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Comment 3 hours ago

QB - Dan Marino
RB - tie - Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Jim Brown
Receiver - Don Maynard
OLine - Anthony Munoz
DLine - Joe Green
Linebacker - Jack Lambert
DBack - Deion Sanders

Comment 14 Jul 2019

EZE and KPM, right you are - getting clicks. A long time ago, I worked as a student researcher in the political science departments for 2 different universities in Ohio. (Organizing and categorizing articles from all of the major US newspapers on a daily basis.) Fake news has been around for a very long time - and it includes sports, weather, crime, politics, etc. One thing I must say and it surprises me to this day, I never had a clue as to how either of my bosses leaned politically.

Comment 13 Jul 2019

YES! Slobs are going to be drastically improved over the past two years thus our offense is going to be off the charts. D will end up being a strength of the team with new coaches .I also don't think people are calculating the UFM to Day effect. Going from a guy who has been ultra successful but perhaps not as flexible as he once was to a creative guy trying to establish himself. I am predicting an off-the-charts season for the Bucks. 13-0 going into the playoffs ranked #1. I think we will curb stomp um again and the only game that has me a little worried is Nebraska.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

IMO, this is the perfect storm. UFM leaves the cupboard loaded for Day - players, coaches, and admins. Day makes impact hires on D. The change in personality at the top will pay dividends immediately, and long term if Day wins big out of the gate - which I think he will. We will also be lead by one of the top offensive minds in the game, another step up. If the D is above average this year and Fields is even close to as-advertised, I think we have a great shot of entering the playoffs undefeated.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I agree Earle - but have said this before.
Get rid of the committee and go back to selecting the top teams via a BCS like ranking system.
Teams are seeded by the rankings.
8 teams total.
5 Power-5 conference champions and the next three top finishers.
#1 plays #8, #2 plays #7, #3 plays #6, and #4 plays #5.
First round is played 2 weeks after the conference championship games as a home game for seeds 1-4.
Semifinal round is played within the bowl system as it is now.
Championship played as it is now.
I think the decision making needs to be taken out of the hands of the committee or like Earle says, you end up with a bunch of 2-3 loss sec teams.

Comment 06 Jul 2019

Here is how  I think it plays out:

Buckeye defense jells quickly and pitches shutouts in the first 5 games. Michigan State is the first to score on the Bucks with a 61 yard field goal, off the uprights and through, as time expires. Rutgers is the only other team to score on the Bucks, putting up 14 points in a 70-14 loss. Both TD's come on trick plays - a fumble rooskie, and Statue of Liberty play.

Justin Fields leads the Bucks to a 7-0 record, racking up 1,200 rushing yards to go along with 3,100 passing yards and 35 TD's. He gets a very bad case of the flu, causing him to miss 2 games, during which time he gets Wally Pip'd by Chris Chugonov who promptly finishes the regular season 5-0 rushing for 11 yards but throwing for 2,617 yards and 33 TD's. Late in the um game, with the Bucks ahead 77-0, his turf toe makes it impossible for him to continue. Walk-on QB Danny (9mm) Vanatsky runs out the clock, but not before leading the Bucks to a final drive field goal to make the score 80-0.

With Fields back under center, the Bucks face Illinois in the B1G championship game. Fields is so excited to be back, Day can't get him off the field so he ends up playing both ways in a 42-0 victory. In order to keep from running up the score and protecting Fields, Day has the Bucks take a knee for all 7 of their second half possessions and then punt on 4th down. The 7 second half punts equal the total number of times the Bucks have punted all year.

The Bucks, ranked 12th prior to the B1G championship game, jump all the way to 4th in the standings, and a playoff berth. THE Bucks were ranked behind 9 SEC teams, OK, and Clemson. The final standing are #1 AL, #2 GA, #3 Clemson, #4 OSU.

Bucks run the table and are NC!

Comment 03 Jul 2019

I wouldn't say that Smart is a lock for the AL job when Saban leaves. I've heard more talk about Dabo - a former AL defensive back - waiting in the wings for the job. Not that Dabo would take it - but who knows?

Comment 01 Jul 2019

I have enough faith in Day as an offensive and QB coach to expect that we would get good play even from a backup QB. - not Haskins or even Fields good - but good enough so that the O was still dangerous.

That being said, I think our offensive line will be an upgrade, the receivers will be very good, Dobbins and Teague will be excellent at RB, and our tight ends will continue to block well. Our offense will be fine.

On D, our linebackers are a big concern and the question is - was last year a talent issue or a scheme issue. I think it was a bit of both. I think the coaches will not be afraid to pull a started and replace them with a back-up if the job is not getting done - we've not really seen that in the last few years. Borland seems very slow and am hoping that was the injury but if his speed is not better, I would expect he will not remain the starter for long. 

In general, we should out-talent every team we play in the regular season and theoretically end the regular season 12-0.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

We will be much closer to best case as opposed to worst case. A mediocre season would be 2 losses. If the defense is as bad as last year - then we've had some miserable recruiting misses on D. If things start to go south with this D - even in-game - look for in-game changes to be made.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Used to work in Phoenix on occasion. It was always miserably hot - seemed like I was always there in July or August. I can remember one particular trip, I had to return to the hotel at lunch and change clothes because I was sweating so badly in that "DRY" heat. The back window in my rental car shattered and the area where you insert the key into the steering column burnt a mark into my fingers. I lived in Florida and Georgia for a bit and neither compared to the heat misery index of AZ.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

How about OSU enters the um game undefeated.
um is 3-8, Gattis has been fired and Warriner has been promoted to offensive coordinator.
They are averaging 121 yards per game and 10 points. Their D is giving up 500 yards+ a game and 52 points.
We are up 77-0 at the half and Day starts the 2nd half with the third string with instructions to advance the ball on each drive to the block m at midfield and then kneel for 4 plays and turn the ball over. We end up winning 84-0 on the lone score of the second half coming on #2's 4th pick 6 of the game.

Harbaugh announces his return to the nfl in the post game press conference and the Hokester is named interim coach.

Iowa wins the B1G West and we defeat them easily in Indy - 49-0.

The playoff standings end up at 
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. LSU
6. Florida
7. Miss. State
8. Cincinnati
9. Texas AM
10. Missouri

Sports writers try and make a case for 4 sec teams in the playoffs.

Alabama and Georgia play to a 7 overtime, 3-0 win for AL when a 15 yard field goal that bounces off the upright and through gives them a win. 

Dabo guarantees an easy victory over OSU but OSU comes away with a 49-0 drubbing, holding Clemson to less than 100 total yards.

OSU faces AL in the championship game and they are favored by 3 TD's. Early in the game, OSU is clearly the better team and is ahead at the half 35-0. The play-by-play team and other sports media sites start the narrative that AL was just too worn out after that grueling sec season and a 7 OT championship game. Plus the fact that none of their players were really focused on the game, they were more interested in staying injury free for the draft.

Tua wins the Heisman, Ferentz is coach of the year.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Great role model.

My favorite football memory of Perry. Early in a um game, um's September Heisman that year, the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, Jabrill Peppers was on offense and carried the ball off tackle and looked like he was going to break into the open for a big gain. Perry laterally outruns him - as did JT on a few occasions - and tackles him from the side. They both go down and Perry - all 245 lbs. - lands on Peppers and they bounce off the turf. Peppers pops up, runs to the bench and the next shot of him is looking a bit under the weather. That was the last we heard from him in that game.