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Comment 20 hours ago

You hit the nail on the head 85. I just happened to watch "Tom Brady - A football life" last night. He started out as the 7th QB on the roster at um. Eventually earned the starting job - almost by default and led them to a 10-2 record as a junior. And then had to share starting duties as a senior with Drew Henson who the um staff gave multiple opportunities to because he was the "one". In the piece, they interviewed Belichick who said they wondered about the obvious situation that um coaches put Brady in, in regard to Henson and eventually took a chance becasue the way Brady had performed, not complaining, always having to dig the wolverinies out of a hole Henson put them in. And then they interviewed Mariucci as to why the 49er's didn't draft him, having grown up in their backyard, and he (Mariucci) said, that the um coaches (paraphrasing) were luke warm on him and didn't really give out a good recommendation on Brady.

You could tell both Brady and his mom and dad took it all personally. I'm surprised Brady even claims um as his college.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Four years later, he's an All-Star and I'm sitting at computer in an unairconditioned attic repurposing articles written about him for a sports blog. I clearly got the last laugh!

Huge props to Jake and his cause and for doing something I couldn't do with a gun to my cat's head.

Hilarious. You are becoming the comedic version of Ernest Hemingway. LOL

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I grew up in the Akron/Canton area, graduated from OSU, lived in Columbus a few years along with several other large and small cities. Lived in Cicy for 20+ years and while I've met some very nice people and big OSU fans, it is a very strange place. I have found that if you weren't born, or grew up in Cincy, you are an outsider and it is very hard to make inroads.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Let's not forget - the corners were playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage the entire game. In the end, all we had to do was field a punt and we win by 2-3 scores. Hyde was averaging like 8 yards a carry and they couldn't stop him.

Comment 17 Feb 2019

Hemi, you have missed them. Swinney told the tackle (kid from Ohio) "old man Meyer" was washed up - this was long before the fiasco that was the opening of the 2018 season for OSU. A psu recruit told the press how he was recruited stating Larry Johnson was going to retire. Sorry, I don't remember the exact details, but I think there have also been a couple of other incidents like this involving Meyer and Johnson.



Comment 16 Feb 2019

I have a different take. It may not necessarily be the correct one but I think Caleb is not the person you center the team around (though I can see that we have no other options). Caleb lacks height along with jumping ability and wing span to play the low post vs. many of the better teams, thus he uses his bulk to excel - but it can lead to foul trouble and frustration when playing against taller, more athletic post players. He would be tremendous if he were teamed up with a true center and he was truly playing a power forward position 8-12 feet from the basket.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

My issue, as others have posted here regarding the QB battle over the last 5 years.

No problem at all with UFM starting JT if he was truly the best option.
My problem was that neither Haskins, Burrow, or Martell ever truly got much meaningful playing time.
There were at least several times when JT was not getting it done (not entirely his fault) and a change-up would have been welcome, maybe providing a spark.

IMO we had some wasted opportunities that we will never get back.

Comment 02 Feb 2019

After the 2011 season, I like to think of a trip to mgo as  a trip down Karma Lane. LOL

I read the thread on mgo and they are delusional as ever. (paraphrasing...)
swept under the rug at OSU or MSU.
um standards are too high - way to go harblow for being so honest.
bagman would just deliver more cash at OSU to cover it up.
harblow cleaning house, no matter how good the player is-high standards.

Those a$$hole$ are getting back what they deserve 10-fold.