and develop these young men to their full potential. This is just the first of a few moves (my guess) as Urban makes the necessary changes. 

The wheel here doesn't need re-invented, the offense needs some fresh perspective (ala what Greg Schiano, and Chris Ash before him brought to the D).

Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Dec 2016

If you have faith in the coachiing staff - then hopefully you believe that Urban & the coaches have better insight on these young men (and football, in general)  than most everyone of us... if there was a better option I'm confident he'd be playing. 

I mean we did make the playoffs, right?

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Big talk from the dude who avoids contact!?

He is a good athlete but way over-hyped... just the product of a school that used to be relevant trying to pro_ote the_selves for a Heis_an. They cracked under the pressure of their only true road test.

I just hope the Silver Bullets are hearing and reading all their crap about hitting & hurting QBs. 

As always though, the ga_e will be deter_ined by the line play & we haven't forgotten about ole' Kyle Kalis either... GO BUCKS!!!