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Comment 30 Jul 2018

The exact reason why that rule was put in place!

Comment 30 Jul 2018

On my way back from the Cal game in 2013 a friend and I started this list for the rules of wearing jerseys.  We finally came up with our 10th rule about a year and a half ago.

1. If its not worn in the field of competition you can not wear it.
2. No putting your own name on the back.
3. No tucking in of the jersey.
4. You can't wear a jersey from a game your team lost.
5. You must wear a number that matches your body frame.
6. You can only wear the jersey of the sport you are watching.
7. You can't wear a jersey when you're team is playing and you aren't at the game or watching on TV.
8. Never wear your team's jersey the day after they lost..
9. You can't wear a shirt with a collar under your jersey.
10. You can't wear a jersey with the name of an athlete from a different sport.

Comment 16 Feb 2018

Realistically? Umm, no...not even close.

The number one thing the Schott does that SJA can’t is bring in revenue for the program and the athletic dept.

When you start looking at these decision as a business not a fan then it’s a really easy to see.

The reason OSU has a pro arena compared to a college arena is because it’s a pro size town. When I say that I really refer to all the businesses that are headquartered or have operations here. OSU can’t afford to leave $$&s from Nationwide, L Brands, Huntington, Chase, etc. on the table and you can’t service their needs at SJA. At the end of the day their $$$s are more important to the program/dept than the atmosphere.

Issues you would have to deal with to leave the Schott:

1. Remaining debt on the building and practice facilities

2. New debt on renovating SJA or new building

3. Moving existing Suite and PSL contracts to SJA or new arena

4. Make changes to long term comprehensive plan for campus

Look the Schott is not perfect, but if you using it as a scapegoat for not being a big OSU b-ball fan than you’re just looking for a reason. That place can be loud and intimidating. Before we start changing buildings let’s start getting long term support for the basketball program. Lets work on things we can actually do first.

Comment 16 Feb 2018

Fans have to yell...and not sit on their hands to have the sound reflected back down.  The Schott can be very loud...will it be as intimidating as SJA?  Probably not...but it can still be disruptive for the visiting team.  Before we start talking about switching arenas can we start building culture?  This team has played really good ball this year and only the last two games have fans even started to show up.  Why is that?  Because a lot of people are football fans who only care to support basketball when they are good or exciting.  In those cases are you really a supporter?  I've read so many comments and articles from people who say they didn't even watch the team the last few years or earlier this year.  Do those peoples opinions really matter in regards to major decisions of the program?

I don't care if someone supports the MBB program or not...but I have a problem with people who don't care about the program when it's down but all of a sudden have opinions and wants when things turn good.  If you want in...stay in for the long haul...both the good times and the bad.

...and yes the Breslin Center is an example of a perfect college basketball arena.

Comment 07 Feb 2018

I was at the Illinois game and it was the best attended game of the year.

if you do try to move down try to wait awhile...at least until half way thru the first half. I got to my seats 7 minutes before tip and 2 guys had already crashed my seats. They then moved down a few seats and when those people showed up 2 minutes after tip (which I knew they would) they had to exit the row completely.

Comment 23 Jan 2018

I'm a bit of a golf snob...ok, I'm a huge golf snob when it comes to courses.  However, I will say Black Diamond up near Millersburg in Amish country is one of the most insane golf courses I've ever played.  It isn't in great shape at all but the views and the holes are incredible...and it is super cheap.  It's almost like playing a golden tee course.

I've been pretty fortunate to play a good number of high end courses the last few years the trips to Monterey, Kohler, & Pinehurst are well worth the price tag.  The facility at Sawgrass is top notch...I'm there a few times a year now.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

NCR is a great track...

Comment 21 Jan 2018

...I'm not putting all of this on fans clearly other universities that are not blue blood basketball schools can turn our their fan base.  With that said using the Schott as the scapegoat is pretty weak.  Could that play a part?  Yes.  Should it be the deciding factor on attendance? No.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

The Schott can get very loud and intimidating.  I can name a very long list of games where the atmosphere was top notch.  Apathy and lack of support from the community is much bigger problem.  The Kohl Center is very similar to the size of the Schott and that somehow is a raucous environment???  How do they do it???

Comment 21 Jan 2018

I go to practically every game.  Other than the first year at the Schott, I've probably missed less than 10 home games over the last 19 seasons.

Comment 16 Jan 2018

I'm still waiting for anyone to explain to me how the Kohl Center can have 17,000 plus fans in an arena the size of the Schott and be considered one of the best environments while the Schott can't be?  Is it because of the design of the building or because of the general attitude of fans towards basketball?  The Schott while even in a down environment draws over 12,000 that would almost be a sellout at St John...so touting how St. John was always sold out isn't a great argument.

It seems to me we have a lot of fans but in reality need more people to be supporters.  Its easy for fans to show up when the team is good...we need supporters who will be there regardless.

Comment 08 Jan 2018

The reason why the Schott does not rock consistently is due to to the general attitude of fans.  As today showed that building can be very loud.  The Kohl Center is of similar size and somehow it is widely recognized as much more intimidating.  I've been in a lot of very loud games (I rarely miss a home game) in that building and it was great to see it again today.  Anyone can show up and cheer at a big game...it's all the other games that build a base of attitude and tradition.

Just my $0.02 rant...

Comment 06 Nov 2017

The Kohl Center has suites and is only slightly smaller than the Schott in size and seating capacity.