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Comment 05 Apr 2018

No one ever dies, you gotta kill of some of the good guys every once in awhile in order to induce a feeling of insecurity, to at least momentarily give the viewer a doubt about how the movie might end, there's no real feeling that the bad guys might win. 

I'll give you Hela, she was a good bad guy or bad girl, but ultron? -_- 

Ultron was not good, not even close.

Comment 17 Mar 2018

Ugh these superhero team-up movies are so horrible, no character or plot development, they have all had horrible bad guys up this point as well.

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I think Jim Mcelwain was a pretty good OC at alabama (won two titles) and he was a WR and Qb position coach which would complement Warriner and Drevno's O-line background. This will be their best coaching staff under harbaugh. Inconjunction with the addition of Patterson, I fully expect them to be much better next year, maybe the best team of the Harbaugh era. I think we write them off at our own peril.

Comment 02 Feb 2018

It's not surprising that a dishwasher would appropriate my joke, couldn't even come up with one all on your own. Maybe this chart has some validity. Lol

Comment 28 Jan 2018

Ya exactly, this is totally based on faulty assumptions. Income and job occupation is also based on age, for instance a surgeon might work as a dishwasher while he is college. 

Comment 28 Jan 2018

these numbers are so off, you do realize that genius iq is 132 right? thats the top 2 percent of the population. Secondly, Income and Iq are two totally different things, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Im guessing based on the fact that OP believed this chart that his/her occupation is a dishwasher?

Comment 26 Jan 2018

I wonder if they will allow kneeling?