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Comment 15 hours ago

And everybody thought this team would put up triple digits or even 80’s. You could see this game being a let down from a mile away. No extra motivation for rutgers and its the game before the serious stretch run. With that said, this is a surprisingly awful attempt at putting away the worst P5 team in college football and one of the worst teams in all of college football.

Comment 16 Nov 2019

High ankle sprains are an awful recovery process. If thats the case, he may get back to play this year but will never be 100%.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Thorough blowout but less than what people are expecting due to lack of motivation and looking ahead to next two games. Rutgers is very bad so still a 63-6 win. All second team players in 2nd half.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I like to bash the sec as much as the next guy but the statement they they play four extremely weak non con opponents is simply not true. Collectively, off the top of my head, they will play Clemson twice, Texas, m fla, oregon, and ND. Not all of them are world beaters but they certainly aren’t extremely weak. I also know I’m leaving other P5 teams off that list.

Can’t blame the sec and acc for only having eight conference games. The committee has yet to punish them for it. They would be crazy to change that format until it does. The B1G jumped the gun with a knee jerk reaction of sos in the first year of the playoff.  Until there is standardized scheduling, the B1G ought to go back to eight conference games and adopt a philosophy similar to the sec. play six-eight high profile opponents to gain poll momentum for the victories. Then soften up the back end of the schedule with fcs and weak mid major opponents.

Its not that I support scheduling garbage but the B1G model is shooting itself in the foot.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Give me an example of an over the top osu supporter on espn. I have no problem with rational fact based critiques of the program by people as long as those standards apply to everyone. I think the problem most people on this site have with espn is the constant shifting narrative and the moving targets that always seem to favor the sec.

You want to claim that I’m deflecting then whatever but you absolutely defend espn. Thats what you’ve been doing this whole thread and many others in the past. If you can’t see that it’s on you. 

Asinine opinions can also mean hate. If you can’t see that rex ryan has an issue with osu then i don’t know what to say. Mark may flat out admitted to hating osu. Desmond Howard has a natural rival hate for the buckeyes and does a very poor job of trying to conceal it. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

You’re the guy that has espn in your profile picture pretty obvious that you think high of them. Seems like your only attack against anybody is that everything is deflection. Irony is that your whole defense of the network is deflection. Espn is a media entity, opinions of their workers is absolutely on them. It is whats going to ultimately determine the credibility of the network in its entirety.     

What I find so hypocritical is that you so vehemently defend the network and its people for voicing their opinions no matter how off base they are. Then, you attack people on 11warriors for voicing their opinions about espn.

I know drive by college football fans, some buckeye fans and some from other teams, that don’t follow the sport as closely as me and you. They ask me all the time why espn rips on osu. Its something a lot of people notice. Not just a bunch of 11w folks.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Why do you ALWAYS have to defend espn? Why can’t you just admit they have employed some of the most obviously over the top bias people of any sports network and many of them take jabs at osu? Espn loves controversial figures for ratings purposes. Rex ryan and mark may are as controversial as it gets and OSU is/was in their cross hairs. Thats not the fault of osu fans. Thats all on espn.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Osu must have done something to him in the past plus his kid played for clemson. He is always after the bucks. He’s the new mark may and once again espn thinks it’s a good idea to employ a total idiot who amounts to an uninformed homer.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I dont think player turnover should have had the impact some think it did in 18. We have always had turnover in that area. Schiano may not have been an elite DC but his 16 (shared with Fickell) and 17 (sole DC) defenses were very good. Grinch entered the equation in 18 and I firmly believe he was the main issue among other contributing factors that derailed the defense.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Clemson struggled against unc. They were fine against tx a&m but didnt completely dominate them. They have beaten the other eight teams theyve played by at least 31 points including five in a row since unc. Way too much is being made of the unc game and their schedule. Imo they are the second best team behind osu. All they can do is play the teams on their schedule and they have mostly run them off the field.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

This far and away is the most dominant team ive ever seen (last 25 years). Not saying the media hasnt given OSU its due because to an extent they have. However, I think the media is really kind of down playing how historically rare what OSU is doing is.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Ref walked maryland down the field for a td and stole one from osu. Thats a 14 point swing that is all on the shoulder of the refs. I hope new leadership in the B1G  cleans house with the officiating. These clowns shouldnt be allowed to call middle school games.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Lots of truth here. People often throw around how much money is made by college sports while forgetting how much money it takes to operate those sports. Consider how many universities make up D1 and D2, then how many total sports teams within those universities, then how many scholarship athletes on those teams. That money supports room/board, meals, uniforms, medical treatments, travel, stadium/facility upgrades, ect. The vast majority of athletic departments need funding from donors and student fees to stay afloat. Very few actually profit from sports.

With that said, a kid should be able to get a loan for a plane ticket or otherwise profit off of their own likeness. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Idk i feel like thats a stretch. If the agent did that, CY makes it public and nobody would ever do business with that agent again. If an agent gives money to a kid, he does it knowing theres a risk he’ll do so with getting nothing in return. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Start to finish dominance. Defense won’t lose much of a step without CY. Tyreke Smith will step up as well as JK and Teague running wild. OSU 52 Terps 13

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Serious question. Where did these rumors originate? I’ve read two articles on it and they were both vague and didn’t give a reason for suspension. Even both stated that he should be back this season.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Speaking of takes I cant stand. The whole “clemson loves being #5” stuff is as overplayed as their one point win against unc. There are a lot of ways to motivate a team and the “chip on the shoulder mentality is one of them”. I dont see how anyone is going to convince a bunch of 20 year olds who have won two of the last three national titles of that, though. It’s really hard to play the underrated card when the media spent the entire offseason salivating about how good clemson would be.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

How exactly is he supposed to use that to motivate his players? He’s no longer building clemson up. Theyre already past that stage. “Chip on the shoulder” mentality is hard to sell to a bunch of guys who’ve won 2 of the last 3 national titles and 24 games in a row.