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Comment 31 Aug 2017

Note to the editor: Little known Neil Armstrong Fun Fact - He was actually born in St. Marys, Ohio in a currently vacant house that still stands in the 1000 block of East Spring Street. He moved to Wapakoneta as a child.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

It's all about the brotherhood of players sharing a common love and respect for the game, and each other. I don't imagine Zeke and Carlos traded jerseys so Zeke could discard a 49ers jersey and Carlos scrap a Cowboy's jersey on trash day.

If I was the Foltz family, that helmet would mean something for the rest of my life. A reminder of how a major university paid tribute to my son, a major college athlete. An ear of corn with a 27 painted on it... not so much.  No matter when it is seen, one is a reminder that a brotherhood of football players from Ohio State paid tribute to a fallen brother of the game. The other says, what's with the corn?

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Turns out Carl had two ex-wives (married in '57 & '68) as well as his third wife (married in '81) whom he remained married to until his death in 1996.

I've heard rumors there were billions and billions of them, actually.