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Comment 05 Apr 2016

Why is everyone making is out to be something it is not. 

Urban and staff obviously missed on the kid and I think Urban's statements are more about hey we need to make sure we don't miss on kids and when we do we need to find a better way to get them here.  Using the word "insubstantial" is not the way to get a kid you obviously missed on to come to OSU.  What would have been better is to say something like, yes, we did not recruit you earlier.  In all honestly we were not 100% on board with the level you could attain.  We were wrong, our staff and I did not see that and that is our fault.  However, after further evaluation we think you can be a cornerstone of this O-Line for years and help us win National Championships.  This way the staff admits fault and but reaffirms why they are recruiting him now.

Also, why is everyone saying revenge or he is showing them by going to UK?  Can't the kid be happy to go to UK because he want's to?  It goes to my point earlier some people feel OSU has the right to get any kid they want when they want because they are OSU.  If OSU missed on him early and he was turned off by their response for asking a valid question then good for him for finding the right fit doesn't mean you have to knock the kid for going to a sub-prime program. 

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Just because a recruit grows up in Ohio doesn't mean they are automatic OSU recruits, ESPECIALLY for basketball.

This is what annoys me, when people in Ohio think it is a god given right of passage for a recruit to go to OSU if they are from Ohio.  Like Jordan Hicks back in 2009, #1 recruit in Ohio, #2 nationally I believe, some moron report asked him, "how does it feel to be turning your back on Ohio State?"  Jordan said, wtf?  Are you serious?  The kid wasn't from Ohio originally and this report is like, well your from Ohio so Ohio State deserves to get all the Ohio kids they want.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

dcbuck-i 6 minutes ago

This program has been mediocre to bad for a full 4 year graduating class

In 2012-2013, OSU was in the Elite 8. Please, don't make it more than it really is. Izzo, Calipari, Coach K, Roy Williams....they all have had their own 2-3 year "slumps." Izzo has 3 years where he hasn't even won 20 games. You think Sparty nation is calling for his head?

Izzo also plays the best teams in the country.  Thad knows his teams are not good and that is why he refuses to schedule the big boys, hell he won't even schedule Dayton, Xavier or Cincinnati because last year and this year all 3 would have most likely beaten Ohio State. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Buckeye Scottie 34 minutes ago
One BIG difference in those schools you mentioned? UK, Duke, Kansas, UNC....those are all blue blood basketball programs, and basketball programs only.  #1 unquestioned sport at those schools.  At Ohio State, football will always be king.  Basketball will ALWAYS come second, if not further down the line.  Fact of the matter is OSU will never be a top tier blue blood with our football program being what it is and has been.  I completely agree that we are in the next tier though, and that isn't bad.  But to expect Final Four's every year may be a stretch.  I agree that the trend is heading in the wrong direction, but as others have stated, I think Thad has earned at a minimum of 1-2 years to right the ship.

Your are stating what my entire point is.  Aside from those 4 schools, no other school in the country has a considerable advantage naturally to recruiting bball players.  That do not mean OSU should have the 5th ranked class every year or go to the final four every year, but making a final four once every 4 year?  That is a good standard to try and achieve and a lofty one too.  Top 5 class once every 3 years-should not be a problem.

Thad has had numerous years to right the ship and if you look at the class from last year, the program is set back another 3 years until you are talking about competing for B10 titles and Elite 8/Sweet 16 apperances-forget the final four for the next 4 year minimum.  And these are the time frames if Thad leaves this off season-one more bad class, ad another 2 years onto those numbers.

Comment 28 Mar 2016

Worthybuck is nailing it tonight.

The problem with Ohio State is Thad, period.  This is just another Rick Barnes situation.  Do amazing things for the program with early success but for some reasons, recruiting dips, W/L dip, attendance etc.  Time for a change.

Outside of UK, Duke, Kansas and UNC, Ohio State CAN and SHOULD recruit better than other programs get the best kids year in and year out

Comment 05 Mar 2016

I wouldn't classify it as "personal" because the neurosurgeon is just a regular faculty member, not like he is there just for Urban.

But yes, he has a begin cyst that has been there since he was at ND.  He had it drained a couple years ago.  Just something you have to manage occasionally because it can lead to migraines and such. 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Rosenbuck-you are conceding that OSU can't get local kids in over Kansas, Duke ect.  However, if you look back a few years ago when we DID, look what the product was on the court.  The problem is Thad CAN do it and he HAS done it with keeping top talent in state, but he HASN'T done it recently, that is alarming and extremely hard to fix for a program.  And you are completely off point with Florida.  No one is saying Bball and Fball are expected to win the National Championship every year.  However, can it happen with a school like OSU, dam right it can.  Will it under Thad, not a chance in bloody hell the direction things are heading.  Saying Florida is not there now is basically saying yea, can't do both at the same time. 

I think people are looking at this the wrong way.  Is Thad a good coach, absolutely.  Has he stuck out bad in recruiting recently, absolutely.  Is that being corrected and things are being overhauled-other than his wardrobe I don't see it.  We got lucky with Russell.  UK did not want him, Pitno said you are gonna ride the bench Freshman year.  Thad said you come here and you get the keys to the kingdom.  But even then Thad missed on how good the kid was, they expected him to stay 2 years.  Good problem to have but still misjudged the situation-it is a pattern.

Mark Richt is a great coach, Rick Barnes, Mack Brown....ect but sometimes the you can''t fix stale........

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I am going to disagree with a couple things in the article.  Most importantly recruiting.  I would hardly consider Thad "swing for the fences" with kids.  Example, look at Luke Kenard, Carlton Bragg were never seriously considering Ohio State-that is a problem.  Trey Burke, I know his and Jared's AAU coach personally, Jared begged Thad to give Trey a scholarship, Thad never considered it.  The coach said the same thing, he kept telling Thad Trey is going to be as good as Jared, Thad just shrugged it off.  Omari Spellman, signed with Nova this year and is ranked 16th with ESPN.  Nick Ward from Gahanna-MSU.  For every good Ohio kid Thad has gotten 3-4 have gone out of state, that is a problem. 

More so, if you bring up the health issues, they have gotten worse.  And they have gotten worse in correlation to the teams performance the last few years.  If you look at these two things, that is not a good sign.  I will also give him credit currently because the team is full of kids that are 3-4 year guys that could be really good in a couple years.  KBD could be a 20 and 10 guy in 2 years. But you should not have these years where the team is inept and is losing to UT-A and LA Tech then goes out and play UVA well and Memphis.  That is a complete lack of focus and that falls on the coach coaching the kids up.

There is no reason Ohio State can't do what FLA did a few years ago and have a Top 5 football and basketball team.  They have the money, fertile recruiting ground, history and facilities.  Not saying they need to win a title every 4 years, but no reason you can't be a Top 10 team year in and year out, for the most part.  Honestly, Xavier has a much better program than OSU does currently and has for the last several years.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I am going to lay down another scenario, not saying it will happen but it can.

OSU beats UM

MSU beats PSU

Iowa beats Nebraska

Okie St beats OU-OU done, Okie St. finishes with 1 loss to Baylor

That is ALL this week.

Next week.....

MSU beats Iowa-there in.

TCU beats Baylor-Baylor has 2 they are done.  Okie St loss is NOW to a 2 loss Baylor team they are done.  Baylor does not need to loose technically because I think CFPC puts in 1 loss tOSU over a 1 loss OSU and 1 loss Baylor.  Consider the 1 loss would be to a #3 MSU in a last second field goal.

Final four: Clemson, Bama, MSU, Ohio St..  It would come down to a 1 loss ND team and a 1 loss OSU team.  If the committee takes into account injuries, which they said they did last year with Cardale before the B10 Champ game, they would probably leave ND out.  But maybe not so you might need Stanford to beat ND this weekend. 

This is the most likely case given PSU does not beat MSU.  Technically maybe Clemson looses to NC, or Bama looses to Auburn/FLA but for simplicity lets leave the top 2 seeds alone.

To be honest I don't even want this to happen unless Urban takes the Dennis Erickson approach at the U and lets the kids play and make plays on offense and we get rolling.  If we don't then we will just play Clemson or Bama they will lay 49 on us and we scrounge together 10 points on offense

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Actually if you listen to Zeke and look at CJ's twitter, I think they are pissed at the coaches and want to go out a prove they are better that than that shit......

I teel like this team would be a lot better if it took the Erick Dickerson mentality at the U and say I am just here to manage.  Go out there and do your thing guys..........and then they start taking names and kicking ass

Comment 18 Nov 2015

They actually are not.  I am not sure why the concept cannot be understood here that there is a difference between owning inventory with all-in-pricing with zero services fees, and being an aggregator with service fees.

Example tickets on TM+

Section 29D Row 4 Seats 1 - 2


Upper Level Seating (C & D Decks)
B-Deck Seating
A-Deck Seating
Seating Chart opens in a new window


Resale Ticket

Ticket Price

US $194.00 x 2

Service Fee

US $32.01 x 2

Final Price is $226.01,  This is their cheapest listing at the time of post.

Whereas our inventory, as noted was $180ea, all in.