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Comment 14 Feb 2020

Definitely a few things I could debate on your response but I think we’ve covered that before.

My real question though is, what do you want OSU to do about this “problem” with the Schott?

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Dashboard Confessional at the Newport in March. DMB at Blossom and Riverbend in June. That is all I have lined up so far but I’m sure there is more to come.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I've been to almost every MBB game in the history of the Schott (missed about 10 games the first season and have probably missed less than 10 ever since).  If they (and they won't) move back to SJA I would absolutely hate it.  I've hated going to SJA for the single games the last few years (a whopping 8k showed up this year) too.  SJA offers no amenities, no parking, my seats are not as good, and the concession lines will take you forever to get anything.  I actually tried to get some food during the first half of the game this season and the line was literally about 50 people deep.

What am I supposed to enjoy about any of that?

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Going to Bandon Dunes for five days before heading up to Eugene for the game.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I don't take it personally at all.  As someone who as attended almost every single home at the Schott in its history and a good number of games at St John before that I think I have a pretty fair opinion on the state of the arenas and the program.  I don't think I'm part of the problem and I feel like I have enough experience and support of the program to voice what I know.

If by some reason St John is "rocking" tonight it will be because they are playing a game there.  If the entire season was played at St John Arena, I'm sorry but the Stetson game is not rocking any more than what it was at the Schott.

I do not think the Schott is a great basketball arena, but it definitely gets scapegoated for a lot of problems it doesn't has.

I'm sure looking back now if the design could be differently it would be.  There are some really smart people in the Athletic Dept that are keenly aware of the issues with Schott, but building a new arena is not a tangible solution currently.

I agree that the venue should entice people to show up.  I have a big problem with most of the upper bowl at the Schott, especially the ends and the upper corners.  Honestly, sitting at the top of St John is equally not fun.  I'm really not overly looking forward to St John tonight because I don't get as good as seats, parking, and no amenities.

If you want to build a new arena go for it, but let me know how its going to get paid for.  If you can't figure that one out then making a statement we should build a new arena is just that.

I certainly appreciate your opinions, enthusiasm, and knowledge.  I wish a lot of the other fans took basketball as serious as you do.  I hear a lot of, "basketball season doesn't start until January", "how are we going to be this year", and a lot of other comments that lead me to know that basketball for most is not a priority.  So when I hear a lot of, "Fire Thad Matta", "Move back to St John", etc. from the same people those comments don't hold a lot of weight.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I don’t agree with everything you said but inevitably to do what you are suggesting would take how many hundreds of millions dollars? What does that get the university and fans.

I definitely disagree on the volume of the building. The Schott can be ridiculously loud and there have been plenty of games that prove that. The first problem that needs fixed is the culture of fans. We throttled #1 MSU at home in Holtmann’s first season, the building was stuffed and rocking. The next home game against Maryland we had 4K less fans show up. Fans need to support the basketball program by showing up to games and being loud. If they don’t want to, that’s fine but they also shouldn’t have their opinions taken seriously. How does the Kohl Center have this reputation of being an incredibly tough environment to play in? The place is almost the same size as the Schott and used for similar events. I would argue that the culture for basketball there is different. Ohio State fans in my opinion seem to sit on their hands until they feel challenged or threatened. Even in football. A lot of comments about how loud the Shoe was this weekend, but I thought it was rather quiet for a top ten game until the game tightened up.

I don’t disagree on the concerts and events. We don’t need two arenas to host events of that size. Nor does the hockey team need that much capacity. What does make Columbus unique compared to other universities is the size of the city and the importance of college athletics. Columbus as well as Austin are probably the largest college towns in the country. With that comes the need for hospitality for corporate sponsors who want to entertain clients and such. Obviously this is a complete non starter at St John. A new arena could be built to try to meet the capacity of suites and PSLs while making the entire arena’s footprint smaller. However, good luck paying for that, and also the non premium people who are in the lower bowel, students, staff, etc. would get pushed to worst seats. The amount of funds that the premium seating and suites mean to the athletic dept and mbb is vitally important and they aren’t going to give that up. Just for comparison, Texas’ arena holds over 17k for basketball.

The solution to me is to continue to make changes inside the Schott. The renovated offices and practice gym is really nice as are the meeting rooms and player lounges. I do think they should remove a lot of the seats in the upper bowl that are on the ends (at least behind the west side if not both) and put in a lounge area that you can see the court from. I haven’t sat in the upper bowl in awhile because it’s not an enjoyable way to watch basketball (sitting upstairs at St John is no better) but I would think putting an area(s) up there that makes having tickets in the 300 level more engaging would certainly help engage those fans.

At the end of the day the Schott is not perfect, but the issue to solve is complex and not nearly as easy to fix as to say they should move back to St John or build a new arena.

What people who care should realize is we have a phenomenal coach and a program that is set to return to the level Thad had it at for most of his tenure. Those people need to support the basketball program and not just in the casual way a lot of people do. Pay attention to what is going on, get to as many games as they can and cheer loudly, change the perception that Ohio State is just a football school. Those are things that can be done to start and it doesn’t cost that much.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

Golf Club of Dublin is open year round. Also for indoor simulators The Range on Tuller Rd in Dublin is awesome.

I’m super excited to be finishing up a simulator in the basement of my new house.

Comment 22 Aug 2019

CFB all day on Saturday unless based on OSUs schedule I can sneak around of golf in first thing in the morning.

I turned my basement into a mini sports bar so I pretty much don’t leave it unless I’m at the Shoe.

Comment 22 Aug 2019

8 am for an 8 pm game??? What did she decide to do sleep in? If you aren’t getting the day started by 4 am why even tailgate?

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I’ve been fortunate to have been at many great OSU games over the last 25 years, including all 14 games in the 2002 season.

Holy Buckeye will never be a moment I forget.

One of the greatest sporting events I have ever gone to was the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla. We went on Sunday and by dumb luck ended up sitting 5 rows up in the bleachers on 17 when Furyk closed out Jiminez to clinch the cup. You really can’t predict where to be when that moment occurs so we were really lucky. We got to see all of the Americans celebrate right in front of us.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

General public tix I think are at 10:00 today.  Season ticket holders sale started around 11:00 yesterday.  I snagged 4 great seats in row 1 right at half court, newly numbered section 107 (previously section 126).

Comment 23 Mar 2019

Black Tap at the Venetian just to get a crazy shake (I had 3 of these in 4 days last year)...I'm still working them off.

Comment 16 Feb 2019

Not certain how I forgot to put Pinehurst on my list. I have a very close friend building a house on #9 so I am excited to get back down there more regularly.

Comment 16 Feb 2019

Easily Pebble Beach.  Very envious of the few who have commented Cypress, definitely my bucket list course.  I've played most of the best locally and my favorite would be Scioto but I'm finally getting out on the Village this summer.

I've been fortunate enough to play some other great tracks around the country.  Whistling Straits, Blackwolf Run, TPC Sawgrass, Erin Hills, Olympia Fields, Spyglass, Pasatiempo, Harbour Town, TPC Scottsdale, Pete Dye GC and others amongst them.