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Comment 23 Feb 2020

Has anyone's wife/child/friend/neighbor ever told a lie? Ever? Ever? Ever? No really! Ever?

If you think that even 25% of what your neighbors tell you is true you are naïve. I am not going to comment on the other three because I don't know them, and don't want to infer anything about your family. Try a little fact checking from time to time, and you will be amazed at how often you are lied to. The majority of people who get caught in an embarrassing situation will lie on their mothers grave to save face.

Comment 23 Feb 2020

Your arguments are straw man arguments. I never said they were guilty or innocent. No need to infer or put words in my mouth.

Oh but you did infer their guilt when you called her a victim.

My prayers go out to the victim, the victims family, and the families of these 2 young men. I think it should be left at that.

 If they (these 2 young men) are not guilty, then they are the actual victims here.


a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.