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Born and raised Buckeye by way of Cincinnati. Marshall U Alum. Alpha Sig.


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Comment 02 Aug 2018

The perception here could be confusing.  *If he’s suspended* we’re still going to hear from a loud crowd that he should’ve been fired for allowing an even alleged serial abuser on staff for nearly 7 years.

Honesty though, if it does come down to a suspension, it will simply be a ‘save face,’ add in a donation a la Colorado, and it’s a done deal.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

I don't think it is realistic to demand or expect that any one player can improve as much as Prince needs to improve.

Except that we expected, demanded, and received as much from Billy Price in 2014-15.  A month away from games with time to reflect, watch tape, and work towards correcting is more than enough for an offensive tackle whose main issue, IMHO, was mental degradation is not a whole lot to ask.

And if we are to believe Billy and Warriner, as I believe we should, then I'd say it would be reasonable to see marked improvement from young Prince. I have a feeling you'll be more than impressed come 1/1/17.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

I'd still like to understand what exactly happened with the GA/tutor!?  The whole situation stinks of an overly PC culture, I only say that based on Urban's statements.  Unfortunately, this was handled on campus only.  I can't help but think if it was egregious enough to warrant a full term's suspension, then it would have also warranted a police report.

If this is true, it's tragic for TGIV.  Best of luck for sure.

Comment 25 Oct 2016

Those are difficult to call when the o-line has trouble handling the rush.  Further exacerbated by the style of offense we run (ie: they work best from under center).  With so many dives/zones in our book it makes more sense to stick with a standard PA drop back.  Those plays are probably in the book, but UFM may not want to show them.

That being said, a wrinkle with a motioned Jet Sweep from an empty set, preferably with Samuel, would play well into a Flood concept on the opposite side; or a wheel route with Samuel (requires a deeeeep roll).

Comment 26 Jul 2016

In 1994, at the wise age of 6, I wore a ttun hat to spite my father...the whole season.

Teddy Ginn's TD celebration in '07 still grinds my gears.

GIVE ZEKE THE DAMN BALL, my roommate is a MSU nut, I'm still salty.

I'll root for my alma mater, Marshall, over The OSU any day of the week.

I hold more disdain for WVU than any other team in sports.

*They told me this was a safe space...

Comment 15 Feb 2016

Having just watched highlights for Danny, my guess is UFM sees a little bit of Tebow in his style.  Having watched Davis Mills' highlight, I like what I saw.  A little Drew Brees & Andrew Luck in his footwork, bit of a lengthy release at times, but solid base.  If we're honestly looking for two QBs in this class, I think Mills would be an excellent option.  Noting his other offers tells me he's got a good head on his shoulders as well, see if we can't get a breakdown on this kid on here.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

He gave the eulogy at my uncle's funeral in 2012, prior to that the only thing I knew about him was a horrible record against TTUN, losing in the Outback Bowl, and Robert Smith's accusations on a lack of academic integrity.  After that eulogy, hearing him speak from the heart, I could tell he truly cared about the kids he brought to The Ohio State University.  He is without a doubt the most underrated coach in the precious history of Ohio State football.