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Comment 09 Aug 2017

I am really worried about the offensive line in general this year - but not so much about Prince. He must have worked his a$$ off in preparation for the bowl game last year, because he was the only offensive lineman on the field for us that looked half-way decent. Jordan went down early and was replaced by Knox who looked like he had never played before. Losing Jordan may have had a bigger impact that one might expect but at this level you would hope we would have someone close in talent.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

Last year I thought Prince was the weak link - which he was - but he also covered up a great deal of trouble at the other positions. Clemson was a wake-up call regarding the offensive coaches - it should have also been a wake-up call on the poor play of the offensive line.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

I just finished rewatching (begrudgingly) the Clemson game and you are right. The Oline itself was atrocious, but Prince actually had a good game. Jones, was ok, but not that great. Losing Jordan early was a big blow - he was replaced by Knox - who looked beyond awful.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Anyone who watched that game ( I grudgingly just rewatched it) knows the fault was 100% on the offense. Mainly the OLine - they were atrocious. Also, several early mishaps like two missed field goals, a dropped pass by Weber on the first series that was a first down, 11 of our first 17 plays gained 1 yard OR LESS, 4 batted passes, 2 rushing attempts for Weber in the first 3 quarters, a dropped pass by Samuel that was a first down on the third series. Jordan getting his ankle rolled on the second series - replaced by Knox who looked beyond horrible.

We had 12 rushing yards, and two first downs in the first half. We didn't get our third first down until about 3 minutes left in the third quarter. Playcalling was awful. It was obvious that the Clemson defense was keying on Samuel and we never changed.

The defense intercepted two balls, stopped Clemson on third down several times in the red zone, and came up with big play after big play. Defense was worn out by mid third quarter. By that time Clemson had run 67 plays to OSU's 32. 

I never thought I'd say it, but our offense looked MUCH worse against Clemson than we ever did vs. Virginia Tech in 2014.

An offensive house cleaning was called for. I fear if the Oline is no better, Wilson isn't going to have as much to work with as he thinks.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Orange Bowl: Exactly right - we had a couple of dumb play calls as we were marching the ball down their throats on the way to a 21 pt lead mid 3rd quarter and we threw a couple of ill timed passes and had to punt (Hyde was gaining like 7-8 yards everytime he touched the ball. I was always a Hermann playcalling critic until after the VT game). I was yelling at the TV for the coaches to not put anyone back to field the punt - just let it go - there was almost nothing to be gained by touching that ball. (The coaches finally got it in one of the games - either AL or OR when they were up and just let the punt roll without anyone back). 

With our offense last year, it wasn't hard to predict the loss to Clemson. I just figured it wouldn't be so lopsided - and it felt worse than 31-0.

Comment 31 Jul 2017

This game will not be close. Last year, OSU barely lost, on the road, in a white-out, on a poor call by UFM to not take a timeout, with PSU coming off a bye week. McSorely had so many jump balls caught, I thought it was Johnny Manziel. This year, we get them after a bye-week. We may not even win the B1G but we will pummel them. We will win by more than 2 TD's. OSU 42 - PSU 20.

Comment 30 Jul 2017

I am excited to see the 2017 Bucks and expecting great things - the schedule sets up a little better than last year too. Last year we had OK early on the road, WI and PSU back to back, on the road, after they both had bye weeks, and then ended the season with MSU and UM. I always felt it would be hard to get through the season without a loss and we almost did it.

Schiano showed last year what he can do with a D and I think we will be very good this year. Wilson should be BY FAR the best O Coordinator we have had in a long time. Hermann was good - but people tend to forget - he wasn't that great of a play caller until after the beat down from VT. The next 10 games he improved drastically - I think   1. because he had to;    2. the pressure was off;   3. Then he got the gift of Cardale.  Remember, he was the same guy that called the plays against MSU in the BIG championship game and quite a few other games we won where we looked terrible on offense.

Hermann went through a learning curve at OSU - Wilson should be up to speed out of the gate.

Comment 12 Jul 2017

We will be successful this season. We will only be great if we can establish a long passing game. That sentiment played out during the last 3 games of 2014. The Oline gave Cardale time to throw, Cardale found receivers (open and sometimes not) and receivers made plays. It kept defenses honest and Zeke killed em.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

The difference between us being good and great this year will be the long passing game. If the OLine can give JT enough time to throw, the receivers can get open deep, and JT can hit them - we will be great. If not, we will be good but not a championship team. We will beat most teams but when we get to the playoff, it will be difficult. Cardale, the OLine and the receivers made all of the difference in 2014.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Dead on! We went up early in the third and maintained the lead and it wasn't like they were going to take it away from us. The last touchdown was a gift from us for very poor play calling and clock management. We run three plays, they burn all timeouts, we punt, they have about 30 seconds left on the clock down two scores. What do we do - throw an incomplete bomb on first down, run the ball twice... then punt and they still have  a time out left.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

To me the big difference is that Burrow and Haskins both look more natural at QB, like they were meant to play the position, and JT does not. I've watched Burrow in the spring games and in limited action, and he is always reading receivers, throws to a spot throws the receiver open and seems to have pocket awareness. Spring game was the first time I really saw Haskins, but I'd say the same thing about him. In JT's case, he holds the ball too long, tends to focus on one receiver, and rarely throws the ball until the receiver has broken open. Even when he was playing lights out - like at MSU in 2014, he still didn't look that natural as a passer.

I'm sure he is a great kid and good team leader but I hope Burrow and Haskins get some meaningful work this year.