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Comment 05 Feb 2020

I see the Buckeyes normally running 75 to 80 offensive plays a game. Rarely do they pass 40 times a game, meaning there are at least 40 carries a game for running backs, quarterbacks, and the occasional slot or wr  run. Seems to me the rb is going to get 25 or so carries every game, and probably more on average. I can't believe that isn't enough carries to get a 5 star to run behind a normally very stout offensive line. The 5 stars usually come from the south or Texas, and convincing them to learn to wear more than a jacket and flip flops  in the wintertime seems to be more than most can handle and the real problem. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Watching that video makes me ill again. It can't be healthy to be so completely invested in something that I have no personal control over. But health be damned. God willing, I'll be back next year. Go Bucks. Beat TTUN. Go Bucks, beat Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oregon, .......whoever they put in front of the Buckeyes. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Ditto Silver. I was at the game in '69 and at the Rose Bowl loss to Stanford in '70. With the losses to UCLA in the Rose Bowl and those inexplicable losses ttun in the 90's, I thought I was scared for life. The years since Tressel's speech have healed many of the scars, but that doesn't mean they'll ever go away completely.  Another 10 or 15 in a row against ttun and a half dozen Nattys would be appropriate payback. Yup, rub it in their faces.  

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Per Espin, Auburn will then have 4 "Quality losses" . That makes anyone's win against Auburn a " Quality win"!!!  Anything is possible if you make up the rules as you go long. 

Comment 20 Nov 2019

The 4 teams are going to be LSU, OSU or PSU, Clemson, Alabama or Georgia.  LSU is getting in even if they lose to Georgia in the Sec championship. If that happens, Georgia gets in, assuming they beat TAMU and Georgia Tech. Big Ten is going to be OSU or PSU. If Georgia loses to LSU and Bama beats Auburn, Bama will be put in over all other 1 loss teams. The only way any of them pass Alabama is if Auburn beats them. We have seen Alabama get a pass for crappy schedules for 5 years. What makes anyone think that will change now? The media will have a love affair with an "underdog Alabama fighting on with a 2nd string quarterback, even though they lost the Heisman Trophy winner with the best college coach of all time". They will wheel Tua out to the sidelines on a gurney if the have to to keep him in the story.

Chaos is the following: OSU loses to PSU (both teams have one loss. Georgia beats LSU, Alabama beats Auburn, three "championship quality SEC teams" have one loss. How about 3 one loss sec teams in the finals with Clemson. Don't laugh, stupider things have happened.