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Comment 13 May 2019

Totally agree.

But then there are signal-callers like Indianapolis' Andrew Luck and Seattle's Russell Wilson who started every game of their rookie seasons and combined to throw for nearly 8,000 yards.

From the article, Luck and Wilson are not great examples. If I remember correctly, Luck was a multiple year starter at Standford and Wilson was a graduate transfer from NC? to Wisc. As much as I'd like to Haskins on the field right away, a year or two learning on the bench may be for the best.

Comment 13 May 2019

mGo is not in as meltdown mode as I thought they would be, but this post pretty much sums it all up:


May 13th, 2019 at 9:29 AM ^

It's like ever since the day Tressel was hired the state of Ohio has been fucking us in the ass...and it never stops. Didn't Drew Henson leave shortly after he was hired?

Not mention Gilbert the Spartan. Jesus man. Unbelievable. We're going on 20 years of this shit. 

Comment 10 May 2019

8 teams:
Conferences play an equal number of conf games.
No fcs school.
5 conference champions seeded 1-5 and 3 additional teams selected by computer rankings similar to the BCS formula and seeded in order.
Thus you have 8 teams seeded 1-8.
Two weekends after the conference championship games, 
A - 8 vs 1 at the home of #1
B - 7 vs 2 at the home of #2
C - 6 vs 3 at the home of #3
D - 5 vs 4 at the home of #4

Winner of A faces the winner of D in the current semifinal bowl scenario
Winner of B faces C

Same championship scenario.

Comment 03 May 2019

I think this is less about what Fields does and more about how Day adapts to his talents throughout the season. I have confidence in Day thus I think Fields will have a great year. And a great year in my book is 15-0 or 14-1 (as long as the 1 isn't scum) with a chance to play for a NC.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Wrong - the entire fanbase was clamoring for the offense that ended the 14 season. Had they tailored the offense to the strengths of Cardale in 15, in the same way the 14 season ended - YBYA Cardale should have started. The offense was a train wreck because we were going out of our way to get players "touches."

Comment 20 Apr 2019

I have a bit of a different take that we might have seen under UFM 1.0 that we didn't get under UFM 2.0.
2014 - JT delivered some big games, most notably MSU and certainly deserved to start.
2015 - Cardale should have started all year and JT, except for a few flashes here and there never seemed to be the same passer.
2016 - Joe Burrow should have started if Cardale goes to the NFL.
From here - I'm not sure what that does.
2017 - Burrow has his next to last year of eligibility and goes pro.
2018 - Haskins is QB and the same scenario plays out as this year.
We probably still end up with Mathis and Miller but not Martell.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Think UFM is a great coach (but I do think OSU got UFM 2.0) - but we won a NC in 2014 in spite of him. JT gets hurt late and there was no time to muck it up - had to go with CJ and his strengths and not try to impose the JT offense on him. You will never convince me otherwise. CJ added another dimension to the offense and as a result, Zeke became a monster and WI, AL, and OR could not defend both.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Have stuck to this since 2015.

8 team playoff.
Round 1 - 2 weeks after the conference championship games.
Semifinals and finals to be played as they are now.

Top 5 teams are conference champions only, and seeded 1-5 by the committee under strict guidelines, or go back to the old BCS computer model to seed them. Teams 6-8 chosen by the rankings as the #6-8 teams.

Round 1 - 1 vs 8 at the home of #1; 2 vs 7 at the home of #2, 3 vs. 6 at the home of #3, and 4 vs 5 at the home of number 4.


Comment 11 Apr 2019

Mixed feelings about Haskins in Cincy. Would love to see him lead them to first super bowl win but don't want to see him ruined either. Groom him behind Dalton on a game by game basis. Dalton plays when it is dry, warm, and no wind. Haskins plays if the temperature is below 75, the wind speed is more than 2 mph, and humidity is 0.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

NHB - I'm with you. I have a really good feeling about this going forward. The reason I feel this way is that I think compared to JT and UFM, Day is a risk taker, as evidenced by his offense last year. JT could be very conservative, and I think that cost us in some of our bigger games. (On the other hand, he was anything but conservative vs. um - and look at the results). We also had a coaching superstar in UFM but I also think OSU got UFM 2.0. As great as he is, he wasn't the same guy that coached Florida and the most obvious area centered around loyalty to specific coaches and players.

In Day's case, I think you will see a very aggressive approach. I think the upside could be better than we have seen at OSU.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Right on PRO! However...


Ohio State's first Final Four came in 1939 which also served as the first ever version of the NCAA Tournament. 

This timing about coincides with um's last national championship in football and ushered in the "face mask" era. LOL

Comment 03 Apr 2019

UV but disagree. It's going to be a long time before I forget 62-39. LOL

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Lets face it - we are not winning a national championship in any season when we lose to um.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I'm with you TNB. I hope the weasels come into the game 0-11, having yet to score and we lay 100 on them.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Hyde was averaging 7+ yards per carry - he was gashing them -and we got cute and ran BM. Exactly right Ben!

Comment 23 Mar 2019

Have lived in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Cincinnati and have worked extensively in Toledo, and Dayton, and other NW and SW parts of Ohio. I wouldn't go as far as to say that "Cincinnati" hates OSU but there is no other place I've spent anytime at in Ohio that even comes close to the percentage of people I've encountered that hate OSU. There is a greater degree of "love" in Cincinnati for ND and maybe even um. In fact, the uc fan base reminds me a little of um.

Comment 23 Mar 2019

(Sidenote: being from Cincinnati, I will absolutely never understand the hatred that UC and their fans have for Ohio State. Buckeyes fans literally do not care about UC. I guess it's Napoleon Complex or something). 

Having lived in the 513, that is an accurate statement.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

You hit the nail on the head 85. I just happened to watch "Tom Brady - A football life" last night. He started out as the 7th QB on the roster at um. Eventually earned the starting job - almost by default and led them to a 10-2 record as a junior. And then had to share starting duties as a senior with Drew Henson who the um staff gave multiple opportunities to because he was the "one". In the piece, they interviewed Belichick who said they wondered about the obvious situation that um coaches put Brady in, in regard to Henson and eventually took a chance becasue the way Brady had performed, not complaining, always having to dig the wolverinies out of a hole Henson put them in. And then they interviewed Mariucci as to why the 49er's didn't draft him, having grown up in their backyard, and he (Mariucci) said, that the um coaches (paraphrasing) were luke warm on him and didn't really give out a good recommendation on Brady.

You could tell both Brady and his mom and dad took it all personally. I'm surprised Brady even claims um as his college.