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Comment 08 Apr 2020

Miami 9.0-Here is a higher number than I had expected. Miami was better than their record last year and added some serious players through the portal. They dont play Clemson and have @MSU ooc its a pretty easy schedule. Could be a sneaky good team. This high of a number makes me want to look into them more. 

No way - take the under - multiple players trip on the turnover chain and the injuries mount until "the u" has a hard time fielding 11 competent defensive players.

Michigan 9.0-Honestly it has to suck to be Harbaugh. They went 10-2 last year and it was seen as a dissapointment and now as a new core takes over they get @Washington, Wisconsin, PSU, @Minnesota, and @OSU. I dont see a path to 10 wins. 

Take the under again. 8-4, 8-5 with the yearly beatdown in the "Sunny's Pizza and Merle's Autobody Shop" Deadwood, SD Western Bowl.

Comment 05 Apr 2020

Woodyson, there is a SMALL group of people who fall into the category you speak of - and when I say small, it is small as a percentage of the people I think you are referencing. These are really the people who need help and I have no problem helpiong them - in fact, I do. I know more than a few people I would say have a tough time making ends meet - until I see them with an iphone, new (or better car than I drive), nice house, a 65" Hi Def TV with twice the cable bill  I have, who always seem to have money to go on vacation, eat out, etc., etc. In fact, I know one family of 6 like this very well and several others not quite as close.

I am constantly finding ways to cut back on expenses so I can contribute more to a 401k, drive a 2005 vehicle, haven't taken a vacation in 15 years, and once again - you are responsible for you.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

I remember that- I recall he had an out for OSU or ND - but ttun? I don't think so.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Thanks Seattle - I laugh every time I read them - which is often!

Comment 04 Apr 2020

A couple more:

Hope for michigan football thread?:

Don't buy that excuse about the 2016 game. That game could have gone either way and unfortunately, they got the very close call at home that mattered. End of story. Tough to take but time to move on

IMHO, the 2018 game was the one that UM fans should really be upset with. We were ranked higher and FAVORED by 5 or 6 points (or whatever it was) going into the game.  The Revenge Tour BS and basically our attitude in general all played a part in the game. Urban Meyer recently stated that just before the game some of his players were upset that UM players were on the field with their "Revenge Tour" shirts whooping it up which proceeded to piss off him, his coaching staff and their players.  He's constantly preaching "respect" for the rivalry while our act turns into a clown show. The 62-39 ass whipping that day says it all and can be traced right back to the HC.   2019 - rinse and repeat 2018. Harbaugh is a top 10 to 15 CF coach but with his salary should be able to win a big game once in awhile. I'm still waiting.


Michigan has a culture of weak minded candy ass mental midgets. We're not a college blue blood anymore bc of our arrogance. We need to be more self aware as a program. Get it fuckin done. Find a way. 

Comment 04 Apr 2020

...especially since michigan has the second highest infection rate in the country. Guess they didn't start the online classes soon enough. LOL

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Best mgoboard ever Brewster! I have read through it several times. I keep a running list of MGO Classics - posted lower on the board here. My all-time favorite from the board for 2019:

“I feel like we are cursed. OSU gets a 5 star QB transfer and he looks like Cam Newton. We get a 5 star QB transfer and he looks like Steven Threat. OSU hires Urban Freaking Meyer and he wins a NC. We hire Jim and he looks like he’s one step away from smearing shit on himself and living in a dumpster. DAMN IT!”

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Must admit - I cheat - I keep a running list of classics... here are a few...

MgoBlog - from 2018-2019

Thread: The Game

“I feel like we are cursed. OSU gets a 5 star QB transfer and he looks like Cam Newton. We get a 5 star QB transfer and he looks like Steven Threat. OSU hires Urban Freaking Meyer and he wins a NC. We hire Jim and he looks like he’s one step away from smearing shit on himself and living in a dumpster. DAMN IT!”

“There are a lot of doubters on here. If it wasn't for a few bad play calls, several poorly thrown passes, a fumble, missed tackles, the refs, poor execution, no running game, missed blocks, receivers unable to get separation, a couple of dropped passes, a taunting penalty, etc. we'd be in this game. Go Blue!”

What a giant shit sandwich! We were supposed to win the BIG and compete for the CFP. We finished 3rd in the East, got prison sexed by OSU again, and are going to the Holiday Bowl. Three years ago, Ryan Day was a homeless dude. Now, he is treating Jim like a cheap hooker and headed to the playoff. This sucks so bad. 

I'm beginning to believe that OSU could roll out the Special Olympic Football team and still whoop our ass.

Can we stop this The Game. It is more like The Annual National Depantsing.

My grandma in a wheelchair could run by Metellus.

Pisses me off to see that much red in the stadium. 

Thread – potential bowl match-up

Probably not a good matchup vs that USC pass offense…

I know. They actually have a real passing game there. And they throw the ball to the best receivers, a lot. We'll get a chance to see what that looks like.

Thread: OSU was also really good this year

It's Ohio States best team in over 50 years, maybe ever per SP+. This isn't your 2018 OSU defense or a JT Barrett offense. This Ohio State fully weaponized, and it's fucking terrifying. 
OSU could start 13 Five stars next season. They’ll have 2 Five star receivers. A 5 star QB. A 5 star TE. 4 Five stars on the O Line. Defense will have 3 Five stars on the D Line, a 5 star LB, and at least 1 Five star

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Thanks for pointing out a tired, old argument BuckNut. I've worked in a couple of organizations where the head guy was making millions and through several of these economic downturns, employees were all Xitching about the salaries. No mention that the head guy started the company 30 years ago, mortgaged everything he owned to be able to keep the company afloat, took out loans to make sure payroll was met, kept as many people working as he could through the downturns and brought anyone back who wanted to return when business picked up, took very little salary for the first three years, took a low salary the next 4, gradually built the company up to the point he could reap the benefits of the hard work and sacrifice - and now everybody wants to Xitch that he is taking X out of the company.

People that Xitch in general about the rich - are jealous losers! .... and I am NOT rich. I am responsible for my own fate.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

They estimate flu - they have no real idea how accurate they are. CDC also predicted 1 million people would die in West Africa from Ebola - that was in 2014. So far, about 14,000, deaths recorded.

Everything - and I mean everything - blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, SARS, Ebola, floods, wildfires, hole in the ozone, acid rain, etc. etc. etc. has been covered like the end of the world. Just read that some countries (like Italy) are counting covid19 deaths as anyone with covid19. A person in hospice with lung cancer also has covid19 and passes  - and that is counted as a covid19 death. A person with covid19 and heart disease passes and it is counted as a covid19 death.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Cajun - totally agree- I'm in the over 65 crowd and think it is unnecessary to destroy the economy like this. Everyone over 60 should have been quarantined as now, restricted to certain things like grocery stores, vet offices, pharmacy, etc. People at less risk should be allowed to move about as they have been, but certainly with social distancing, etc in force.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Totally agree - I never laugh at the kid being signed - I laugh at the posters on mgo.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Evaluation, Development, Toughness - all lacking at ttun. LOL

Comment 31 Mar 2020

We take 3's and turn them in to stars. ttun takes 4 and 5's and turns them into $hit. the two biggest things I see at ttun:
1. the talent evaluation they have is lacking. See Green/Walker/Peppers/Gary - I'm sure of others.... They seem to go by the stars and even though everyone has misses, they seem to miss on the top end guys a lot.
2. Toughness - to me that is the biggest  difference in ttun and many other programs - they talk all the time but as soon as they get hit in the mouth - it's lights out.