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Comment 9 hours ago

Nothing specific to Coombs returning yet, but I did pick up a few other gems in several of there posts:


MgoBlog from a revist of the 2019 game-

I'm beginning to believe that OSU could roll out the Special Olympic Football team and still whoop our ass.

Can we stop this The Game. It is more like The Annual National Depantsing.

My grandma in a wheelchair could run by Metellus.

Pisses me off to see that much red in the stadium. 

Comment 19 Jan 2020

I agree except for 2015. IMO 2015 should have been last. Never has so much talent been wasted. It wasn't just that MSU beat us, but what should have been one of the best Buckeye teams of all time had problems the entire year before losing to MSU. I also think that was the poorest coaching job - by far - in the UFM era.

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Kpm - couldn't agree more! Finally rewatched the game for the first time... The replay official should be investigated - I wonder if this guy was in a bar, watching the game on TV ... he was that bad.

The first instance occurred after Wilson's catch in the first quarter. The Buckeyes lined up and ran a counter to Dobbins to the left. Literally 2-3 seconds ran off the clock before you could hear a whistle blowing the play dead. Dobbins had 3 blockers in front of him and one defender who was really not close - Dobbins walks in for a TD untouched. Play blown dead, replay takes forever, Clemson regroups and we have to settle for a field goal.

I disagree with the targeting on Wade but I suppose by the letter of the law - it may have been - but he ends up hitting Lawrence as much with the front of his helmet as he does the crown as Lawrence lowers his helmet and the game turned on that play for the first time. I don't think the booth should have over ruled but if that was the only bad call, then I could live with it.

The strip by Okudah returned for a touchdown not only should have not been over turned - it should have been confirmed. The receiver catches the ball, and then takes 3 complete steps and just as his foot is about to hit the ground for the 4th step, the ball starts to come out. The ref is literally 3 yards away, staring directly at the play and without hesitation throws his bean bag at the spot to indicate a catch and fumble. For this play alone - the moron in the booth should never be allowed near a college football game again. That play quite literally cost the Bucks the game - even after all of the crap they fought through.

The roughing penalty was another - but that was on the field refs.

I think the Bucks won't soon forget this one and I predict the offense will be improved over last year, the defense will improve throughout the year and be excellent for the playoffs.
Bucks lay waste to the B1G.
Crush whoever in the B1G championship game.
Beat the $hit out of GA/OK/AL/AU/OR in the semifinal.
Destroy Clemson in the championship game.

Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Finally rewatched the game last night...

and crushed us with his pass catch and run ability. 

They did ZERO against us until Wade was removed. We were kicking their a$$es all over the field. We were physically better and tougher than they were. I suspect that had Wade remained in the game, the two long runs by Lawrence and the catch and run by Etienne would not have been as harmful to us.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I have voiced a little different take over the years. Two players, in particular, I thought were not utilized properly - Michael Thomas and Joe Burrow.

Thomas was a slam dunk - excellent receiver - from his early days at OSU but could never seem to get playing time.
Burrow - even in garbage time and the spring game you could tell he was at a different level than anybody we've had in reading a defense and finding an open receiver or throwing a receiver open.

My frustration was never that Haskins beat out Burrow - my frustration started much earlier and I thought Burrow should have - at the very least - had significantly more playing time starting in 2016 than he did. There may have been more risk - early on - playing Burrow - but the upside was so much more.

Appreciate the heck out of JT - but the fact we had Burrow  - and JT played as much as he did - IMO - was a great opportunity squandered. Another case of playing favorites over playing the best player.

You will never convince me otherwise.


Comment 13 Jan 2020

What pressure can be brought on the NCAA/rules committee (and how) to have urgency to fix some of the broken rules like targeting and pass interference and inconsistent enforcement before the start of next year or are these already in the works. I ask as one who has had issues with the way some of OSU's games are called, but I watch a lot of college football and see it in almost every game. Targeting, pass interference, and holding are the three that seem to be called very inconsistently. Also, replay is used differently from game to game. Some games it is being used to re-officiate. Thought it was supposed to start with the premise that clear video evidence was needed to over turn a call on the field and that is not happening.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I'm an old guy and over the years have gone from being a fanatical sports fan/watcher of whatever sport is in season to a College football only fan (I will watch Buckeye basketball, but am no where near as fanatical).

The first to lose my interest was the NBA. I started watching that in the 60's. I returned to watching it during the Magic-Bird years but have since stopped. I started to lose interest when the game went from one of (IMO) skill to seeing who could beat on each other the most. Don't get me wrong - I think it may take even more skill to play well AND get beat on - but I just don't like it.

Next was the NFL and that has been fairly recent.  It just feels like everything is set up for parity - especially in the scheduling, salary structure, etc and the rules, once again, unlike what I was accustomed to watching, seem to be designed to allow players to beat each other without penalty. Some of the rules about targeting, roughing the passer, pass interference etc are just plain bs - especially the way they are called.

Finally, the last to go has been baseball. I love baseball - played it for years. Used to be able to recite statistics from every team. Moved to the Atlanta area in the early 80's and watched nearly every Braves game for 20 years. The game itself has always been rather slow, but it has become unwatchable with all of the late inning relief pitching appearances. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I can't imagine anything better than college football and especially the Buckeyes. In my household we have two seasons - college football and waiting for college football to start.

Comment 11 Jan 2020

I did not see the game but looking at the stats we out-rebound IN but we also took 26 3 point shots? That seems like a lot to me - especially when we are shooting them as poorly as we are.


Now that I go back and look at the stats again - we were 9 of 26 from 3 point range - which was 2 percentage points better than our shooting from inside the arc - yikes!

Comment 07 Jan 2020

They still think it's the 1980s.

They still think it's the 1880s. FIFY