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Comment 14 Aug 2019

Pete Werner is absolute garbage.  That dude is sooooo soft its embarrassing watching him try to tackle and play B1G football.  Look he just doesn't have it.  When you have to fabricate articles about an Ohio State LB with he's a "top guy" or he is a great person,  unbelievable character..... c'mon really?  

Let's put the feelings aside and play the absolute best available at each position.  I wonder if Nick Saban has his nicest, "greatest top guy" LB starting or an individual who he thinks is a beast and will rip somebody's head off.  Enough with the Urban Meyer coddling of his favorite players who were so "cerebral" ,  he's gone, tOSU doesn't owe a damn thing to "Porno Pete" Werner or "Twinkly Toe Tuf" Borland.  If they don't like it they can take their ass to the transfer portal and team up with Martell.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Pete Werner is a great person indeed !! 

Unfortunately for tOSU he is a mediocre, slightly above average linebacker.  I sincerely wish he would have ended up at Notre Dame instead of the good guys.  Between watching Pete Werner and Tuf Borland overshoot gapes miss tackles and overall just play extremely poor all of last season I'm calling this article BS.

IF were going to be honest here the starting LB crew this year IMO opinion should be.

Malik Harrison, - OLB

Baron Browning- ILB

Teradja Mitchell- OLB

This is the lineup for starting LB that the NFL scouting services ourlads.com put out for tOSU 2019 starters.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Can someone please tweet this to Tate Martell and post.

Like seriously this dude is living his worst nightmare right now.  I kind of feel bad for him considering he most likely would have started at WVU if he had chosen the mountaineers over the U.  I'm sure he knew that as well with N'Kosi Perry and Jarren Williams on the roster,  I would have to bet the Miami nightlife had some influence on him and his decision.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Get off your high horse!!!!!!!

He's entitled to as much of an opinion as anybody, and you are dead wrong.  Our fanbase has a bad rep because people like you think they are so better than everyone else and are nonstop constantly judging everyone else and posting how they are "BETTER THAN THIS"  

Who cares if he's laughing at Tate Martell for not getting the #1 QB spot.  I guarantee the majority of tOSU fanbase world wide LOL when they seen the news come across their phones.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Damn,  I really liked Tate Martell at first.  I've met him quite a few times around campus and he seemed fairly nice and talked football with me for a minute....(2017 about the Iowa loss that kept them out of the playoff)

However looking at the body of work with his actions and his tweets about a "Word of advice"  to Justin Fields.   I can definitely understand how he could come across cocky and douchey at times. 

I really wonder if this is the end of the line for his QB  dreams?

When Kyler Murray was drafted #1,  I really thought if Tate could land the starting QB job at Miami and develop for 2 years that he could possibly get his shot at the NFL in the QB position.  Now I'm starting to wonder where he is going to play football at and would he even be open to a position change.  

If I was in his position I would stay at Miami and try to get on the field as much as possible outside the QB position.  IE..H-Back or APB maybe???  I think Tate could also be a Julian Edelman type,  have him be the starting QB for a Toledo or Kent State ??  Although I'm not sure how many times a recruit can transfer??

Comment 09 Aug 2019

LOL,  I think it's all about more stories/articles/content is better versus actual quality which leaves no time for actual proofing.  Its basically a utilitarian approach typical with the millennials these days.  Its surprising what journalism has become currently, basically just a bunch of copy and paste, regurgitated watered down articles from other writers made to look their own to avoid plagiarism.  However we all make mistakes so it's really a non issue with me.

I specifically remember posting on here on my first account before an eleven warriors MOD starting editing my comments and posting comments I never even said.  Disappointing you cant disagree with someone in a civil manner on a public forum and expect the person to act professionally. 

Comment 09 Aug 2019

The Bijan Robinson commitment burns even more with Stan Drayton being the RB coach at Texas.

Tony Alford needs to go,  the guy is making $525,000 a year and is completely underperforming especially at recruiting.  He has been tOSU only week link in the recruiting scheme and it is well documented for the past 3 recruiting cycle's.

I have a feeling Ryan Day now sees Tony Alford is a recruiting liability for tOSU.  

I find this post by a Notre Dame fan regarding Tony Alford and his presence at ND very interesting, although very concerning.

"The board experts said he (Tony Alford) was a far better rb coach than Autrey Denson. And a potential head coach for the Irish.
What a joke ! The Irish running attack has been excellent since Tony left and Autrey came aboard. The Irish have been getting better running backs and better performance out of the running backs.
Autrey Denson is an Irish Legend and all time rushing leader at ND and he is a GREAT coach also ! Alford is an Urban kissa$$ ! Nothing more ! And we lost more star rb recruits under Tony A. . He was known as a very honest recruiter. He honestly did not love ND and that may have steered players to other schools. Autrey loves Notre Dame so he can sell it. And he has Dexter Williams becoming a great blitz blocker.
Autrey Denson rocks !! Dexter ! Jafar ! Avery ! Tony Jones jr.
Beat Navy !!"

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I think if JK would have of stayed around his weight at HS, The Opening and true frosh year he would be much better off.  JK has put on a lot of mass compared to those times where he was running 4.44. 

I really have never seen a player react to bulking up so badly as JK though.  You can only blame the offensive line for so much for last year,  as Mike Weber was an all around much better option for us and his ypc were good.  I wish JK the best of luck this season and would like to see him attempt to match his 2017 numbers.

I've taken heat for saying I think JK Dobbins is an NFL prospect as an undrafted free agent.  Mike Weber was only a 7th round selection and I think he is a definetley a notch above JK as he's faster and more physical,  not as elusive but certainly a better all around RB in my opinion.  It will certainly be interesting to see when it's all said and done exactly where Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have him at and what they have so say about Mr.Dobbins.

All in all I wish the young man great success at whatever career path he ends up with or in.

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Jack Miller will be the back up if he doesn't transfer first.  As I noted previously here is why I think that.

Justin Fields starting QB 2019-2020 Season

Justin Fields starting QB 2020-2021 Season

There won't be an open QB spot or competition for that matter until the 2022-2023 season.  Rivals #9 overall player and 247 Composite #25 overall player QB Kyle McCord will be enrolled and will most likely have an inside track to be QB #1 at tOSU. Kyle McCord is Ryan Day's first handpicked #1 QB recruit commit.  Jack Miller continues to struggle with injuries and was never a #1 option. It will be interesting to see how it actually plays out and who will take the reigns after Justin Fields leaves for the NFL after the 2020-2021 season.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I think he's an OK writer.  I think all the writers for Eleven Warriors are pretty good.  

I think its funny the amount of DV's if you actually don't like something or disagree with someone else on here.  O how fragile and petty the majority of the Eleven Warriors commenters are.  

Comment 08 Aug 2019

He's not the individual with the career in Journalism..... The OP is.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

What about the rumor with Dabo Swinney paying Clemson college co-eds during the leadup to last season's NC game??? 

In which scantily clad Clemson co-eds essenntially went "undercover" as good ole bama girls to infiltrate and "party" with the Alabama football players on more than one occasion.   And the one girl actually gained access and downloaded a play book/partial play book from an laptop while her friend was "undercover" with the bama player in the bedroom  ?????   

Comment 07 Aug 2019

The title of this article should read the following:

Who will surpass JK Dobbins and be the starter at RB for Ohio State.

In all seriousness,  I think JK is fine young lad and he may even end up being a good backup RB in the NFL.  I just don't see him holding off the faster and more physical Master Teague the entire year.  Not to mention the hidden gem Marcus Crowley is going to be special given the opportunity.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

A little dramatic at this point ?

So people like myself who are concerned after 4 years of average, mediocre RB recruiting are being too quick to call for Tony Alfords job ?

 I'm really happy that you like the "Capable" guys he brings in.  I guarantee the majority of tOSU fans who pay attention to recruiting absolutely disagree with your statement Sir.

If Clemson and Alabama have the attitude/philosophy you have with tOSU RB situation they would have never gotten to the top of the CFB mountain. 

Letsgobucks… The Truth hurts I know...

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Running Back Recruiting: Alford Era
2016         Antonio Williams, Demario McCall  (Antonio Williams-transferred,  Demario McCall has an injury bug, However IMO he's                                                faster and more electric than JK and I pray to GOD he plays this year)
2017         J.K. Dobbins
2018         Brian Snead, Jaelen Gill, Master Teague  (Brian Snead-transferred,  Jaelen Gill will be an H-back not RB)
2019         Marcus Crowley, Steele Chambers  (Steele Chambers was an RB in HS and was recruited for defense, LB)
2020         To Be Determined...….

I want to give Tony Alford the benefit of a doubt that with circumstances beyond his control he did not land the top recruits tOSU wanted since he has arrived here.  However it is getting to the point of concern if tOSU does not land a top tier RB in this class.  I am curious to see what talent is brought in for RB this year. 

Tony Alford has missed out back to back to back years for the #1 RB prospect on tOSU recruiting boards.  If Tony Alford swings and misses this year I will have lost all confidence as I think four years is enough.  And don't dare try to say I'm not loyal to tOSU, I've supported and cheered faithfully through the John Cooper years till present day.  

If this is acceptable for RB recruiting at tOSU then the standard has absolutely been lowered by Tony Alford with his mediocre, lackluster recruiting approach and incompetent ability to close the deal and get the recruit to commit and sign.

Comment 02 Aug 2019


And you obviously didn't pay much attention either... 

Now go shine your participation trophies and put on your favorite I Love Tony Alford T shirt.  You're obviously enjoying this