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Comment 24 Mar 2020

Jim Harbaugh, meanwhile, went at No. 22 with the rationale essentially being "he sucks if you expect him to be an elite coach, but he's fine if you expect mediocrity," which is extremely spot on and exactly why I want Michigan to make sure he's one of the five highest-paid coaches for the rest of his life.

This brightened my Tuesday. Mediocre U should use all the $ they can muster on Mediocre coach until they run out of it. May it stay this way and never change.

Comment 29 Feb 2020

I agree. The injury rule could be something like,

”an injured player must leave the field of play for the next 10 consecutive offensive or defensive plays (depending on which he takes part), or the current series of downs whichever is longer.

10 plays would give medical staff a chance to truly evaluate a player if they are actually injured and also stop the needless flopping. 

Tired of these BS flops and even more tired of thinking about the “coaches” who teach it to gain a competitive advantage.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Never view them as anything else but our biggest rival. 
Exactly! Never underestimate them or feel sorry them or...or ... or ...anything! Until they all “cry uncle” in unison, and they quit being fans. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Turns out, that's exactly what I needed. Thank you, college football. See you next year.

If any team but the Buckeyes has to win the title, I'm extremely glad it was Joe's team.

Joe’s story is too good to be true. As a native Ohioian who left home, I was pulling for Joe. He is all grace, humility and an athletic example we can be proud to call our own. His historic, fairy tale story isn’t over by any means. But Hollywood might want to consider  a sequel to Everybody’s All American.  I’m sure an Oscar would be fitting on his mantle next to his Natty and eventual Lombardi trophy.