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Comment 30 Jun 2015

No mo Bo?

Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan Plans Retirement

New York Times  - ‎6 hours ago‎

Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan plans to retire after next season, after molding the Badgers into a national power during his 14 seasons in Madison.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Send the Golden over to the Dispatch...problem solved.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Wait...TTUN has a varsity football team?  When did that happen?

Comment 19 Feb 2013

"Gene Smith has no clue..."  I take the comment out of context, but truer words were never spoken.

Comment 20 Nov 2012

Great story, thanks for sharing it with The Nation, Mr. Lauderback.  This is a great reminder of the others who sacrifice, practice and give 100% to participate in a great tradition - but never receive the same level of recognition as the coaches and players.  "Hats Off" to Ms. Smallwood, and the rest of TBDBITL.  Well done.

Comment 24 Aug 2012

#1, double meat, double cheese....I owe my health to NOT living near Tommy's.  And, yes - this is a great pre-game ritual.  

Comment 22 Jun 2012

I'm sure ESPN will graciously accept the court's ruling and it won't affect how they cover OSU news/events in the future (dripping sarcasm). 

Comment 01 Mar 2012

Dohrmann is a master of of the obvious.  He puts as much effort into his "writing" as someone drafting copy for the nutritional info on a box of air.  And, unfortunately, accuracy isn't a job requirment.  For him or the editing staff at his place of employment.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

This.  It was like they kept waiting for the refs to step in, instead of stepping up and taking it back to them.  Then, their shooting stayed in the freezer.  

Comment 07 Feb 2012

I'll say this for President Gee, he says what's on his mind.

President Gee to Coach Bielema - "get a life."  


Comment 08 Dec 2011

Everyone knows the answer why this won't happen...(whispering voice)...follow the money.

The people behind the BCS, the major bowls, advertisers, the networks and the NCAA don't do this to perpetuate the spirit of competition, fellowship....it's the money.

They pay lip service to the complaints, turn a deaf ear and count their (our) money.

The ONLY way change will happen is if the money stops flowing. 

That means a boycott by fans (ultimate source of the money) or an intervention by Congress (look under "worthless" at dictionary.com).

Despite our venomous hatred of the system and our frustration that the masters behind the system are unwilling to change - we're not going to stop watching, going to the games, buying the overpriced Nike "throwback" unifrorms or the other trinkets and trash with our favorite team's logo.

It may be my own personal campaign - but years ago I stopped buy stuff, stopped supporting the advertisers and very, very rarely go to games.  But, I still watch my Buckeyes on TV or listen to the games on the old fashioned Marconi thing on the shelf in my bar.

We all talk a good game, but to bring about real change would require a significant sacrifice that I don't think enough people are willing to make.

On this planet, in this timeline - money is the driver.

Comment 01 Dec 2011

Just saw this post:  Appearing on Sirius radio, Ohio State AD Gene Smith said that LB Ryan Shazier played with torn MCL against Michigan.  Shazier is even more of a beast.  Hope he's on the road to recovery.

Comment 30 Nov 2011

The hoops squad is the real deal. 

The starters spent most of the night on the floor, but the boys on the bench can provide excellent relief - if we need them.

Can't say enough about the physical conditioning allowing them to spend 35+ minutes on the hardwood and not be so out of breath they can't knock down treys.

And, whatever they're feeding Craft - put it on the buffet list for all OSU athletics.  He is EVERYWHERE on the floor and plays with a controlled intensity that is hard to match.

I also was thrilled the Buckeye Nation showed up and made itself heard.  I've been to too many games where the stands were filled with silent scarlet and gray representatives.  Last night rocked.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

And a new day dawns....

Urban Meyer accepts Ohio State job

ESPN.com news services

Former Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer has taken the head coaching job at Ohio State, his agent, Trace Armstrong, confirmed Monday morning.
Meyer had been working as a game analyst this season for ESPN. But Meyer requested off of his appearance this weekend as reports swirled of his imminent hire with the Buckeyes.
Sources told WKMG-TV in Orlando last week that Meyer would be introduced in coming days after agreeing to to a seven-year, $40 million deal.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

I take full responsibility.  At the start of the season, I thought we might go 6-6 or 7-5.  Blame me.

I've seen a lot of seasons....worse than this.  And, yes, a win over TTUN will help to balance the scale.

There are a lot of players on the team, and a few coaches, who've played their hearts out.  Let's not overlook them in our exuberance to criticize the few who made this season so forgettable.  My thanks to those who gave their all.

Overall, this team is young.  A new coaching staff, some new recruits and the sun will rise over the Olentangy, it's gentle glow will light our way to next season and hope.

In the meantime - let's focus on next week's game and our eighth win in a row (screw the vacate).  Go Bucks!


Comment 17 Nov 2011

Posey's presence (catchy phrase!) will give the PSU defense cause to pause (I'm rolling now). 

However, Braxton still has to get the ball in his hands.  BM is our best QB, but his passing skills have been seldom used (thanks Bollman) and questionable.

Thanks to rust and the wind last week, his passing game looked like he was channeling for Bauserman.

I'm going to have to go with my handle for this game and hope they stick with three yards and...well, you know.  An occasional pass in the direction of Posey and Stoneburner would certainly help open up the run game.

If Stoneburner has to help the line block again, and BM can't get the ball to Posey - the run game on both sides of the ball will keep the clock running and make this one of quickest games on TV.

Comment 10 Nov 2011

OSU release this afternoon...announces university has completed its investigation.

They bury the lead in the last graph on additional self-imposed sanctions.


NCAA, Ohio State complete investigation into remaining open items
University receives and responds to supplemental Notice of Allegations

The Ohio State University today announced that the institution and the NCAA enforcement staff have completed their joint investigation into the remaining matters not part of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions hearing Aug. 12. As a result, the university has received a supplemental Notice of Allegations from the NCAA and has submitted its response. The filing of this response completes the university’s submissions to the committee. The university is hopeful that the Committee on Infractions will review these materials and render its final decision in the near future.

The recent notice from the NCAA had two allegations. The first was related to the “extra benefits” violations discovered through a joint investigation with the NCAA and publicly announced by the university Sept. 1 and Oct. 3 involving Robert DiGeronimo, who at the time was a representative of the institution’s athletics interests (also known as a “booster”). In February 2011, he arranged for cash payments of $200 each to four current or former student-athletes at an annual charity event for a nonprofit organization of which DiGeronimo was a board member. Additionally, the student-athletes attended the event without written approval from the athletics director or his designee. Further, DiGeronimo arranged for five student-athletes to be overcompensated by a total of $1,605 while they were employed by businesses owned and operated by the DiGeronimo family.

The second allegation asserts that the institution took insufficient action to monitor DiGeronimo, resulting in a “failure to monitor” allegation, primarily due to DiGeronimo’s overpayment to student-athlete employees and cash payments at the Cornerstone of Hope charitable event. This allegation only concerns a booster and does not relate to any of the issues discussed at the Aug. 12 Committee on Infractions hearing.

"Over the past three months, our athletics department staff has continued to work cooperatively with the NCAA to conclude our inquiry into the remaining items related to our football program," said athletics director Gene Smith. "Throughout the entire process since we discovered possible infractions, the athletics department has consistently worked with the NCAA to investigate any allegation, take responsibility, self-report its findings to the NCAA in a transparent manner, and take necessary remediation steps. That is what we have done on this last open issue, and we accept that we should have done more to oversee Mr. DiGeronimo’s activities.

"We look forward to working with the staff and the Committee on Infractions to reach a timely resolution of the case. On a personal note, I deeply regret that I did not ensure the degree of monitoring our institution deserves and demands," Smith said.

As a result of the additional allegations, the university will self-impose a reduction of five scholarships over a three-year period beginning next year. Also, the university disassociated DiGeronimo Sept. 20 and is taking further steps to enhance its education and monitoring programs. This action is in addition to the self-imposed sanctions previously identified to the Committee on Infractions Aug. 12. Those include vacating the 2010 season (including the Sugar Bowl), vacating the 2010 Big Ten football championship, imposing a two-year probation period, seeking and accepting the resignation of then head football coach Jim Tressel, and forfeiting the university’s share of the Big Ten’s payment for having played in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Documents related to Ohio State’s NCAA investigation can be found at http://www.osu.edu/news/ncaadocs/

Comment 08 Nov 2011

ESPN started with a great team and philosophy.  A bunch of sports junkies who were thrilled and humbled to be in a position to get paid to cover sporting events.

Obviously all that changed over time as their egos and revenues grew at a grossly proportional rate.

For me, ESPN is a necessary EVIL - even though I get BTN, many of the other sports, games, teams I follow are shown on their portfolio of networks.

However, I refuse to listen to, watch or support ANY of their sponsors.  Often times, I'll go exactly the other direction and even, occasionally, spend a little more just to support the competition. 

I'm only one person, and I know my financial decisions - relative to their advertisers - has a minimum impact.  ESPN could care about decisions at the individual level.

But, ESPN and their advertisers are driven by the almighty dollar - supporting other networks and/or non-ESPN advertisers is the only way our dissatisfaction with their business strategy could have any appreciable impact.

Comment 21 Oct 2011

Mr. Alexrod's piece was a commentary, not a news story.

As a journalist and American - I respect Mr. Axelrod's right to express his views -- although I completely disagree with them.

Because it's a commentary and not a news piece, he chose to use a myopic view on the issue and disregard all the other facts to try and make his point.

As with most commentaries like this, I chose to hit the "ignore" button.

People who know Coach Tressell, or are aware of the entire scope of his work and activity while associated with The Ohio State University - know better.

Coach Tressell made a bad mistake and paid the price.

Time to move on down the field.  O-H!


Comment 14 Oct 2011

Tatoos, summer jobs, airsoft guns....this is the strangest OSU football season ever - a Scarlet & Gray Twilight Zone.

But, it never gets weird enough for me.

Here's to the plot twist where we go 6-1 to finish the year and turn the page.


Comment 04 Oct 2011

Thanks for posting the reminder to be civil.  Unfortunate it was necessary to remind members of the Buckeye Nation.

Maybe 11W could develop a rating system for posters who remain positive and constructive - Buckeye leaves next to the username (1-4 depending on the level of support).  That way, I'll know which posts to skip and which have value.  Beats my post-it-note reminders...

My colors don't run....good or bad, they're my Buckeyes.

I really appreciate the posters who take the time to remain positive or neutral - and - offer suggestions or constructive thoughts on how to move down the field.

Most of us will never know what it's like to be a football player on a team like the Buckeyes.  It's not just Saturday afternoons in the stadium.  It's a thousand summers of practice, workouts, sacrifices, pain and hope. 

They're supposed to have coaches and an athletic department leading, mentoring them...guiding them to make good choices.  On the field and off, they have to work as a team to be successful.

A great coach said, "Success is what you do with what you got."

As long as the team takes the field on gameday, they deserve fans who support them - win or lose.


Comment 08 Aug 2011

Thanks for the reminder 303 - when I took the 11W survey, I forgot to suggest an "ignore" button in the comment section to block specific posts or posters.